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Nothing More Rock A Sold Out Crowd in New York City

Nothing More: The Stories We Tell Ourselves Tour

Every now and again a new band comes along and delivers undeniable, strong, and meaningful songs. That’s exactly what happened in 2014 when Nothing More released their groundbreaking self-titled album. The band set out on a mission to punch the music industry in the mouth, and that’s exactly what they did.


With what seemed like hit song after hit song, Nothing More (Eleven Seven Music) took the Hard Rock scene by storm. What may seem to many like a quick rise in popularity was actually a long hard fought journey for the San Antonio natives. The band was founded in 2003 and through all their success band members Jonny Hawkins, Daniel Oliver, Mark Vollelunga, and Ben Anderson have maintained their humble roots.

Nothing More have been instrumental on being there for their fans, making it their mission to tell their stories as well as those who are around them. Many of you have probably heard about their 2015 monumental campaign, which pledged to help combat mental illness and suicide through encouraging dialogue around the important and often overlooked issue. The band launched #IKnowJenny, which found them teaming up with various charity organizations like Bring Change 2 Mind, To Write Love on Her Arms, The Jed Foundation, and Young Minds. Nothing More donated proceeds from their hit song “Jenny” and shot a music video for the deeply personal track which was directed by singer Hawkins himself. Frontman Jonny Hawkins is no stranger to the pain and tragedy as mental illness has closely affected his family directly.


Nothing More stuck to their same beliefs in 2017 upon releasing their newest album The Stories We Tell Ourselves on September 15th, 2017. You can purchase the record HERE if you don’t already have it. The bands single “Go to War,” which features calm soothing vocals before an explosion of sound screams through the track, received an intense amount of radio play and everyone from fans to industry were excited for Nothing More’s return.


2017 and now 2018 continue to be successful for the Texas bunch. The band found themselves nominated by the Grammy’swhich took place a few weeks ago at New York City’s famous Madison Square Garden, an achievement not easily reached by those in the Hard Rock/Metal music community.

Which brings us to now. The band is currently on their headlining The Stories We Tell Ourselves Tour and we caught up with the band at their stop at New York City’s Irving Plaza. I personally couldn’t have been more excited!


I’ve been following Nothing More for quite some time and they never disappoint – especially live! I made my way into the sold out venue knowing that the night was going to be full of energy and excitement. It was in the air New York was happy to see Nothing More again.


The crowd mixed with all ages from the teens up to the fiftie;, people in suits and people like myself in hoodies. The band made their way to the stage around 9:35pm and immediately I could feel the electricity running through the room.

The first song “Christ Copyright” was exactly the way to start of the show. The stage covered in blue lights with sudden burst of explosive white light making its way to the far corners of Irving Plaza. On the stage: the band, their instruments, and Jonny’s famed hydraulic dubstep attraction. For the band’s second song of the evening, “Let ’em Burn,” red lights flooded the stage while during “Mr. MTV” C02 shot from the bottom of the stage to the ceiling. The crowd was so intertwined and in awe of Nothing More’s performance; I actually saw an almost cell phone-free crowd.


During the band’s fourth song, “Don’t Stop,” singer Jonny Hawkins, bassist Daniel Oliver, and guitarist Mark Vollelunga can be seen taking turns playing the bass while it spins and the crowd chimes in to help sing the chorus of the song. Nothing More have always been a great live band, but this tour steps it up to levels thought to be impossible. The band carries a sick light show and easily one of the best light displays I’ve ever seen at Irving Plaza!

A highly energetic, one-of-a-kind performance and vocal abilities only Jonny Hawkins could muster up live.

The setlist for the show contains tons of fan favorites, which almost seem like a greatest hits show at this point in the band’s young career, the set includes songs like “Do You Really Want It?”, “Jenny” and “This is The Time.” To end the night, Nothing More take an already over the top performance and then proceed to smash it with a cover of Skrillex’s “First of the Year” on the Hydraulic dubstep contraption. I’ve never genuinely seen so many smiling faces leaving a concert venue before, myself included. To say I was blown away by Nothing More’s performance would be an understatement, this band has just come so far and I really look forward to seeing what the future holds for these guys.

Nothing More will make their way across the U.S on their current run before wrapping up on March 3rd in Sacramento, CA. However, don’t fear if you can’t catch the band this time around. They will be hitting the road again in April with Papa Roach in what I expect to be just as amazing as this current tour is. Check out the full list of dates below and tickets for all shows can be purchased right here!!!


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