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New to the airwaves

New to the airwaves

Some new music came out this week to titillate the masses; these are some worth a mention:

Fail of the Week:

Fetty Wap ft. Nicki Minaj – “Like A Star”

#LikeaStar feat. Nicki Minaj available on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, etc

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Pretty sure I’m one of the only people on this earth that just does not get either of these “artists.”

Fetty Wap drops off letters and sounds for no reason at all than to sing along with autotune and makes it seem like a karaoke battle. Lets face it, basically Fetty Wap is bad karaoke-esque rap. Next up performing with the equivalent of Charlie Brown’s teacher rapping over a weak beat we have Nicki Minaj, a performer I have trouble calling an artist. With such amazing lyrical content as “Throw the confetti, I’m wild petty. Tell your hoes go and drain my spaghetti,” how could I question her validity as the queen of rap? If you must get this album please only play it once everyone at the party is too drunk to care what is spinning.

Bon Jovi – “The Devil’s in the Temple”

Bon Jovi (9)

Photo by: Dianna Augustine

Having seen Bon Jovi live this past month – it was a no-brainer to add his new release to this list. The video for “The Devil’s in the Temple,” depicts how Hollywood objectifies women and attacks self-esteem. Bon Jovi is seen throughout the video but is not the star. A gorgeous woman who is picked apart by her directors is the leading role. In the end (not to spoil it) she knocks the one guy on his ass, bloody mouth and all and Bon cheers her on. I love the message to not let anyone give you any shit or allow them to make you feel less important or only an object. The music itself is very new-wave Jovi and even die hard fans will be happy to have some new tunes. Pick up This house is not for sale .

G-Eazy – Vengeance On My Mind

G-Eazy (26)

Photo by: Kevin Daniels

Download & Stream “Vengeance On My Mind” now!

Apple Music:

As soon as the sounds start you know this is G-Eazy without him even speaking. The poppy machine beats-double fisting the retro sound – he unleashes his stylistic rhythmic verse boasting his talent. The piece is with an uncredited vocalist leading to the idea possibly he’s about to hook up and have a full blown new band. They mesh well and this is a stellar progression from what we experienced with his last album. The song is sure to be a hit and I’m sure will be blasting the radio stations an inordinate amount of times until you just can no longer listen and must change the channel. Until then it’s going into my playlist and up to 11. He’s released three new releases in three weeks – what will we get next week?

Ryan Adams – Do You Still Love Me?

Prisoner featuring “Do You Still Love Me?” available for pre-order:

Vinyl & box sets available:

Love, ah love, the universal theme you know most every fan of music could relate to. Ryan Adams adds his sultry/funky/waspy voice to give an insight into what lies within his chest. Chanting Do you still love me, uhhhh huhhhh, Do you still love me babe. If you were ever a fan of his music you will not be disappointed in this new venture.

Atmosphere – A Long Hello

Buy “Fishing Blues” now:

Strap in gals – it’s a romantic fiend romanticizing Starbucks, regret, insecurity, and after break-ups looking for new love. The flow is so good that it could keep anyone’s attention. Even all those latte-jumping, white-girl-wasted fans. “We always over emphasize the good byes,” he laments in this latest single. Do have to say the video is a little ominous watching a man walk into the water to never be heard from again, is it a real world look at the devolution of love? Or a long hello to washing the funk of that post breakup stench off and going at it again? Listen in – make your own decision and pick up the new album from Atmosphere Fishing Blues.

James Arthur – Certain Things ft. Chasing Grace

Listen on Spotify:

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The British singer-songwriter who won the ninth series of The X Factor in 2012 is back with a fresh album. With Arthur’s falsetto geared toward the heavens the single is easy to relate to if you’ve ever truly been in love. With lyrics like “And there’s certain things that I adore. And there’s certain things that I ignore – But I’m certain that I’m yours.” Come on down the rabbit-hole and question all your memories of love while we dive into a pint of delicious Ben & Jerry’s in sweatpants on the couch in between binge watching Netflix and weep to this precious album.

Jason Aldean – Any Ol’ Barstool


Photo by: Luke Jamroz Photo

“Any Ol’ Barstool” off Jason Aldean’s new album THEY DON’T KNOW out now!

Get it here:

Country: old-school and done right. The new single by Aldean is about heartbreak, barstools, crazy exes, with killer guitar solo’s and a twitchy twangy sexy voice telling you how you think you might have broken this country boy, but you might be surprised. Surprised enough to know you drove him to write and produce an entire song about it. Best lyrics “I guess you didn’t hurt me half as bad as you think you did. Ask any ol’ barstool in this town. Ask my new found party crowd. Sure I take more jack in my coke now. A little more high in my smoke now.” For country this is as good as it gets.

The Rolling Stones – Ride ‘Em On Down

Blue & Lonesome, the brand new album out now. Buy it at

Never to fail with having something be a big deal – The Rolling Stones has Kristen Stewart (best known for being Bella Swan in the Twilight series), a zebra, and a kick ass car be the stars of the video. Drivin’ and wildin’ out while we are treated to their new single “Ride ‘Em Down.” This is the Stones’ new baby, as well vocalist Mick Jagger (73) and his wife just welcomed his eighth child, a son, this week. Congratulations! The album is classic Rolling Stones and a must get!


Sia‘s song “Angel By The Wings” from the movie “The Eagle Huntress.” Available to download and stream everywhere now:

Strip away the mysterious wig hiding her face that she’s known for, or the interpretive dance moves and extreme stories within her videos for this new venture. You are left with the voice of an angel. Sia’s vocal expertise is outlined in this touching performance in “Angel by the Wings.” In true Sia-form, the lyrics are an empowering and thoughtful triumph to telling yourself you can absolutely do anything in this world. Sing it out, and let her sooth your wandering soul through lyrics and smart composition. Not hard to hear why this is my top pick of the week.

What came out that you are digging lately?

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