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New Kids on the Block – The Mixtape Tour

The Mixtape Tour

Brings Back The Good Times To NYCB Live At Nassau Coliseum

New Kids On The Block was formed by brothers Jonathan and Jordan Knight, Joey McIntyre, Donnie Wahlberg, and Danny Wood when they joined together in their early to mid-teens in 1984. Hailing from Massachusetts, these five young boys found a way to make big names for themselves. As a group and as individuals, each member has a successful career outside of NKOTB as well.

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NKOTB have a total of seven studio albums and to date have sold well over eighty million records worldwide. The height of their commercial success came in the early 1990s with help from their single “Hangin’ Tough” which earned them two American Music Awards and a Grammy nomination in 1990. After the band split in 1994, their fans were devastated. But in 2007 the band secretly reformed and soon released their comeback album, The Block in 2008. Since then they are back to making new music and touring to bring it to the fans.

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This year’s tour started in Cincinatti, OH on May 2nd and is called the Mixtape Tour 2019. NKOTB have brought with them some of the biggest names from the era in which they shared success together. They have with them Salt-N-Pepa, DJ Spinderella, Tiffany, Debbie Gibson and Naughty By Nature. Making a stop in New York to Long Island’s NYCB Live at Nassau Coliseum on the beautiful summer night, fans came out in droves for this sold-out show.  

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Once inside the venue, a look around showed that it was filled mostly with lovely ladies and very few men. It was clear from the moment that the warm-up act, Illtown Sluggaz, came on the B-Stage that everyone was ready to have a really good time. Getting the crowd going was the DJing of Vinny Brown (Naughty By Nature) and Slugga. They performed for nearly a half-hour, spinning all the hits from the early 1990s and had the crowd up on their feet from the get-go.

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Being there was no need for a long intermission, NKOTB hit the main stage soon after Illtown Sluggaz. The crowd went totally wild for the boys and they were loving every minute of it as they were smiling big as they sang “The Way.” They just kept it moving with “My Favorite Girl,” “Dirty Dancing,” “Summertime,” “You Got It (The Right Stuff)” and “Remix (I Like the).”

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Performing the next song from the crowd as they made their way to the B-Stage they did “Block Party.” Then from the B-Stage, they did “Games.” Attention was drawn back to the main stage as NKOTB would take a break as Tiffany and Debbie Gibson took their turns to entertain the audience. NKOTB returned to perform some more songs, “Didn’t I (Blow Your Mind This Time)” / “Valentine Girl” / “If You Go Away” and“Please Don’t Go Girl.”

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Salt-N-Pepa had some time on the stage, giving NKOTB another breather, but they were soon back out to do “Tonight,” which started on the B-Stage and then the five men made their way through the crowd again as they sang “Boys in the Band.” Now back on the main stage, it was time to really get the crowd involved.

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Not that much encouragement was needed, the boys asked for some help to sing along with all-time favorite tunes “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” / “Poison” / “I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)” / “Pour Some Sugar on Me” / “Livin’ on a Prayer” and “Sweet Caroline.” After they sang “Cover Girl,” Naughty By Nature had their time on stage.

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NKOTB returned for two more songs “I’ll Be Loving You (Forever)” and “Step by Step” and they gave the reins back to Salt-N-Pepa for a few more songs of theirs.

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It was time for the grand finale of the show as NKOTB took back control of the stage and played their smash hit

“Hangin’ Tough.” And for the cherry on the cake, all the acts on tour joined them on stage for one last blast of a song, “80s Baby” that had everyone in the place jumping, dancing and singing along to the very last beat.

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Intertwined between NKOTB sets were the other acts mentioned. Naughty By Nature, who are Treach, Vin Rock, and DJ Kay Gee played three of their crowd favorites. They were “O.P.P.,” “Feel Me Flow” and “Hip Hop Hooray.” Tiffany had the crowd singing along with her to “I Think We’re Alone Now,” All This Time” and Could’ve Been.” Debbie Gibson had a bit of a longer set. She played “Out of the Blue” / “Shake Your Love” / “Electric Youth,” “Foolish Beat” and “Only in My Dreams.” She also did “Lost in Your Eyes” with Joey McIntyre.

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Salt-N-Pepa, who are Cheryl James (Salt), and Sandra Denton (Pepa). They included the songs None of Your Business,” Expression,” Whatta Man” and Let’s Talk About Sex.” The two songs that really got the fans pumped up as they danced and sang along were Shoop” and Push It.”

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It was clearly obvious that everyone in the venue had the best time. Each musician on stage was stellar and gave it their all, performing the music with the nostalgia it deserved. Nearly everyone was dancing at their seats all night, waving their arms and singing along. Looking at their touring history, it may be a couple of years till they tour again. Since the tour is coming to an end soon on July 14th in Florida, if they are making a stop in your city in that time, be sure to grab your tickets and enjoy a great show.

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