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New to the airwaves

Some new music came out this week to titillate the masses; these are some worth a mention:


Missy Elliott ft. Lamb – “I’m Better”


Saving grace: this video is freaking hot. Missy always has a good eye for the dramatic and just gives a damn about the art of a good video. Outfits are fire, fun graphics, and real choreography but the lyrics and lackluster chemistry between Missy and Lamb is not lost on the eyes or ears. I think this was honestly a single that hit the editing room floor and someone picked it up, tried to polish it off and thought “Hmmm why not?” It’s Missy… it’s Lamb (famous producer of Beyonce and more) everyone will just lose their mind they are doing something together. It’s flat, the lyrics don’t mesh or make much sense. Usually you can pick a few great one-liners enough for some meme fun. The younger generation is saying she bit Migos flow but what these youngin’s have to learn is she was around way before Migos was even a baby Migo’s. I’ve been a fan of Missy’s from the jump and this one doesn’t even make me want to kick my feet let alone get air. NEXT!!!

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 Picks of the week:

Ed Sheeran
Photo by: Martin Thomas

Ed Sheeran– “Shape of You”

The favorite ginger on the air waves, adorable and talented Ed Sheeran brings an anthemic body positive video to us this week. It’s his formulated style of rhythmic sing-talking and overlaid vocals. Strong lyrics, fun story board video to give a us a little humor watching him sumo wrestle, hit the crossfit rounds and in the end his girl ends up being the one to kick ass. Get it girl. Fun if you enjoy pop and stylized beats.

►Stream or Download Shape Of You:

►Pre-order ‘÷’. Out 3rd March:

►Pick up the album ÷ on March 3rd, 2017


Reba McEntire – Back To God

Country royalty Reba McEntire (Rockin’ R Record) is back with a new album to triumph in times of need in the America’s. “Has your heart been broken? Are your kids OK? WIll they come home safe, do you lie there hoping…” A heart strumming good time, where the overall theme of this album gives you an unadulterated view of hope in the hands of the almighty. While a much more 2017s sound it still gives us the Reba we know and love.

►Pre-order Sing It Now: Songs of Faith & Hope now,

Album out Feb 3rd, 2017.



LP– Other People

The 30-something, super talented LP (Laura Pergolizzi) is an androgynous gay New Yorker in Hollywood– it’s how some people start to speak of this artist. To me those are seemingly odd terms to define this introduction of such a performer of this caliber. Times when you hear unforgettable vocals, listen to seemingly seamless musings so personal we are apt to think they opened up their diary and picked an entry written in silken deep ink pen dripping through to the other side of the paper they paused so long to let some tears dry. Her songs particularly this one reaches inside all of our chests to the times we’ve loomed on the edge of a relationships ending. We know in our minds what is happening but the perpetual longing to not feel the agony of a lost love looms. The video is a simplistic look at a catch and a release in LP style. I only bring up the androgynously gay as tender words to bring your attention to her supple voice and cool style. The sexually undertoned album confuses the straights and serenades and celebrates the rest of us. Talent penetrates every pore of LP’s body, though she is no stranger to the lime-light but on another plane. She’s written hits as a songwriter, sketching tunes for Rihanna, Christina Aguilera, Rita Ora, the Backstreet Boys and more. Please experience this talent.

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Death Valley – EP-   Released: Jun 17, 2016



LP– Tightrope

This song, the second of the feature to LP’s introduction into the Shutter 16 alumni experience. I was yet again enamoured with the touching vocals and raw look into a lyricists wet dream of a song. “Tightrope” brings back her staple whistling ringing in the midst of chunky guitar and rhythm. You cannot help but dance in your seat. This video fits the song perfectly. Please see above for more explanation on this phenomenal artist pushing boundaries and taking names.

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Death Valley – EP-   Released: Jun 17, 2016


Mastodon – Sultan’s Curse

Strap in for a lot more of the same old Mastodon you have come to know and love. A drowned out sounding Ozzy vocal sense, but with a bit more of a rough around the edges big vocals and a fire burning amongst the destroyer graphic to hype those huge guitar riffs we have all been anxiously awaiting. Look forward to hearing more of this album produced by Brendan O’Brien and catching them live, cause let’s face it metal is meant to be listened to at top volume and if you aren’t punching your way through a mosh pit, do you even really listen to metal?

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New Album Emperor of Sand  available March 31.


Father John Misty – Two Wildly Different Perspectives

A haunting double-take on racism and gun control ridiculousness. Children acting as adults, you see visions of children of different races with guns and the a-typical white upper-middle-class child doing the same. Hunting with brothers, or better yet our obsession with guns in games that they shoot people to death over and over. Gives a chilling realization that it’s all about perspective. Stripping of innocence and a take on how you are raised to believe in things. The caption to this video post reads:

“More kids are going to die now thanks to the unbelievably selfish immigration policy of places like Saudi Arabia and the USA.”

Very edgy for Sir Misty. Cannot wait for his new album Pure Comedy out April 7th (Subpop)

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Jacob Whitesides

Photo by: Vikas Nambiar

Jacob Whitesides – The Letter

#TheLetterVideo to the one who got away……

While pulling at your heartstrings, he’s pulling away from his stamp of a teenage heartthrob. Stripped down to a turned down electric guitar and his vocals in the video of a single shot and him sitting still. “I love you but I’m not in love. Baby I know you’ll find your love. I’m just scared as hell he’ll love her more.” He paints a story of their house and dogs and how truly deeply they felt but wishes her well. When love is not selfish, and love is kind even if you are moving on. A song to reflect on the #lovewhogotaway. “You won’t deserve her, but give her all your love.”  What would you do to have Jacob Whitesides singing this about you?

►Free stream and download –

What came out that you are digging lately?

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