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Matt & Kim Transform Mercury Ballroom Into A Dance Party

Matt & Kim Transform Mercury Ballroom Into A Dance Party

Matt & Kim are widely known for their highly interactive and electric live shows, as well as their positive, upbeat, synth-infused lyrics. The duo met in Brooklyn, New York at Pratt Institute, where they both attended school. That’s where it all began: a love for music and each other! The two became one, as they rapidly became known for their fun, punchy, and melodic style of music.

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The eccentric and talented twosome have had multiple successful records to add to their catalog and more than 50 plus million YouTube views, thanks to their numerous music videos and active vlog “Matt & Kim Show Ya Stuff”. The vlog gives their fans a close-up and in-depth look into their every day (but not always normal) life.

Recently in May of this year, Matt & Kim released a follow-up record to their now classic EP We Were The Weirdos. The 2018 release of their new LP titled
Almost Everyday came to fruition after Kim suffered a torn ACL while performing in Mexico. The injury gave the musical team an opportunity to use the break from touring as time to focus on creating something new, an album more personal than ever before.

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Since Almost Everyday’s release, Matt and Kim have begun collaborating with Isom Innis of Foster The People and the electronic dance pair The Knocks on remixes, which are set to be released sometime this year.

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You can imagine that Matt & Kim will most definitely release the party beast onto the fans this tour and to everyone in attendance at Mercury Ballroom. Believe me, when I say, Louisville is also ready to party with the adrenaline-fueled group!

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The day had finally come for me to hit the road to this show in Louisville. I was definitely ready for a party. But this kind of party I was not ready for. The ever-growing popularity of Matt & Kim would reach new heights and soar past any expectations even I could anticipate.

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Jamming to some of their music the whole trip, mentally preparing myself for what was to come, I put myself in a fist-pumping frenzy, all the way to the front door.

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Opening the show up was rapper Michael Christmas. The DJ got the crowd feeling good before we were introduced to Mr. Christmas by playing a few warm-up songs. Michael ran out on to the stage with so much energy. After killing his first song he addressed the crowd. “Louisville, that last song y’all were at like a 9.5, I’m gonna need y’all to be at 10, let’s turn this place up!”

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The crowd was alive and dancing and throwing their hands in the air (kind of hard to do when you have a camera in one hand, not recommended). To close his show, Michael Christmas addressed that he wanted to end his show doing a song for anyone who had lost a loved one, or a close friend.

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You could see that family and friends mean a lot to him as this was only an instrumental track played by his DJ while Michael sat on the edge of the stage just feeling out the vibe of this song and the positive energy the crowd was throwing up to the sky and returning respect back towards Michael for such a cool way to end a set. Michael Christmas is an artist to keep eyes on for sure.


Matt & Kim took to the stage and things got very real very quickly. It was definitely a damn dance party. They opened the show with a bang. Opening the show with their song “It’s Alright”.

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Matt & Kim were fired up and ready to go! “What’s Up Louisville!?” exclaimed Matt, welcoming everyone to their show. Lights were flashing out of control, however, they beat in unison with the music. It was an orchestra of chaotic energy and fun, and it seemed like it never stopped.

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“Kim do we have your consent to open this up?” “FUCK YEAH” screamed Kim. Transitioning into their song “Block After Block”. The energy shifted into even more jumping and dancing to these hits all of us know and love. Matt and Kim spoke to the fans several times, which makes for a very interesting and intimate experience for anyone who attends a Matt and Kim show.

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Matt gave the crowd balloons to blow up and start bouncing them around the room, as Matt shot confetti sticks out into the crowd while balloons floated above all the energetic fans, even flowing into the stage while the show continued on. This show was one not to be missed. Mercury Ballroom was definitely transformed into a dance floor.

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We all were invited to “Jump” as Matt and Kim played their version of Van Halen’s “Jump”. That’s exactly what we did. Not one fan was seen being bored or not having a good time. Matt would talk to us all again as he explained how when he was in the punk and metal scene they had this thing they did called ”The Wall Of Death”, where fans would divide themselves in the middle of the room, and when a band would say ”go” the fans would run at each other in the middle, Matt had a very different idea and approach to this.

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”With respect for one another” said with a smile, ” I want you all to form this wall of death but we will call it the walls of Kim’s vagina.”


Not one person in attendance wasn’t seen laughing at this explanation of a Matt and Kim ”wall of death”. With everyone in agreement Matt explained further that when we hear ”Surprise Motherfucker” to run into the middle ”kindly” and jump! ”Surprise motherfucker” came on and the “walls of Kim’s vagina” happened. It was one of those moments you see in a comedy movie where operatic music is playing and the people move in slow motion. Funny and fun.

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The night was rounded out by Matt and Kim playing their hit song ”Daylight”. Anyone who knows Matt and Kim knows that they bring energy and fun to their sets knew that they would bring all of it when this song began. But not before congratulating a few people in the crowd for it being their birthday and another group of fans who were getting married. Making this specific performance of ”Daylight” extra special.

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Before ending the night we received four-song encore from the fun duo, with their songs ”Happy If You’re Happy”, ”Please No More”, a Kendrick Lamar song ”Humble”, and the punchy song ”Let’s Go”. You can guarantee that this show was full of emotions, fun, comedy, blow up dolls (yes you read that, Matt and Kim-faced blow-up dolls), and dancing. This show was one not to be missed.

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Catch Matt and Kim in a city nearest you, or if you want to go for a wild ride that is Weird and Wonderful with Rainbows, Matt and Kim have been added to Kesha’s cruise, Kesha’s Weird And Wonderful Rainbow Ride that sets sail February 17th-21st 2019. It sounds like more weird and wonderful times are ahead for Matt and Kim, will you be there for the ride?

See full gallery of the night here!

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Brandon Hanks is a photojournalist hailing from Owensboro, Kentucky. Brandon started his obsession with photography dating back to 2001. Since getting his first taste of the music industry in 2016 with Nothing More, he has since worked with some of his favorites to some of the biggest names in music: Black Stone Cherry, Highly Suspect, Bush, Skillet, Green Day, and Scott Stapp. "If you were to tell me I'd be doing this (concert photography) with the artists I've worked with in my first year, I'd call you a liar," said Hanks. Brandon's fire and willingness to adapt to any setting and environment while being able to take on any challenge thrown at him makes him a force and a future in this industry looks brighter with every show. "Grateful, Humbled, Unbelievable, Rise Up." All words Brandon lives by.

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