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Logan Hefner Bares His Soul On “Signal Fire”

Small Town Singer/Songwriter About To Make Some Very Big Waves

Hailing from the small town of Lincolnton, North Carolina and currently residing in Boone, NC as a student at Appalachian State University, Logan Hefner possesses the unique ability to truly touch people’s souls. His music is raw and organic, full of all the hopes and dreams of his small town upbringing. The talented singer/songwriter sings from the heart, expressing his thoughts and emotions musically when the words are simply too difficult to speak.

With hopes of inspiring his listeners, Logan’s songs delve into natural, human emotions, and will definitely pull at your heartstrings, leaving a warm and fuzzy feeling deep down in your soul. Hefner’s vocals are pure, with an exquisite, soulful tone that is also hauntingly beautiful. His
Original EP contains songs that will take you through a spiritual experience, forcing you to feel, something, anything; filling a powerful need in our modern world that so often requires us to push our feelings away. From the ethereal piano in the poignant ballad “Close” to the danceable beats of the soft pop anthem “United”, Hefner gives a top notch performance. His pain is real and palpable as he sings “I am a strong, one. I am a bold one,” questioning why others choose to hurt him in the sorrowful “Warrior”.

The overall message of his music, however,  is a positive one as he encourages listeners to “join our hands in love around the world” as he grooves through “United”. There is a pleasant, delicateness to “Fireflies” that weaves around Hefner’s vocals and a calming, soothing vibe to “Gold (I’m Glad I Found)”. “Cupid” has a heavier almost rock feel to it with driving rhythms as Hefner sings of love lost, capping off the brilliant release. Original really showcases the versatility of Hefner’s vocals and is a great beginning for the young singer’s career.

Hefner’s latest musical venture finds him collaborating with fellow North Carolina musician, Jason Scavone. Scavone, the former frontman of the Noises 10, is a singer, songwriter, producer, and engineer with a long, solid musical career in the Charlotte area and has worked with the up and coming Hefner on his new music. The hard work of these two fine musicians has paid off, culminating in Hefner’s latest single, “Signal Fire”. The new song is a cool, mid-tempo pop song with passionate vocals burdened by a broken heart. There is an undeniable yearning in Hefner’s voice that resonates throughout the song, underscored by a light, grooving beat that is both romantic and sultry. The “Signal Fire” video is the perfect visual accompaniment to the music that features Hefner alone on a deserted island with a piano and two flares. He throws his body down to the ground, the physical manifestation of his broken heart, and lights two flares (signal fires) to guide his love back to him. The video ends with Hefner making an impassioned plea as the camera pans back to the lone piano which is now burning in flames. The video, which was also produced by Scavone, is both visually stunning and sonically perfect, a great stepping stone for the next chapter in Hefner’s career.

With a voice gifted by God and a passion for music that burns bright, this is only the beginning for Logan Hefner. Stay tuned to Logan’s social media accounts and check back here on Shutter 16 for more updates on this promising, new artist.

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