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Matisyahu returns!

King of beats and alt rock shines light through gray skies at the Fillmore

by: Kevin Daniels

March, 26th, The Fillmore, Charlotte, NC
Photographer:  Kevin Daniels of XIIIth PVD

A gloomy Sunday evening at The Fillmore was brightened up by a long time purveyor of positive vibes, Matisyahu. Walking up to enter the line in front of the Fillmore, I realized that either I’m going to see Matisyahu or a Dead Head cover band. While waiting in the queue, as I do at most concerts, I strike up a conversation with someone that looks like they are beyond excited for the concert. This time it happened to be a guy that was either an ex-nazi or a retired one; I was thrown off by that. Regardless, he said he was a fan of Matis for a very long time, which in itself is a contradiction considering that Nazi’s are a hate group against Jews. The fact that Matis created music so strong that it reached beyond that hatred is amazing.


Once inside, the crowd seemed to be 50% Dead Heads and 50% moms and dads looking for a night out; needless to say, this was an older crowd. I even saw whole families, which is always something that is outstanding to me, that you can share your music with other family members and go to a show together. The good vibes were already happening; be through the beer and alcohol, or other lit shrubbery, you could feel a carefree attitude was in the air. Fast forward a bit after the doors and the full band took the stage. I’d like to note that as a person who has never seen Matisyahu live, his band is impeccable and other-worldly talented.

Finally Matis takes the stage after an intro was played by the band. They transitioned into a new song off an upcoming album, Release The Bound (Tiger Records) first. It felt new, yet still sounded like classic Matis, which I think speaks volumes for of the style of Matisyahu and his music growth. Watching the crowd around be so into the show was incredible. You had tiny dance pockets throughout the venue, along side people just vibing out and waving their hands around to the music. People were enjoying the show and I honestly didn’t see one sad or negative person in that whole venue; hell, the event staff even looked happy. Before I end this, I have to comment on the amazing, eye dazzling, light show I have yet to see anywhere else, barring the use of fire. The lighting was on point on an artistic level, which only accentuated the performance.


Matisyahu was a pleasure to see and to experience. He played a good mix of what put him on the map, what his true old-school fans love, along with new jams that fit in perfectly. The night was split into two full sets, because there wasn’t an opener. If you grew-up on Matisyahu, like I did, it was a nice trip down memory lane with some new billboards along the way.


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Remaining Tour dates:


28 The National Richmond, VA

29 State Theatre State College, PA


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