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Miguel Lifts The Queen City With His Ascension Tour

Miguel brings the Ascension Tour the Queen City!

Shortly after wrapping a sold-out tour earlier this April, R&B sensation Miguel is back on the road again in celebration of his fourth studio album,War & Leisure. Since a young man, Miguel  was deep into music and the process of creating it. Over time he connected with multiple music labels and even got the opportunity to work on projects with Usher and Asher Roth. However, it wasn’t until early 2010 that he truly got his name out into the world and an exponentially growing fan base. This was when he released his very first studio album titled All I Want Is You and included hits such as “Quickie”, ” All I Want Is You (Feat. J. Cole)” and his first chart topping song “Sure Thing”. In October of 2012 he released his second studio album title Kaleidoscope Dream, which included the lead single “Adorn“, a project that went on to win him his first Grammy Award.

Miguel (Preview)

As the years have passed his name has grown more and more in the R&B industry, bringing pop vibes and relaxing tone to the table, alongside a such a unique voice and word flow. Growing up in Los Angeles as the son of an Mexican American father and African American mother, his life and cultural influences can be heard woven throughout his songs. Along this line Miguel also sang a duet of “Remember Me” with Natalia Lafourcade for the soundtrack of Disney Pixar’s movie Coco. Shortly after the release of this song and movie Miguel released his latest album War & Leisure in December of 2017, which offers a variety of tracks; some that feel tranquil and others that push more towards a dance pop version of R&B.

We had the opportunity to join in with the many Charlotte fans during his stop at Charlotte Metro Credit Union Amphitheatre on Thursday evening. As we arrived fans were already on site and in line to enter the venue. Shortly after 7pm the evening got started as the first act took to the stage. Upon the stage was a microphone, some bongos, and a computer. We then heard a voice asking “Charlotte, how you feeling tonight!” and the crowd responded ten fold as the voice we were hearing then offered a positive message and walked on stage.

Nonchalant Savant (2)

Upon the screen was the name of the artist we were now seeing and listening to, Nonchalant Savant.

Nonchalant Savant (4)

He was on tour promoting his latest EP “¡Spark!” and we later learned it was actually Miguel’s little bro. His took us about thirty minutes forward in time as the sun began to set.

dvsn (1)

As the first act wrapped and a short set change took place it was then time for the next artist. Walking onto the stage were three ladies all dressed similarly and wearing sunglasses. They took their places in front of three microphones located on the left side of the stage. They then began to sing and hum, a few moments passed and then we heard another voice join them. As the voice began to sing the audience immediately rose from their seats and to attention.

dvsn (7)

The video screen covering the back of the stage lit up revealing the name of the act dvsn. If you’re asking yourself how to pronounce that name, the answer is the same as saying the word “division”. Although we saw one gentleman on the stage singing, this act is actually a duo. dvsn is comprised of lead singer Daniel Daley and producer and songwriter Nineteen85.

dvsn (17)

Throughout their set it brought vibes that felt like a great slow jam playlist with hits to get you moving and to breathe fresh air into your lungs. This duo is signed to OVO Sound and got their introduction to the music world a few years ago via Drake’s OVO Radio on Beats 1 Radio, and also have had their hands on the creation of some hit Drake songs.

dvsn (15)

However during their set they made sure to give their fans some of their favorite songs from their own catalog. Songs that include “Think About Me” and “Too Deep”, both songs off of two different albums from the group; the most recent album being Morning After, released in October of 2017.

dvsn (8)

Before ending their set they played a melody of R&B hits from other artists such as “U Got It Bad” by Usher which proved the quality voice that Daniel has, almost sounding exactly like the original singer. The moments created by this band felt both elegant and relaxed which made for a beautiful set with vocals and harmonies acting as the stars.

Miguel (21)

Finally the time had come. The stage was now set for the main event as Miguel took to the stage. The band walked ahead, all dressed in white as the lights are low on stage. Then the lights slowly rose and the band began to play as Miguel appeared atop a large white staircase placed center stage pushed towards the back against the video wall. The crowd was amped up and the phones began to come out in masses.

Miguel (17)

The first song that was brought to introduce Charlotte to him and his show was “what’s normal anyway“, a song that speaks of not fitting in, but pushing past that and understanding that it’s okay to stand outside of the realm of “normal” and just be who you are.

Miguel (23)

Soon the song transitioned into another and then another, and a mashup of songs got the show going for the first six minutes before he officially switched to a different vibe. As he preformed “Banana Clip” he descended down the stairs while his vocals completely mesmerized the crowd. All while he added his own flare and showed his level of energy as he danced about the stage and jumped around, joined by backup dancers/singers wearing fashionably large hats.

Miguel (5)

Throughout his time on stage it was very easy to understand that he is an incredibly talented person; not just because of his voice, but also his incredible dance moves that felt as though he drew inspiration from a combination of Michael Jackson, Prince, James Brown, and Childish Gambino. Other elements lent their hand to create a magical night in the Queen City, including the lighting, which was accented by the haze on stage, especially in the moments where disco balls fill the outdoor area with dots of light and beams of light rays.

Miguel (10)

As the night went on we were shown more of Miguel as he got to a point in the set where he was playing small bits of popular songs from the past of his own or ones that he’s featured on such as “Lost In Your Light“, “Got Friends”, and even “Vixen”, an older song of his which caused some people to immediately burst into singing mode as they were both happy and surprised to hear the older songs from his catalog.

Miguel (20)

At a few points during the show, he paused to talk to the audience and offer some insight to the songs and his life. At one point he mentioned how it was difficult growing up of mixed origin and realizing that it’s okay to be different, sometimes you just have to “ride your own wave” leading him into “Waves”.

Miguel (18)

At another point he called out different people (mainly ladies) in the crowd and created some freestyle rhymes that he sung as though to create a musical conversation in the moment. Before the night came to an end he tapped into his Spanish heritage and preformed “Caramelo Duro“, a half English and half Spanish song that got everyone dancing and created an all around feel good vibe.

Miguel (Preview 2)

In the final moments he gave the crowd some more fun songs and moments they would forget as he closed out the evening with recent hits such as “Pineapple Skies” and “Sky Walker“. This is truly an artist that leaves it all on the stage and brings the energy to give the people that put him there a show they’ll never forget.

Miguel (9)

Make sure to catch Miguel when you can! There’s still a few chances to catch him as his tour continues across North America. The Ascension Tour continues through September 28th before it wraps up in Seattle, Washington. Take the time to grab your tickets or your VIP package and get out there and experience the show.

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