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Need More Metal In Your Life? Let Copehill Down Satisfy Your Hunger For All Things Heavy

British Band Kicks Things Into Overdrive With Latest Single “Silent Twin”

Ok, so I know what your thinking because as any true metal fan will attest to we always need more metal. At any rate, I’ve got you covered with an ass-kicking metal band from Newport, South Wales, called Copehill Down. If you like slamming guitar riffs, thundering bass lines, pummeling drums, and vocals that will blow you out of your seat, then this is a band you need to check out. 

Copehill Down is a five-piece metal machine that will assault your senses with their fiery brand of metalcore. With influences that range from Unearth to As I Lay Dying, and Parkway Drive, the band packs a punch that only the strong can survive. Their first EP Authentic Moments of Dishonesty was released back in 2017 and they have been forging ahead full force ever since. Their latest single “Silent Twin” The tune was released just before the global pandemic shook our foundations to the very core. Opening with an almost elegant guitar melody, things turn up quickly and we are in the thick of it. The music is all around us, closing in and compressing us until you can’t control it anymore. Boom, here it is, the guitars of Neil Mahoney and Joey MacDonald, each searing in his own right, malingering together in a deliberate, almost progressive-like metal madness while the punishing rhythm section of Tom MacDonald on bass and Rhys Thomas on drums keeps driving the relentless pace. We’re going faster and faster, it seems until the breakdown and then the guitar melodies tone things down over the spoken words of vocalist Dan Parry. But wait, the tempo begins to change again and the crushing groove kicks in once again and we are off, ending with a dramatic outro.  The song is a personal one, touching on the band member’s own struggles with anxiety and depression but also takes on an even deeper meaning during these unprecedented times. There are so many people who are doing their best to cope with mental illness and the isolation of staying at home is proving difficult for many.  I truly believe in the power of music so let’s rock this one out of the park! 

Before the release of the “Silent Twin” video, I had the chance to chat with frontman Dan Parry about the new song and what the band had coming up next.  Of course, soon after, the world changed, the tours stopped, and suddenly everything was different. I was able to connect with Dan again and follow up on how things are going. You can listen to our two-part interview in full below. 

Copehill Down is:

Dan Parry- Vocals

Neil Mahoney- Guitar

Jay MacDonald-Guitar

Tom MacDonald-Bass

Rhys Thomas-Drums

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