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Motionless In White Take The Graveyard Shift Tour To The Paramount in Huntington

Motionless In White Take The Graveyard Shift Tour To The Paramount in Huntington

The winter always seems like the longest season thanks to shorter days and longer, cold nights, but as soon as that calendar turns to March things seem just a little less bleak. Especially this year since Motionless In White kicked off their Graveyard Shift Tour at the end of February and they would be making a stop to The Paramount in Huntington, NY on March 2nd to heat us all up. And a night of smoking hot music is just what was needed as a nasty Nor’easter storm had its grip on the area all during that day. Bad weather was not about to stop the fans and there was a nice long line outside of the venue with those just waiting for the doors to open.


There was some talk on the floor, as fans were filing in and grabbing the best spots on the floor to see the show, about a slight lineup change on the tour. On February 20th Chelsea Grin posted on their Facebook page announcing that they had to drop off of the tour, which opened a spot for Like Moths To Flames to join in on the mayhem. Among those talking they were saddened not to see Chelsea Grin but understood, and once Like Moths To Flames took to the stage it was very evident that they were fans of theirs too.


Chris Roetter (vocals), Jeremy Smith (guitar), Zach Pishney (guitar), Aaron Evans (bass), and Greg Diamond (drums) were greeted with a roar of cheers as they came out to kick the night off.


After playing “New Plagues” Roetter said, “Thank you for coming out early, especially in this weather!” then they ripped into “Nowhere Left To Sink,” “You Won’t Be Missed,” and “I Solemnly Swear” where fans were overhead clapping in unison during the whole song.


Moving along they played “GNF,” “Dark Divine,” the title track off the new album, and ended their set with the crowd moshing to “Bury Your Pain.”

As soon as Like Moths To Flames’ set was over the stagehands swarmed the stage and in less than twenty minutes Ice Nine Kills was out and ready to keep the party going. As soon as Justin “JD” DeBlieck (guitar), Justin Morrow (bass) and Conor Sullivan (drums) hit the first notes of “Communion of the Cursed” vocalist Spencer Charnas jumped right down in the pit to get up close and personal with the fans, singing nearly half of the song with them.


Jumping back up on the stage they continued with “Bloodbath & Beyond,” “The Plot Sickens” and “Hell in the Hallways.”


Catching a breath for just a moment Charnas asked the crowd, “Who’s going to come see us on Warped Tour this summer?” And by the sound of the cheering, the fans were already planning on those hot summer days, sweating and swaying to the music under the sun. After they played “Enjoy Your Slay” Charnas jumped onto the crowd as they surfed him around the floor for the beginning of their last song “Me, Myself, and Hyde,” it was more than clear that the fans were having as much fun as the band.

With another rush of the stagehands, no time was wasted as they prepared for the next act, Every Time I Die. In a massive flurry Keith Buckley (vocals), Andrew Williams (guitar), Jordan Buckley (guitar) Steve Micciche (bass), and Daniel Davison (drums) came blasting out on stage with more energy then one could possibly even describe.


Within the first minute of “Decayin’ With the Boys” the fans were in as much of a flurry, attempting to match the energy on stage as they began to crowd surf their way up to the stage.


Hitting them hard with “We’rewolf,” “Cities and Years,” “The Coin Has a Say” and “It Remembers,” Buckley encouraged a little more energy by suggesting a bigger mosh circle for “Underwater Bimbos from Outer Space.”EveryTimeIDie_DianeWoodcheke_3-2-2018_23

Without time to gasp the air they just kept hitting the fans hard with “Thirst,” “Floater,” “Revival Mode,” “Glitches” and the crowd was anything but “Bored Stiff.” During the set Buckley asked for a show of hands of how many people had never seen them live before, and with quite a few hands up he said, “The fact that we are playing for new people twenty years later is a beautiful thing.”


They ended their energized set with “Map Change” and “Fear and Trembling” leaving the fans cheering and screaming.

But the show was anything but over, even though thick black curtains were being drawn over the stage. This time fans were not able to see the swift work of stagehands and they had just a little more time to recuperate and freshen up their drinks before the headliners, Motionless In White were to come out.


Every few minutes someone’s arm would appear from the center of the curtain and wave the fans on to cheer, and cheer and scream they did.


Before long the moment came that so many were waiting for, the curtains opened and the elaborate stage setup was occupied by Chris Motionless (vocals), Ricky Horror (guitar), Ryan Sitkowski (guitar), Devin “Ghost” Sola (bass) and Vinny Mauro (drums). Also with them were two lovely ladies, who came and went throughout the show, helping to tell the stories of the songs.


They tore right into “Rats,” “Reincarnate” and “Necessary Evil” from their latest hot new video. Motionless took a moment to thank everyone for braving the nasty storm outside and coming to the show and after “Soft” Spencer Charnas of Ice Nine Kills joined them to sing “Abigail.”


As the show continued, they rocked their fans with “570,” “A-M-E-R-I-C-A,” “Hatef**K,” “Voices,” “Queen For Queen,” “Dead as Fuck” and “Not My Type: Dead as Fuck 2.” Motionless often spoke between the songs and at one point commented on how happy they were to see so many more fans in attendance from the last time they played here at The Paramount.


They treated the crowd to “Immaculate Misconception” and “Devil’s Night” before doing an encore with “Eternally Yours.” Their performance ended the night with a hot show full of colorful lights, pretty girls and awesomely good music.


This tour continues throughout the United States till the end of March. Then Motionless In White will be part of Vans Warped Tour come the summer, along with the other bands who are joining them on this current tour. But for those of you who need to beat those winter blues, do not wait for the summer to catch the hottest tour this winter, get your tickets to The Graveyard Shift Tour now, if you do not have them already.

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Tour eventTomorrow 7 PM879 guests
Clifton Park, NY
Tour eventThu 6 PM1,124 guests
London, ON, Canada
Tour eventFri 6 PM1,930 guests
Grand Rapids, MI
Columbus, OH
Sun 6 PMBrandon Scott Hanks is going
Lexington, KY
Tour eventTue 7 PM CDT763 guests
Columbia, MO
Tour eventWed 7 PM CDT1,303 guests
Oklahoma City, OK
Tour eventSat 6 PM UTC-05349 guests
The Garrick, 330 Garry Street, Winnipeg
Tour eventMon 6 PM UTC-06657 guests
Edmonton, AB, Canada
Tour eventTue 6 PM UTC-06471 guests
Calgary, AB, Canada
Tour eventThu 6 PM PDT489 guests
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Tour eventFri 7 PM PDT1,050 guests
Tour eventSat 7:30 PM MDT641 guests
Tour eventSat 11 AM PDT1,743 guests
Tour eventFri 11 AM PDT1,804 guests
Tour eventTue 12 PM CDT1,174 guests
Tour eventThu 11 AM CDT1,862 guests
Bonner Springs, KS
Sat 11 AM1,303 guests
Holmdel, NJ
Tour eventSun 11 AM621 guests
Hartford, CT
Thu 11 AM428 guests
Cincinnati, OH
Tour eventWed 11 AM1,798 guests
Tour eventSat 11 AM887 guests
Sun 11 AM397 guests
West Palm Beach

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