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New to the Airwaves – Upcoming Album Releases (June 23)

New to the Airwaves – Upcoming Album Releases

We’ve got some treats in this list this week, some duds, but new music always gives me good feelings. Here we go with another enormous list of hits, bricks, and tidbits. We’re sure you can see which ones we think you should grab and which ones we think may deserve a pass… Dive in at your own risk, and let’s hear your picks!

**All dates are for U.S. releases unless otherwise noted. Dates are subject to change.


42 Decibel – Overloaded (SPV)

A$AP Mob – Cozy Tapes, Vol. 2: Yamborghini High – Class of ’17 (RCA)

Abatuar – Perversiones de Muerte Putrefacta (Dunkelheit)

Abdominal/DJ Format – We’re Back/Diamond Hammer (Rocafort Records)

Abra – Princess (True Panther Sounds)

Again Shall Be –  Hades [LP] (Hammerheart Records)

Akatharta – Spiritus Immundus (Pulverised Records)

Akoma – Revangels (Massacre Records)

Alborosie – Freedom in Dub (Greensleeves Records)

Algiers – The Underside of Power (Matador)

The American Professionals – Sympathetic Overdrive (Charlie in the Box Music)

Almirante Ackbar – Alquimia Espiritual (Faro Discos)

Altered Five Blues Band – Charmed & Dangerous (Blind Pig)

Amanda Marshall – Amanda Marshall (Music on Vinyl)

Amber Mark – 3:33am (Virgin EMI)

Amp Fiddler – So Sweet (Mahogani)

An Autumn for Crippled Children – Eternal (Wickerman)

Andromeda – Andromeda (Indie)

Anti-Flag – Live, Vol. 1 (AF/A-F Records)

Get ready to mosh with this live look into the world of punk. I wonder if you can hear the moshing or the sure-to-be-broken nose or three on the dance floor? Crank this loud and get to skanking.

Anthony Newley – Newley Compiled: UK Singles as & BS & More 1959-1962 (Jasmine Records)

Anti-Nowhere League – Scum (Cleopatra)

Apathy/Celph Titled – No Place Like Chrome (Antidote)

Aretha Franklin – Complete Releases 1956-1962 (Soul Jam)

Artillery – Fear of Tomorrow (Wax Maniax)

Atomic Rooster – Devil’s Answer (Gonzo)

Bad Karma – Death Has No Calling Card (Shadow Kingdom Records)

Baio – Out of Tune (Liberator)


Banditos – Visionland (Bloodshot)  

The Nashville-based group’s second full-length is one to please, with layered vocals and plucking gone wild. An emotive break from the everyday type of music in this genre from first to last song on this release, you can’t shake the dance monster. Vocalist Mary Beth Richardson is channeling Janis Joplin with her own twist. Raw talent and grit coming your way! See them live in the Carolinas on July 4th at US National Whitewater Center with Lucero. Tickets still available!

Bardspec – Hydrogen (By Norse Music)

Barrabas – Wild Safari/Woman (Get on Down)

Bedouine – Bedouine (Spacebomb)

Bent Knee – Land Animal (Inside Out Music)

Berangere Maximin – Frozen Refrains (Atlas Realisations)

Bestial Raids  – Master Satan’s Witchery (Relativity)

Big Boi – BOOMIVERSE (Epic)

Bigflo & Oli – La Vraie vie (Universal)

Blackbear – Digital Druglord (Beartrap/Traffic Entertainment Group)

Black Widow  – III (Indie)

The Bluetones – Bluetonic (Secret Records)

BMP – Loc It Up (Funky Town Grooves)

Bob Marley – Bob Marley & the Wailers (Exodus)

Bone Thugs – New Waves (Entone)

Bony Fly/Sr. Wilson – Trumpets Dem Blow EP (Cubiculo Records)

Booker T. & the MG’s – Green Onions [LP] (Rhino)

Boost Riders – People Like Me (Shaddock Records)

Bornholm – Primaeval Pantheons (Massacre Records)

Broken Hope – Mutilated and Assimilated (Century Media)

Brood – Truth Behind (Give Praise)

Brooks Long & The Mad Dog No Good – Mannish Boys (Brooks Long/Morphius Records)

The Brothers Johnson – Out of Control (Funky Town Grooves)

Bryson Tiller – True to Self (RCA)

Buddy Holly – Listen to Me: Complete 1956-1962 U.S. Singles (Hoo Doo Records)

Calyx & Teebee  – Blown (RAM Records)

Camo & Krooked – Mosaik (Ram Records)

Captain Beefheart & the Magic Band – Trout Mask House Sessions 1969 (Gonzo Distribution Ltd./Greyscale)

Captain, We’re Sinking – The King of No Man (Run for Cover)

Celebration – Wounded Healer (Bella Union)

The Chain Gang of 1974  – Felt (Universal Music)

The Chant – Approacher (Lifeforce)

Cheryl Lynn –  In Love [Bonus Tracks] (Funky Town Grooves)

Chip Wickham – La Sombra Remixes By Andrés & Carlos Niño (Lovemonk)

CHIMNEY – Chimney (Dine Alone)

Chris Coco – The Acid Test (Classic Music Company)

Christopher Hawley – Stories (Burnside Distribution)

Cinema – The Discovering of Time (Code 7/Sireena)

Circle – Terminal (Southern Lord Records)

The City Harmonic – Benediction Live (The Fuel Music)

Clarence Bucaro – Tableau (MRI)

Closer – Suddenly Comes (Indie)

Clutch – Psychic Rockers From the West Group [BoxSet] (Weathermaker Music)

East coast rock at its finest. Clutch is back from the abyss to share their hard work with the masses. If anything, they have always been viewed as a live band, creating an aura of play hard, play well, and keep going.This album is an upgrade.

Cobby & Litten/Steve Cobby – Everlasting (Declasse Records)

The Cold Stares – Head Bent (Small Stone Records)

Commander Cody – Claiming New Territorie (MIG)

Common – Live at the Jazz Room (Let Them Eat Vinyl)

Conveyer – No Future (Victory Records)

Cosmic Jokers  – Galactic Supermarket (Victory Records)

Counter-World Experience – Leaving Lotus (MIG)

The Cranberries – Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can’t We? [180-Gram Vinyl LP] (Analog Sparks)

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young – On the Way Home (Laser Media)

Cypress Grove/Lydia Lunch – Under the Covers (Rustblade)

Céline Dion – One Heart (Columbia)

Dalek I Love You – Dalek I Love You (Man In The Moon)

Dave Gibson – Where the Summertime Never Ends (Right Recordings)

Davey Dodds – Kernowcopia (Angel Air Records)

David Corley – David Moon (Wolf Island Records)

Deaf Poets – Lost in Magic City (Limited Fanfare)

Deathbreaker – Disconnect (Facedown Records)

Deathhammer – Phantom Knights (Hell’s Headbangers)

Deceased – Fearless Undead Machines (Hell’s Headbangers)

Decyfer Down – Acoustic EP (Indie)

Delaney & Bonnie – On Tour with Eric Clapton (Rhino)

Demonauta – Tierra del Fuego (Kozmik Artifactz)

Depeche Mode – The Story So Far(Laser Media)

Who cares if Depeche Mode just dropped an album in March? Certainly not Depeche Mode. Here we are again, with new music in our ears and a tour to keep us company. Here’s Andy Frisk’s review of their last album; what do you think of the band’s next era?

For a band that’s three decades plus into their musical careers, and still pushing the boundaries of their chosen genre, Depeche Mode is nothing short of purely innovative, as well as traditionally progressive, masters of their craft. While other bands born out of the same post-punk movement are striving to remain relevant, Depeche Mode continues to show them how to do just that with Spirit.


The Deslondes – Hurry Home (Indie)

Desolate Endscape – Phrenelith (Dark Descent Records)

Destruction – Thrash Anthems (Wax Maniax)

Desultory – Through the Aching Aeons (Pulverised Records)

Devourment – Unleash the Carnivore (Unique Leader Records)

Devourment – Butcher the Weak (Unique Leader Records)

Diana Ross – Baby, It’s Me (Culture Factory)

Die Form – Baroque Equinox (Trisol)

DJ Khaled – Grateful (Indie)

Dj Pioneer/Kele Le Roc/TS – My Love (New State)

The Doobie Brothers – Rockin’ Down the Highway: The Wildlife Concert (Floating World)

Dope Out  – Scars & Stripes (Dooweet)

Dream Collage – Ripple Effect (Indie)

The Dreaming – From the Ashes (Metropolis)

Dying Fetus – Wrong One to Fuck With (Relapse Records)

Eddie Cochran – My Way (Vinyl Lovers)

The Eden House – Songs for the Broken Ones (Jungle)

Edguy – Wrestle the Devil (Nuclear Blast)

Eläkeläiset – Humppa of Finland (Nordic Notes)

Ensiferum – Victory Songs/From Afar [Gatefold Cover] (Drakkar/Soul Food Music Distribution)

Epitaph – A Night at the Old Station (MIG)

Eraldo Bernocchi / Netherworld – Himuro (Glacial Movements)

Erwan Keravec – Sonneurs (Buda Musique)

The E Street Band – The E Street Revue, November 1992 (Roxvox)

Etta James – Tears of Joy: Modern & Kent Sides, 1955-1961 (Vinyl Lovers)

Ex Eye – Ex Eye (Relapse)

Exhumed – Slaughtercult (Hell’s Headbangers)

Father Befouled – Desolate Gods (Dark Descent Records)

The Fall – The Fontana Years (Virgin EMI)

Fellwarden – Oathbearer (Eisenwald)

Fire & Ice – Flex (Reaper Records)

Fire Down Below – Viper Vixen Goddess Saint (Ripple Music)

Fort Hope – The Flood Flowers, Vol. 1 (Virgin EMI)

Freddy King – Texas Oil: Federal Recordings 1960-1962 (Vinyl Lovers)Frank Zappa/Frank Zappa & the Mothers of Invention – Dutch Courage, Vol. 1 (Parachute)

Fred Schneider/The Superions – The Vertical Mind (HHBTM)

Frost* –  Falling Satellites (Inside Out Music)

Geezer – Psychoriffadelia [Yellow Vinyl] (Kozmik Artifactz)

George Sound – Regarde Moi Sur un Autre Ton (MAD)

Glen Campbell –  Adiós/Greatest Hits (Universal)

Glenn Hughes – From Now On (Sound Pollution/Sun Hill Production)

Glenn Morrow’s Cry For Help/Glenn Morrow – Glenn Morrow’s Cry for Help (Rhyme & Reason)

The Gluts – Estasi (Fuzz Club Records)

Goatwhore – Vengeful Ascension (Metal Blade)  Covered and Friends

There isn’t much to say beyond – go be brutal, pick up this album STAT – \m/ and hail Satan.

The Go-Go’s – Vacation (I.R.S. Records) no coverage

Gong – Gong Est Mort, Vive Gong [White Vinyl] (Tiger Bay)

Gracie and Rachel – Gracie and Rachel (United Opportunity)

Graduation Speech – Quiet & Calm (Black Numbers)

Graham Parker/Graham Parker & the Rumour – Live in Bremen (Let Them Eat Vinyl)

Graham Parker/Graham Parker & the Rumour – Live in New York (Let Them Eat Vinyl)

The Greatest Hoax – Expiration Compositions (Serein)

Green Seagull – Scarlet/They Just Don’t Know (Mega Dodo)

GRITS – Saints & Sinners (Indie)

Guitar Slim – You’re Gonna Miss Me: Complete Singles Collection (Jasmine Records)

Guttermouth – The Whole Enchilada (Rude Records)

Guy Marcoux – Nuance Country (Indie)

Harsh Toke/JOY/Sacri Monti – Burnout (Teepee Records)

Heart – If Hearts Could Kill: Live Radio Broadcast 1985 (Massacre Records)

Heart People – Remix EP (Hole in the Sky)

Helmet – Meantime [LP] (Interscope)

Hey Violet – From the Outside (Virgin EMI)

Hollerado – Born Yesterday (The Orchard)

Hopes On Hold  – Hopes on Hold(Wilhelm Records)

Hour of 13 – Salt the Dead: The Rare and Unreleased (Shadow Kingdom Records)

Human Dust – Harbinger (Basick)

Hybrid Minds – Elements (Hybrid Music)

I Am Become Death – Unfortunate Anthems and Songs of No Hope (Magnetic Eye)

Ian Matthews – Walking a Changing Line (MIG)

Iced Earth – Incorruptible (Century Media)

Idles – Brutalism (Balley Records)

Igorr –  Savage Sinusoid (Metal Blade)

IIVII – Invasion (Consouling Sounds)

Imagine DragonsEvolve (Universal)

Immortal – Diabolical Full Moon Mysticism (Osmose)

In Tormentata Quiete – Finestatico (My Kingdom)

Insatia – Phoenix Aflame (Pitch Black Records)

Iron Maiden – Rock in Rio (Sanctuary)

Iron Maiden – Brave New World (Sanctuary)

Iron Maiden – A Matter of Life and Death (Sanctuary)

Iron Maiden – Dance of Death (Parlophone)

We love some Iron Maiden here at the office, so it makes sense that we’ve covered them a handful of times this year. Their latest endeavor with S16 was documented in Charlotte, NC at PNC! Check out our coverage of the legendary night here:

“With a career spanning over 4 decades and 16 albums, metal legends Iron Maiden continue to prove clearly that age is just a number! Not even a week into their Book of Souls US Tour, the band was in high spirits and as energetic as ever.”


Iron Savior – The Landing [Blue Vinyl] (AFM Records)

The Ivory Elephant – Number 1 Pop Hit (Kozmik Artifactz)

Jacobites/Nikki Sudden – Chelsea (Easy Action Records)

James Fortune – Dear Future Me – FIYA World Entertainment (eOne Music)

Janey Street – In My Own Skin (Blue Élan Records)

Jarren Benton – The Mink Coat Killa LP (Benton Enterprise, LLC)

Jaymes Young – Feel Something [Download Card] (Atlantic)

J Dilla – Jay Dee’s Ma Dukes Collection (Yancey Media Group)

Jean-Jacques Perrey – Jean-Jacques Perrey et Son Ondioline (Forgotten Futures)

Jeff Larson – Watercolor Sky (New Surf)

Jeff Tweedy – Together at Last (Indie)

Jehst – Billy Green Is Dead (YNR Productions)

Jennifer Knapp  – Love Comes Back Around (United Opportunity)

Jeremy Rosado – Rewind EP -( Indie)

Jerry Byrd –  Byrd’s Expedition (Bear Family Records)

Jessica Hernandez & the Deltas  – Telephone (Instant Records)

JJ Doom – Bookhead EP (Lex Records)

J.M. Silk – Hold On to Your Dream [Bonus Tracks] (Funky Town Grooves)

Joe Bonamassa – Live at Carnegie Hall: An Acoustic Evening (J&R Adventures)

John Cale/Nico/Lou Reed – Le Bataclan ’72 (Gonzo Distribution Ltd./Greyscale)

John Lee Hooker – John Lee Hooker Sings Blues (Pan Am Records)

Joseph Arthur – Redemption’s Son (Real World Records)

JR/St. Joe Louis/PH7 – Coral Cadavers (Below Systems)

Jyrki 69 – Helsinki Vampire (Cleopatra)

Kai Hansen – Thank You Wacken (earMusic)

Kali Uchis – Tyrant (Interscope)

Karen Peck & The New River – Hope For All Nations (Daywind)

Kata – Tivils Dotur (Nordic Notes)

Katherine Ellis / Paul Morrell – Keep on Lovin’ Me (Somn’thing)

King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard – Murder of the Universe (“FLIGHTLESS” BABY)

Kirin J. Callinan – Bravado (Terrible)

Kitchen Witch – Kitchen Witch (Kozmik Artifactz)

Klaus Schulze –  En=Trance (MIG)

KMFDM – Yeah! EP (earMusic)

Koryn Hawthorne – Koryn Hawthore EP (RCA Inspiration)

Krayzie Bone – Krayzie Bone Presents Eternal Legends (Real Cures Inc)

KXM – Scatterbrain (Rat Pak Records)

Lack Jemmon – Lack Jemmon (Breakbeat Paradise)

Lau – Decade: The Best of 2007-2017 (Lau Scotland)

Laurel Halo – Dust (Hyperdub)

Lazy Lester – I’m a Lover Not a Fighter (Jasmine Records)

Legend – Legend (High Roller Records)

LL Cool J – Live at Colby College, Waterville, ME 1985 (Let Them Eat Vinyl)

The Lonesome River Band – Mayhayley’s House (Mountain Home Records)

Love Shop – De Forelskedes Smag I Din Mund (Universal)

Love Theme Love Theme (Alter)

LTO – Storybook (Injazero Records)

Magas – Explanatory Denial (Midwich Productions)

Mantra – Merdeka (Suburban Records)

Marcus Norberg & the Disappointments – Heal the World (Rundgång Rekords)

The Mar-Keys – The Last Night! (Vinyl Lovers)

Marshall Marshall – Lost // Found (Indie)

Martin Rev – Demolition 9 (Atlas Realisations)

Mathis Hunter – Countryman (Ley Lines/Morphius Records)

Matt Monro – Portrait of My Love (Not Now Music)

Maybird – Unravelling (Sony Music)

Mayito Rivera/The Sons of Cuba – Estoy Aqui (Connector)

Meshuggah – The Violent Sleep of Reason [Grey/Black Splatter]] (Nuclear Blast)

Metallica – The Radio Recordings (Laser Media)

Metallspürhunde – Giftbox (Dark Tunes)

Michael Nau – Some Twist (Full Time Hobby)

Michael the Lion – Michael the Lion (Soul Clap)

Mina – Due Note/Tintarella di Luna (Jackpot)

Moderat – Live [Ltd. Deluxe 2 LP Boxset] (Monkeytown)

Mohican Sun – Fixation EP (Integral Records)

The Monks – Hamburg Recordings 1967 (Third Man Records)

Morfin – Consumed by Evil (FDA Rekotz)

Motorpsycho – Begynnelser (Rune Grammaphon)

Mr. Capone-E – My Gang Related (Hi Horse Records)

Muddy Waters – At Newport 1960/Sings Big Bill (Intermusic)

Mukqs – 11,666,666,666,666,666,666 (Midwich Productions)

Municipal Waste – Slime And Punishment (Nuclear Blast)

Mush – Alternative Facts (Too Pure)

My Regime – Deranged Patterns (Scarlet Records)

Narvel Felts/Jerry Mercer – 1956 Radio Rockabillies (Bear Family Records)

Natalie Merchant – The Natalie Merchant Collection (Nonesuch)

Naturally 7 – Both Sides Now (BMG Rights Management)

Need for Mirrors – Mutiny EP (Full Cycle Records)

New Swears – And the Magic of Horses (Dine Alone)

The Next Step – Legacy (Dooweet)

No Ones – Sun Station (Coastal Town Recordings/Universal Music)

Noah Guthrie – The Valley (Megaforce/Noah Guthrie)

Norman Connors – You Are My Starship/Aquarian Dream [Bonus Tracks] (Funky Town Grooves)

North Point InsideOut – Nothing Ordinary Live Part 1  (Centricity Music/Capitol)

Nunslaughter – Devil’s Congeries, Vol. 2 [LP] (Hell’s Headbangers)

Odetta – Sometimes I Feel Like Cryin’/Odetta and the Blues (Soul Jam)

Odetta – At Carnegie Hall (Vinyl Lovers)

OneRepublic – Native [Bonus Tracks] [2017 2LP] (Interscope/Polydor)

Onething Live – All Cry Glory  (Forerunner Music)

Ornella Vanoni – Ornella Vanoni (Wax Time)

The Ossuary – Post Mortem Blues (Supreme Chaos)

Otis Redding/Carla Thomas – King & Queen [LP] (Rhino)

Ownglow – Inside the Silence ((Hospital Records)

Pablo Moses – Revolutionary Years 1975-1983 (Indie)

Pablo Moses – The Itinuation (Indie)

Panopticon – Kentucky (Nordvis)

Paradise Lost – Gothic (Peaceville Records/Snapper)

Parris – Your Kiss Is Sour EP (Hemlock Recordings)

Pat Dam Smyth – Goodbye Berlin EP (EX)

Paul Carrack – Original Album Collection, Vol. 2 (Carrack UK)

Paul Laurence – Haven’t You Heard [Bonus Tracks] (Funky Town Grooves)

Paul Oakenfold – Dreamstate Volume One (Perfecto Records)

The Perc – Koto Funk (Code 7/Sireena)

Peter Bjärgö – Animus Retinentia (Cyclic Law)

Peter Panka’s Jane –  Live at Rockpalast, Bonn 2004 (MIG)

The Pioneers – Long Shot (Music on Vinyl)

Post Malone – Stoney [2LP] Orange cover release (Republic)

Powerflo – Powerflo (New Damage)

Prince/Prince and the Revolution – Purple Rain [Deluxe Expanded Edition] (GC/Rhino/Warner Bros./Warner Music)

Pristine – Ninja (Nuclear Blast)

Powerflo – Powerflo (Relativity)

Propaganda – Olympian (Humble Beast Records)

Rachel Baiman – Shame (Free Dirt Records)

Radiohead – OK Computer: OKNOTOK 1997-2017 [2CD] (XL)

Raoul Vignal – The Silver Veil (Talitres)

Ray Charles – Modern Sounds in Country and Western Music, Vols. 1- 2 (Intermusic)

Redbone – Already Here/Wovoka/Beaded Dreams Through Turquoise Eyes (BGO)

Red Letter Hymnal – Coastal Kids  (Indie)

Reggie Young – Forever Young (Whaling City Sound)

R.E.M – Part Lies Part Heart Part Truth Part Garbage: 1982-2011 (Universal)

Resurgency – No Worlds…Nor Gods Beyond (FDA Rekotz)

Rhapsody of Fire – Legendary Years [Orange Vinyl] (AFM Records)

Richard Spaven – The Self (Fine Line)

Richard Thompson – Rumor and Sigh [Numbered Limited Edition 180g Vinyl 2LP] (Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab/Music on Vinyl)

Rick Wakeman – Simply Acoustic: The Music [2001] (Hope Records)

Ride – Weather Diaries (Wichita)

Rips – Rips (Faux Discx)

Rodney Franklin – Marathon (Funky Town Grooves)

Ronny Douglas/Bobby Lonero – This Time (AOE)

The Roots – Live au Festival Rock en Seine (Let Them Eat Vinyl)

Rosie Hood – The Beautiful and the Actual (Rootbeat)

Roy Orbison – Ooby Dooby: Sun Years (Hoo Doo Records)


Rozwell Kid Precious Art (SideOneDummy)

Six releases later and Rozwell Kid is still making music that’s actually worth listening to. With their ability to adapt to any gere and catchy riffs that prove they belong in every season, Precious Art just topped our must-listen Summer albums.

Rufus Thomas – Walking the Dog [LP] (Rhino)

Run-D.M.C – Run-D.M.C [Vinyl] (Get on Down)

Rush – Some Missed Live: The Missing Radio Shows 1976-1981 (Massacre Records)

Ruth B – Safe Haven (Sony Music)

Ruts D.C. – Music Must Destroy (Let Them Eat Vinyl)

Sam & Dave – Soul Men [LP] (Rhino)

Sandy and the Wild Wombats – Devoted To Rock ‘n’ Roll (Bear Family Records)

Sarah Jane Scouten – When the Bloom Falls From the Rose (Indie)

Shogunna – Iron Monkey (Chambermusik Records)

Sienna Root – A Dream of Lasting Peace (MIG)

Silver Dust – The Age of Decadence (Fastball)

Single Mothers – Our Pleasure (Big Scary Monsters)

Sinister – Syncretism (Massacre Records)

Skelethal – Of the Depths (Hell’s Headbangers)

Skogsrå – Hey Lady [Oliver Nelson Remix] (Good Soldier)

Slomons Garden – Welcome to the Garden (Indie)

Sleep In – Tension & Release (Black Numbers)

Sly Stone & the Mojo Men –  New Breed (Not Now Music)

Son House – Special Rider Blues: Original 1940-42 Mississippi Recordings (Vinyl Lovers)

Spain – Live at the Lovesong (Glitterhouse Records)

Spandau Ballet – Heart Like a Sky (Reformation)

Stacy Mitchhart – Blue Collar (Right Recordings)

Status Quo – In the Army Now [Live] (Ear Music)

Steelism – Ism (Relativity)

Steeve Desmarais – La Grande Visite (Indie)Wheeler Walker, Jr.- Ol’ Wheeler (Pepper Hill Records)

Stiff Little Fingers – No Going Back (Ear Music)

Stiff Little Fingers – Best Served Loud (Ear Music)

Strangle Wire – Narcissism (Grindscene Records)

Stokley Williams – Introducing Stokley (Concord Records)

The Suburbs – Hey Muse! (Suburbs Music)

Survival – Take It Back [Sampler] (Dispatch Recordings)

Svartsyn – In Death (Agonia Records)

Talisman – Talisman [Deluxe Edition] (Sound Pollution/Sun Hill Production/Sunhill Records)

Tangerine Dream – Alpha Centauri [Deluxe Edition 45rpm Vinyl] (Tiger Bay)

Tauren Wells –  Hills and Valley (Digital)  (Reunion Records)

Tavis E. Triance & The Natural Way – Brief Respite From the Terror of Dying (Indie)

Tawatha Agee – Welcome to My Dream [Bonus Tracks] (Funky Town Grooves)

Ted Nugent – Gonzo Goes Live Again: The Radio Shows 1984 & 1977 (Massacre Records)

Ten Millennia – Ten Millennia (RP&M)

Terence Ryan – Don’t Panic (Lvsnd/Three Quarter)

This Misery Garden – Hyperstitious (Galileo Records)

Thorcraft Cobra – The Distance (Burnside Distribution)

Tigers Jaw – Spin [Download Card] (Atlantic)

Timi Yuro – What’s a Matter Baby (Vinyl Lovers)

Whack Album of the Week:

TLC – American Gold (Liberator)

Thought this was going to be a comeback album and, as we all know, the 90s is when true pop-hiphop and hiphop died. The Crazy Sexy Cool chicks of yesteryear are trying to play on a name that quite frankly became null and void when Left Eye exited this earth. There was something about the trio that lured you into their drama, love, and epically new sounds of their era. They once had smash hits and world tours; now, prepare to see them in local venues and having this album not go far. This isn’t to say the ladies aren’t talented, but trying to rehash a sound that pushed you to stardom some 20 years later is not the way to grow as artists. 1/5 stars for this album – something is missing and I think we all know what.

Todd Rundgren – White Knight (Cleopatra)

Tomáš Liška – Tomáš Liška: Invisible Faces (Animal Music)

Treat – Dreamhunter (Mercury)

Tunabunny – PCP Presents Alice in Wonderland Jr (HHBTM)

Tyrannosorceress – Shattering Light’s Creation (Tofu Records)

Ultimate Painting – Dust On My Eyes (Trouble In Mind)

UNKLE – Road, Vol. 1 [Gatefold Cover] (Cooking Vinyl)

Vérité – Somewhere in Between (Indie)

Vice – Obsession (Atlantic) Pop/Rock

Vince Staples – Big Fish Theory (Blacksmith/Artium/Def Jam)

Volumes – Different Animals [Blue & Purple Vinyl] (Fearless Records)

The Warriors – Lucky Seven (Step 1 Music)

Watch – Seven (Indie)

The White Noise – Am/PM (Fearless Records)

The Wiggles – Wiggles Duets (ABC)

Wilbert Harrison – Kansas City: 1953-1962 (Soul Jam)

Wildspeaker – Spreading Adder (Prosthetic)

Willie Nile – Positively Bob: Willie Nile Sings Bob Dylan (River House Records/Virtual Label)

Yolanda Brown – Love Politics War (Black Grape)

Yonder Mountain String Band – Love, Ain’t Love (Frog Pad Records)

Zaine Griff – Mood Swings (MIG)

Until next week – here’s a playlist of some samples of this week’s mix.

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