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Mutemath Play Dead Tour in CLT

Mutemath Play Dead Tour in CLT

Photos by: Jimmy Warsham

Another underground music legend made their way through Charlotte last night, and we can confidently say we got taken for a ride. The four piece NOLA rock band Mutemath are currently supporting their fifth studio album Play Dead and redefining what it means to wear your heart on your mic stand.


Opening the show was Toronto’s synth stars ROMES.


Bringing elements of modern pop into the alt scene, ROMES know no boundaries when it comes to music making. Their high-energy, sickly sweet, gritty synth tracks were the perfect amuse-bouche for what was to come.


Look out for their debut, self-titled record, out October 6th! Pre-order here.


Swiftly rushing the stage with old-school lights and a very large, very red Huddle House-esque sign was Franklin, TN’s Colony House. Brother’s Will and Caleb Chapman kickstarted Colony House back in 2009 and their fanbase has been steadily growing since the release of When I Was Younger.


Fast forward eight years and the band released their second album early 2017, entitled Only The Lonely.


Though Colony House’s music leans slightly closer to a true alt-rock band, their presence on stage and their undeniable love of performing fits them perfectly on this tour’s bill.


Whether they’re performing an acoustic ballad sweet enough to make grown men weep or jumping into each other while headbanging, Colony House is a band you should already have on your playlist.


Emerging from the dark depths of the Fillmore’s backstage, Mutemath were as aloof as ever, taking their respective spots on stage as if there weren’t hundreds of people screaming at them. The NOLA four piece is more or less attempting to redefine who Mutemath is – while on tour.

2017 hasn’t been a banner year for the band, despite a new record and US tour. With two band member’s departing just months apart, for personal reasons, Mutemath’s future was up in the air for a long time; though sometimes it feels as if it still is.


None of the heartbreak and heaviness brought on by those valley’s were present on stage as Paul Meany and his crew danced, hopped, and swayed in front a never-still white screen. White boxes, covering keyboards and amps, were set on stage, while the band themselves were clad in white, allowing the images, clips, and production being projected on the screen to cover them all in bright colors.


Starting off with an fitting track from Play Dead, a snowy white/gray horizontal line swept over the white screen several times before hints of “War” filled the Fillmore, though it was difficult to pick out the song through the screaming. Standing on his white podium, vocalist Meany pulled out some of Mutemath’s trademark tricks right off the bat.


Evolving into the “Changes” and “Stroll On,” Mutemath was an unstoppable, music machine before Meany even so much as acknowledged the crowd. With universally loved hits like “Vitals,” “Stratsosphere,” (which was accompanied by a dizzying, Star Wars-like swirling background), and “Azteca,” there was no question at to why the venue was packed with an eclectic as hell crowd.

The award for The Cutest Thing I Have Ever Seen was given to Meany’s daughter Amelia as she strutted on stage, totally in her element, and stole the spotlight from Meany, though he happily handed it over. Orchestrating the crowd during “Pixie Oaks,” Amelia was clad in pink sound-canceling headphones (so precious!), and danced in sync with her father. The crowd was eating it up, following every instruction Amelia gave, even singing into the mic she held out for them!


We can agree that it’s easier to make a list of memorable moments during the show, as opposed to just picking one. Near the top was Meany’s trademark stroll into the crowd with his Atari during “Reset,” allowing everyone to participate in a brand new moment with the band. The best part of about this moment is that no other show, no other audience, has heard whatever crazy, gritty, unbearable, amazing sounds made by the audience. Each Mutemath show is a new moment.


Next to this on my list of memorable moments was during “Spotlight,” a song that put Mutemath on the radar after being featured on the Twilight soundtrack. The crowd jumped higher, sang louder, and clapped faster during “Spotlight” than any other song, and honestly gave me the most anxiety! There I was, feeling careless and happy, when all of a sudden Meany pulls out a light, attached to a long wire, and stepped onto his white platform.


Soon enough, he started swinging the light in a circle above his head, letting a little bit go each time so it got longer; so long, in fact, that it looked as if it would hit his band members – cue anxiety.


After a heartfelt speech, that sounded almost like a farewell truth be told, the band closed with everyone’s favorite: “Typical.” The emotions brought on by the final song were amplified after Meany’s speech, making the closing few moments a little harder.


Despite what’s in store for Mutemath, this tour has a show that could arguably be their best. They’re not even close to being done with this tour, and on the off chance this is their last cycle, get yourself to a show ASAP. Trust me, you need it.

See full gallery of the night.

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Sheila Walsh graduated from USC Aiken in 2015 with a degree in English. While in school, she won an essay competition for an argumentative essay on why the arts are crucial to the education system. Additionally, she was recruited to play volleyball for USCA and contributed to a weekly journal discussing the life of a student-athlete. She currently resides in Charlotte, NC.

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