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New Tunes and Celebrating International Women’s Day with LP

Laura Pergolizzi

Photos by: Jimmy Warsham

The winter Charlotte night fluttered with anticipation and chill vibes waiting for LP to come to the stage at The Fillmore Underground… almost as cool as the performer herself. The award winning artists, who has a transcending vocal range exudes positive feelings.

The Performance: Laced with slow moving dance moves captivating and highlighting the pauses and jumps in songs. The Views: Hand clapping, perched lips with whistling solos and silhouettes of her small frame back arching, arms spread, mouth open as wide as can and this intensely gigantic voice emerging. The Sounds: Its temponic variants jump heartstring-to-heartstring. A soft piano or extra bass thump adds to the soundtrack of LPs world. We are just visitors here, but by the end of songs you feel like family. The music is aptly described as a walk through her psyche on the best and worst nights of her life. You’re either at a hell of a party, shagging the hottest dame in the world, or ready for a Xanax.

LP (6)

I always knew you would cut me someday, I fell in love with a switchblade

Her lyrics are a mesh of poetic justice and symmetrically silly quips on love, loss, and just a bit of alcohol.

Kat Cunning (13)

Tour opener, Broadway actress, (‘Dangerous Liaisons,’ Cirque Du Soleil’s ‘Paramour,’ NYC’s Sleep No More) and songstress Kat Cunning treated crowds to her craft.

Kat Cunning (2)

While still young to the solo music scene she has a new EP in the works to be released sometime this year. Her live set is as theatrical as you might expect with tracks “Baby” and “Wild Poppies,” shining through. Keep an eye out for her upcoming adventures!

Noah Kahan (2)

The other artist of the tour Noah Kahan (Republic Records) is steadily climbing the charts with his recently released debut EP, Hurt Somebody. Produced by Joel Little (Khalid, Lorde), the five song EP drips of lyrical mastering and traction setting hooks.. The latest single with Julia Michaels “Hurt Somebody” is described to be about the paralyzing fear of any aspect in your life. His brawny falsetto is a treat to experience. We suspect this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship with the artist. Stay tuned for future tour announcements.

LP (5)

LP: from the moment you see her very put together style ,infamous curly-q’s, and suave sex appeal that is foreign to her, her presence is felt. She coyly demands the light, the attention, you in the moment to release your frustrations, spread the love, and find a place in the world right alongside her. The NY native, enjoys keeping her fans engaged within her small circle on social media that she runs herself, which most with her amount of fans can’t be bothered to enjoy it to such levels. A good morning is one you wake to see LP’s instagram story toward the front of your feed and hear her pleasant giggle, energy, glow as she pampers her pup  Orson, dotes on her gorgeous fiance, singer-songwriter Lauren Ruth Ward, or goofs off and spotlights all of her touring team. The small enjoyment I get out of when she interjects her NY accent into French or Italian or whatever country she is on at the moment while running rampant in the cities showing you all the sights and sounds and describing even the smallest of smells. It’s a photojournalists wet-dream and gives you just an iota of a clue why her fans are rabid, fanatic, and frankly some of the nicest music fans I’ve had the honor of running into.

I will ask you for mercy. I will come to you blind. What you see is the worst me. Not the last of my kind.

When listening to her music, you’re hard pressed to find any sort of flaws. Whether she is playing her guitar, strumming her ukelele, that is choice for select few musicians in pop and rock music, or pulling out the harmonica for a session. And tuning up her now infamous whistle.

LP (30)

There is one thing never vacant in the performances – talent.

When reading about her younger years it’s interesting to find out she wasn’t always this overtly confident person. In her skin, in her sexuality, in her life. She’s now most definitely a sexual icon,a statuesque shining light for the LGQBT in helping fans on being an open unabashed lesbian comfortable in her skin with a fuck em’ attitude, love-is-love, and all individuals are cool and should just be allowed to be who they want to be. She is also unambiguously aware that us Americans are very lucky to have the opportunity to grow up now knowing this and having that community and support.

You can always learn to fly, you never know until you do it. Up high in the middle of nowhere walk slow and low on tightrope. Hope it lasts but you never know

Pergolizzi’s parents divorced when she was young. Her father was a lawyer her mom sang Opera up until the birth of LP and her brother. A slight hint where her music roots formed. Rock n Roll came later where her brother introduced some of the greats – leading to the first albums she picked up on her own, Led Zeppelin’s IV. It was different than what she was used to, the people were wearing stylish clothes and that voice coming out of Robert Plant knocked her socks off more than once. Something about a powerful vocalist drew her in, they were akin, but she was still learning this. She said that Robert Plant made her want to turn on the radio and sing, just sing. Raw pure emotions. Loud and out into the universe.

LP (12)

Growing up in New York, they listened to oldies, not pop radio, nor rock, or even bluesy soul. Strictly Opera/old school. But after the passing of her mother in the late 90s, a young and impressionable LP found herself immersed in music for comfort. She moved to Manhattan and found happiness in song writing and attending local shows. She turned to the likes of Roy Orbison, Jeff Buckley, Stevie Nicks, The Beatles, and of course the Rolling Stones. A study in some of the classics led for pen to paper and her well known 140 songwriting stint within her jumping between seven record labels. Those experience have taught her how to hear “Yes,” “No,” “You’re going to be a smash hit!” and more, but most of all her own inner voice. Knowing what she wanted to do with music. She’s been one of the lucky artists who in over a decade has done no odd jobs it’s just been writing music for herself, for others, and then back on the road.

LP (38)

You’ve heard some of her tunes performed by the likes of Erik Hassle, Backstreet Boys, Luciana, Chiddy Bang, Rita Ora, Cher, Heidi Montag, Rihanna and more…

Such as award videos for Oscar winning movie Mudbound

Having seen love and hurt and experienced them first hand not just with her parents but her exes, she actually wrote “Lost On You” about instances with her ex. Love songs with the depth and hurt, where relationships you soldier through pain with deep seeded battle scars and bruises, and it’s definitely one thing that shows in the rawness of the penned tunes she pushes that fleshy nakedness stripping away at her soul for all to see. Capturing your heart and while withering her way into the depths of your soul you always have a resounding “Me too!”

We’ve all felt heart ache, ached for love, and had that one asshole narcissist ex we all love to write about and have the world list. We. Get. You.

LP (42)

The vocals and live performance, the recognition — they are just perks in her world. She has been said to prefer to write the music but sometimes the things she writes she can’t just give away they are carefully structured just to her vocals. But it wigs her out that she writes pieces as well that after she records the demos for the band they take her songs and make them their own.

“To have it come out of your head and see it performed live is amazing and strange but mostly wonderful.”

Lost on You, the latest album triumphs from the lobes of LP are written in the tempered, fiercely pissed, loved, and fucking over- it kind of love songs you have come to hope from Pergolizzi. It also spotlight

Smoke ’em if you got ’em cause it’s going down. All I ever wanted was you, I’ll never get to heaven ’cause I don’t know how. Let’s raise a glass or two to all the things I’ve lost on you.

And her latest single release “No Witness,” gives that soulful energy you want in a day of kicking ass and taking names.

No one can save me, love me or hate me I’ll keep on waiting, nothing I won’t do.

Take you, my love like a street cut drug, never know what you’re really made of.

LP (10)

This night in Charlotte the crowd was treated to two new songs she has only performed a handful of times so far: “Girls Go Wild” and “Recovery.” What a treat!

While the last tour date on the North American Tour was Saturday she’s off to Russia, Turkey, Spain, Serbia, and Switzerland. I truly believe she is taking her act to every corner of the world, and will be back your way soon. Please search the tunes, random quirky interviews, and add that instagram to see views from all over the world. To all of you fans and soon to be fans – fall in love, experience LP,  you’re in for one hell of a treat.

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LP Setlist The Underground, Charlotte, NC, USA 2018

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