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News: Tour Cancellations, a Band Hiatus, VR concerts, and New Music

Tour Cancellations, a Band Hiatus, VR concerts, and New Music:

A ton is going on in the music world this week, have you noticed? Want a tiny recap? We’re here for you! Two big tours got cancelled, a festival appearance got political, two other artists rescheduled shows – one went off the grid.

Blink 182:

Earlier this week, we posted about the new mini North American tour for Blink 182, with the uber excitement of attending. Unfortunately today the band posted their cancellation on Facebook. Drummer Travis Barker’s ongoing problems with blood clots in his arms need some time to heal. This will not only impact the tour but Riot Fest as well.


Heavy-metal goliath Mastodon have canceled their Fall tour with Dinosaur Jr due to family issues. The announcement was made with the following message:

Mastodon regrets to inform fans that due to a critical situation of a member of the Mastodon family, their upcoming tour with Dinosaur Jr. will be canceled. Tickets and VIP upgrades will be refunded at point of purchase.

Mastodon would like to extend their sincerest thanks to their loyal fans as well as the fans of Dinosaur Jr. for their support and understanding at this time. The band hopes to make up these shows at a future time, but as of now, no plans for rescheduling have been set. [Via: Consequence of Sound]

Activism with a side of a show cancellation:

Another cancelled appearance but this time, it was dripping with righteousness.”Now is the time for activism and protests,” the band Of Montreal said via a Facebook announcement while detailing their line-up departure of this weekends Israeli Meteor Festival to be held in Tel Aviv.

Stating they had “exhausted all of the different possible ways of justifying playing an Israeli party festival while the political and military leaders of the country continue their murderous and brutal policies against the Palestinian people.”


Frontman Bono experienced sudden and complete vocal loss four songs into the sold out Berlin show. The singer suggested that standard smoke machines may have been the cause. The fans won’t have to wait too long to see the show “again” – the rescheduled date is slated for November 13th.

Foo Fighters:

Not too long after Bono’s vocal woes Foo Fighters vocalist Dave Grohl suffered the same fate; he kid that he will stop making out with Bono. “Last time I make out with Bono! Not to fret, the shows have been rescheduled as well – both shows canceled were in Canada. The event at Rogers Place in Edmonton will now take place on Oct. 22, and the Sept. 6 appearance at the Scotiabank Saddledome in Calgary has been moved to Oct. 23.”


The Sword:

Rough week for metal, The Sword announced a hiatus, and the metal world is sad again. The band will be taking an extended break following their current US tour:

Via the band’s Facebook:

After 15 years of nonstop recording and touring, The Sword will take a hiatus following their U.S shows at the beginning of October. The Australian tour scheduled for the end of October has been cancelled. The band apologizes to their Australian fans, but feel it is time for a breather.

Cool Happenings:

MelodyVR partnered up with Macklemore, Post Malone, and Wiz Khalifa for VR Concert Experiences. Ever wanted to go to a concert, and just couldn’t find the time in your busy schedule? Broken a leg, or some other obstacle keeping you from one of your favorite activities? Well, MelodyVR is the one-stop solution! The virtual reality music app is bridging the gap to overcrowded venues, sold out shows, and wanting to see shows all over the world like you are in the venue or on the actual stage. Other artists MelodyVR has teamed up with are Fall Out Boy, Niall Horan, Blake Shelton, and more.

Virtual tickets of a handful of the international concert scene will be available in the next couple of months. The VR concert experience will increase revenue streams as the concert streaming will allow venues, promoters, and artists, to sell an endless amount of tickets since the experience would be available from anywhere.

Nicki Minaj:

Nicki Minaj donated $25,000 to the shamed Cosby Show actor Geoffrey Owen, who went viral this week for working an honest job at Trader Joes. Some Twitter user took video of him bagging groceries then attempted to publicly shame the actor by posting it. Since the incident, he has quit the job due to the backlash and gave an interview that “Work is work! Actors do not always have work and having a family means you have to make money.” He was known for his role as Elvin Tibideaux on The Cosby Show that ran from 1985–1992.

Police presence:

It’s been a week for some charges, false or otherwise.  First up Young Thug has been charged with eight felonies that include drug possession and intent to distribute. These are from an arrest back last September in Atlanta. More details to come!

Fellow rapper Ty Dolla $ign, 36, was arrested on drug charges Wednesday afternoon in Atlanta. The charges came just two hours before he was set to co-headline a show with G-Eazy and tour mates Lil Uzi Vert and YBN Nahmir at Cellaris Amphitheatre. According to a statement from the Atlanta Police Department, the incident took place at 4:55 p.m. when a car the rapper (born Tyrone William Griffin Jr.) was traveling in with six others was pulled over. Officers said they smelled marijuana coming from the vehicle. Upon searching the car, pot and cocaine preempted Griffin’s arrest on charges of alleged possession of less than an ounce of marijuana, possession of cocaine, and obstruction of a law enforcement officer. The other passengers were released with no charges filed.

A Fulton County judge granted the California resident $6,000 bond. As of noon Thursday, he was still being held at the county jail. The Atlanta leg of the co-headlining tour continued without Ty Dolla $ign for now. The next stop is Friday night in Tampa, Fla.

He is set to return to court in Fulton County on Sept. 20.

Lil Yachty gets racially profiled:

Not an arrest but a racially charged moment for mumble rapper Lil Yachty. Earlier he tweeted a string about his run-in with the law. The gist: a white cop pulled him over and under assumption thought he was not driving his own vehicle and needed to provide proof he was indeed the owner of the vehicle. Confusing a bit as I know anyone can legally drive their friend’s car as long as insured. It was over with little to no incident, as he provided proof and was let go.


New albums coming!

Out today:

Kane Brown spilled the details on the new album Experiment and announced first arena headlining tour. The “Heaven” singer co-wrote 11 of the 12 songs on his second album, produced by Dann Huff. Huff, a guitar virtuoso, also helped turn Brown’s self-titled release into a platinum success. Today the next single “Homesick” was released a follow up to the first single “Lose it”.


  1. “Baby Come Back to Me” (Kane Brown/Chase McGill/Matthew McGinn/Will Weatherly)
  2. “Good as You” (Kane Brown/Brock Berryhill/Shy Carter/Taylor Phillips/Will Weatherly)
  3. “Lose It” (Kane Brown/Chase McGill/Will Weatherly)
  4. “It Ain’t You It’s Me” (Kane Brown/Brock Berryhill/Josh Hoge/Taylor Phillips)
  5. “Short Skirt Weather” (Kane Brown/Chase McGill/Will Weatherly)
  6. “Homesick” (Kane Brown/Brock Berryhill/Matthew McGinn/Taylor Phillips)
  7. “Weekend” (Kane Brown/Chase McGill/Will Weatherly)
  8. “Work” (Kane Brown/Sam Ellis/Josh Hoge)
  9. “One Night Only” (Kane Brown/Corey Crowder/Josh Hoge/Matthew McGinn)
  10. “My Where I Come From” (Kane Brown/Chase McGill/Matthew McGinn/Will Weatherly)
  11. “American Bad Dream” (Kane Brown/Sam Ellis/Josh Hoge/Chase McGill)
  12. “Live Forever” (Sam Ellis/Jon Green/Laura Veltz)

Come on November 9th, we can’t wait to hear this album!

New Music:

Hozier (Columbia) is back with a new EP Nina Cried Power. His soulful vocals atop a chunky raspy guitar are golden. He definitely takes us to church, but in an inventive spin on his classic sound. Listen below and scoop up this EP. It’s well worth the 17 minutes and 18 seconds of your life.

Nina Cried Power

  1. Nina Cried Power feat. Mavis Staples
  2. NFWMB
  3. Moment’s Silence (Common Tongue)
  4. Shrike

Until next time – know any music news? Let us know in the comments!

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