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Mac Miller Dead At 26, Of An Apparent Overdose

Mac Miller dead at 26, of an apparent overdose.

The young rapper has died today of an apparent overdose as reported by TMZ. He released Swimming on August 3rd that was paired with a tour set to start on October 27th.

In May, Miler was charged with a DUI after smashing his car into a power pole in Los Angeles. During which he fled the scene and later confessed to the police at his house. When given a breathalyzer he blew two times the legal limit.

Miller was found today at noon inside his San Fernando Valley home and was pronounced dead at the scene. Authorities were alerted by a male friend who placed the 911 call.

Ariana Grande, his ex-girlfriend, and last known romantic relationship was known to have been a supporter of his sobriety and removed herself from the toxic relationship at the beginning of his downward spiral. Sadly, today the spiral ended. Our hearts are with his family, friends, and crew.

Stars react to his death:

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