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Mayday Parade brings A Lesson In Romantics to NY

Mayday Parade brings A Lesson In Romantics to NY

Springtime is great for celebrating new beginnings, but for Mayday Parade they are celebrating the 10th anniversary of one of their beginnings, the release of their first studio album A Lesson In Romantics. The Florida based quintet is bringing their fans this blast from the past and using the anniversary album’s music and artwork as the theme for the current tour. While fans are still enjoying the last release, 2015’s Black Lines, they are coming out in masses to help their favorite band celebrate this milestone during this tour.

In a show of support New York fans came out early and started forming a line outside the doors of The Paramount in Huntington as early as three o’clock in the afternoon on May 11. The nice warm weather was accommodating for the long wait for the doors to open at seven, but the chance to have a spot on the fence was more than worth the wait. And when the doors did open, the mostly-female crowd poured in and swiftly got their spot on the general admission floor.


Warming the crowd up first was the Manchester UK based band Milestones. Packing a punch, Matthew John Clarke (vocals), Andrew Procter (guitars), Eden Leviston (guitars), Mark Threlfall (bass) and Andrew Makin (drums) came out and had everyone’s energy pumping right from the start. They played a tight half hour set of songs from their debut EP, 2016’s Equal Measures, including “Call Me Disaster” which had a majority of the floor jumping up and down while singing to the lyrics. Clarke thanked everyone for coming out and making them feel so welcome as he exclaimed, “This is our first United States tour!” The audience was very receptive and they surely gained more fans this night.


After the quick removal of the last band’s equipment and rearranging a few things on stage, Knuckle Puck was ready to keep the party going. Hailing from Chicago, Joe Taylor (vocals), Kevin Maida (guitars), Nick Casasanto (guitars), Ryan Rumchaks (bass), and John Siorek (drums) brought their brand of high energy to the stage. After releasing several EP’s, the band released their first studio album in 2015, Copacetic, which was met with great reviews from critics and fans alike.

With that in mind, right after the performance of their first song, “Disdain,” fans were inching their way closer to the stage, some even crowd surfing their way up. As their set continued there were moments that the venue’s floor was bouncing as the crowd was jumping up and down in unison. Before playing “Evergreen,” Taylor told the audience how they have become friends with Milestones and enjoyed being on the road with both bands since March. He also spoke about their band and ended with, “We’ve been a band for five and a half years now!” and as he smiled while he was saying that, the crowd went wild for them. They played some more favorites for them including, “Poison Pen” and “Fences,” then thanked the fans again before playing the last song, “Pretense.” Some fans called out for one more song as they were cheering for them while the band was leaving the stage.


The next intermission was a bit longer and included some mystery as big black curtains were drawn to hide the stage during preparations. The fans that rushed to the stage earlier in the night were all glued to the fence and were happy to have their covenant spot and as soon as the curtains began to open the audience went wild. After several minutes the band, Derek Sanders (vocals), Alex Garcia (guitars), Brooks Betts (guitars), Jeremy Lenzo (bass) and Jake Bundrick (drums) came out on stage and the cheering was deafening as they began the night with “Jamie All Over.” In fact the first half of their show was dedicated to the anniversary of A Lesson In Romantics and they played the album in its entirety, even playing each song in the order it is on the album.


Before playing “Miserable At Best,” Sanders said, “It’s been ten years since we put out this album. We’ve come through these parts many times since then and we want to thank you for always being here.” Not only did their fans cheer for this fact but then they sang to every word of the song as it played, Sanders at times letting them sing as he sat and smiled while seated at the piano. As they moved on from A Lesson In Romantics the fans moved right along with them. From the first note of “Terrible Things” the floor of the venue lit up as cell phones rose high in the air to catch a video of this song. They closed out the night with several more songs before ending the night with “Oh Well, Oh Well.”

As everyone was leaving you could see satisfied smiles on their faces. All three bands were full of energy and the audience gave the energy they gave right back to them, it was an exhilarating evening. Mayday Parade gave a spot on performance and as always they conveyed the deep feelings and meanings of their songs to the fans. This tour lineup continues till the end of the month. Then in September, Mayday Parade take their tour oversees, be sure to catch them live if you can.

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