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Maggie Rogers ACL Live at Moody Theater Texas

Many could argue that one of the most anticipated shows at ACL Live this fall would be Maggie Rogers. She quickly sold out two back to back nights at the iconic Austin venue and would end her Heard It In a Past Life tour there. This highly anticipated debut album was released earlier this year on January 18, 2019, where she combined folk, R&B, and dance into her own unique sound.


Maggie Rogers grew up in Easton, Maryland and released her debut EP Now That the Light Is Fading shortly after graduating from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts where she studied music engineering and production. She gained traction when Pharrell Williams played her song “Alaska” during a masterclass at NYU’s Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music.


His reaction to the song went viral and so did she. Maggie holds a very special part in my heart as she was one of the very first artists I saw at South by South West (SXSW) years ago.


I was ecstatic to see that she was on the lineup that year and have vivid memories of her performing small showcases and acoustic sets throughout the festival. I would hop around the city to her showcases throughout the SXSW week and see her perform her 5 songs from her debut EP.


For me, that SXSW year was a pivotal moment in my career and growth and I often associated Maggie with it all. She was my soundtrack through that year in college even though she only had an EP released at that time. I have not missed any of her performances in Austin since and she continues to be my life stage soundtrack.


I know I had this show on my calendar since it was first announced much earlier this year and could not wait to see her perform at my favorite venue in Austin. This show meant everything to me and it truly felt like a dream.


Maggie Rogers first appeared silhouetted by a spotlight as the crowd cheered loudly. She started off with the beautiful verses of “Color Song” in her crystal-clear voice. I got goosebumps and knew at that moment the show would be memorable. The sheet-screen dropped and the crowd went wild at the sight of Maggie.


She was dressed in a beautiful flowing white ensemble and ended the song with the biggest smile. She soon followed with “Fallingwater” and “Burning” full of energy and of course, dance moves. She danced across the stage and gave love to every corner.


Every time the lights flashed onto the crowd, it could be seen that everyone in attendance was dancing.  The crowd and Maggie fed off of each other’s energy and the room had the most amazing vibe. “Say It” has been on non-stop repeat prior to the concert and is the song I was looking forward to hearing live for the first time. It surely did not disappoint with its sultry chorus and the entire band grooving to it. Other favorites include Maggie’s production during “On + Off” and “The Knife.”


It was apparent that Maggie and her team were very intentional with the overall experience and production of the show. The whole night I was taking in the stellar performance and the one huge dance party with hundreds of others. Wow, what an amazing night and it was special to see the growth she had experienced since SXSW. I cannot wait to see what is in-store for Maggie next and will be counting down the days until I see her perform again. Until then, I’ll have her playing on repeat and re-living the show. 


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