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New Politics And New York City Get Lost In Translation At Irving Plaza

New Politics Lost in Translation Tour

What do you get when two Danish men and an American come together? The answer is New Politics. The trio has teamed up with The Wrecks and Dreamers to bring a night of fun and music to the fans in what has been dubbed The Lost In Translation Tour. The tour is a giant party stretching all across North America.

The Wrecks are a five piece indie rock band hailing from Los Angeles, CA.  The group mixes elements of pop punk/emo music and are no strangers to touring. The band has found themselves on the road with the likes of All Time Low, The Maine, and Nothing But Thieves. They released their debut EP We Are The Wrecks and their follow up Panic Vertigo was released in February of 2018 and featured the single “James Dean”. You can stream or purchase the bands EP HERE!


The Los Angeles based trio Dreamers’ style embodies the psychedelic, though musically they are what they call “smart pop”. The group mixes a fusion of indie, pop and jazz, and their sound is happy and playful with undertones of desperation and suffering. Dreamers released their debut LP This Album Does Not Exist in 2016. The album was mostly written in Brooklyn, NY before the band uprooted themselves to the city of Angels to record. This Album Does Not Exist has a theme of paranoia and escapism wrapped tight into three minute tunes led by the singles “Drugs” and “Sweet Disaster”.


Dreamers, no matter the undertone, have filled their album with sing along choruses and music to dance to while toying with questions of existence and it’s easy to get sucked in. Check out the album for yourself HERE.


Since the band formed in 2009 New Politics have released four albums with the latest album Lost In Translation being released in October of 2017. The trio, which consists of vocalist David Boyd, guitarist/keyboardist and vocalist Soren Hansen, and drummer Louis Vecchio, have been bringing their unique sound and live show to the masses without hesitation. New Politics are known for their energetic and sometimes even acrobatic stage show, which makes every show an unscripted one of a kind event. Their sound is guitar driven pop, punk, and electric dance rock. The band’s album Lost In Translation can be previewed and purchased HERE.


Sometimes I look forward to and so badly need a fun, unpredictable night in the city. Anybody familiar with New Politics knows that their show delivers just that! After catching these guys in the summer of 2017 while they were on tour with 311, I immediately became a fan. I was beyond excited to find out I would be covering them on their headlining North American tour in support and named after their album Lost In Translation.


So on an almost Spring-like night in March, I ventured to one of my favorite New York City venues Irving Plaza, to see if New Politics could once again wow me and free my mind of life’s everyday stresses.


As I arrived to the venue, free of lines (everyone was inside already) fans filled the floor of the venue and I made my way to the photo pit to cover Dreamers. I wasn’t so familiar with the band but, judging by the crowds anticipation for their set, I was excited to see what these guys were all about. As the screen went up and the crowd cheered, their banner could be seen in the distance on stage. The band opened with the song “Wolves” followed by fan favorite “To The Fire”. The New York City crowd was eating up every electrifying minute of Dreamers set; they had a unique and old school grunge vibe about their performance and in my opinion they were the perfect pairing for New Politics.


Dreamers set also included a cover of “Zombie” by The Cranberries with the band paying homage to the late singer stating “This one is for Dolores.” The band wrapped up their set with the ever popular song “Sweet Disaster” from their 2016 EP This Album Does Not Exist and before walking off at the conclusion of the set took time to shake hands with fans on the rail.



For the nights finale, fans eagerly awaited New Politics to take the stage. The bands set to the naked eye looked simple, a large floral backdrop matching the Lost In Translation album cover hung in the back of the stage. Lights lined the floor at the back of the stage and to the left the drum kit, the house lights went low and the screen at Irving raised up. It was time! As the band walked to the stage with strobes flashing, leaving only silhouettes of the band to be seen the intro to the song Istanbul” began.


Next the band would play the crowd pleaser “Everywhere I Go”, which saw New Politics front man David Boyd going over the barricade into the crowd and standing on top of the packed Irving Plaza with the help of the fans holding him steady. New Politics live show is always unpredictable and most importantly fun. At any given moment the groups vocalist could be found breakdancing, doing headstands or just singing his heart out.


The whole band in general has a great connection with their crowd throughout the set. The setlist spanning about 90 minutes featured songs like “Girl Crush”, “50 Feet Tall”, “Tonight You’re Perfect” and fan favorite “One of Us”.


The guys known for their high energy stage antics also have the ability to slow it down with mid set guitarist and vocalist Soren Hansen taking to the piano for a change in vibe. That to me was one of the best things about New Politics show; they take the audience on a journey, a sonic one.


The band’s lighting fits perfectly and sets the tone for each track, sometimes leaving them in the shadows before burst of white lights illuminate the entire band. Boyd mid set also states that the show is sort of a homecoming for them as him and guitarist Soren moved to New York years ago, and all four of their albums have been recorded there.


New Politics rounded out the set with the song “Harlem” before returning to the stage for a three song encore which included the tracks “Lifted” & “Yeah Yeah Yeah”.


Like I mentioned earlier, I previously seen New Politics live and became really interested but seeing the band on a proper headliner was next level. The show is solid, sound is great and the flawless ability to shift gears throughout the performance was a pleasant surprise.  If the rest of the tour was as successful for the band as this New York show, you can expect to see these guys again very soon!


The Lost In Translation Tour is in full effect and there is only a few chances left to catch these bands together. The tour hits Burlington,VT, Boston and Rochester, NY before wrapping up on April 1st in Toronto. New Politics only scheduled date for 2018 after the tour is May 27th in California. You can find Dreamers back on the road a few short days after this tour with All Time Low with that tour wrapping up April 21st in California. As for The Wrecks, they will be heading out on a few dates with The Maine throughout April. For more info and to keep up with all the band’s visit their Facebook pages below!

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