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Miike Snow beats the storm at the Fillmore

Perhaps Miike Snow singer Andrew Wyatt is the indie-pop Maynard, if only because he likes to lurk in the shadows.Miike Snow

I’m not sure why his keyboard wasn’t up front or at least in a corner, instead of having Wyatt constantly run to the back of the stage, if only for a chorus.

Wyatt constantly made his way in and out of the shadows as strobes flashed, a massive lighting right provided a glowing backdrop and back-lighting provided constant silhouettes.

Miike Snow

Sonically, the set sounded solid, though Wyatt’s keyboard was often overshadowed by the rest of the band, making those jogs to the back of the stage even more confusing.

The band played a few hits early on, such as “Genghis Kahn” quickly getting the crowd involved.

Both bands were entertaining enough to make you forget all about the thunderstorm raging outside.
Miike Snow
The show opened with a set by Norwegian indie-rockers Klangstof who balances between the monotonous and the momentous. Just when their music began to drone on, they’d crank up the volume and energy and thunder through the end of the song. They recently made waves as the first Dutch band to ever play Coachella.



Billie Holiday

Cult Logic

Genghis Kahn

Paddling Out

Heart of Me


Heart is Full


I Feel the Weight

Song for No One

Black & Blue


7 Nights



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