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Live Review: Mt. Joy and Arlie Prove That Tuesday Nights Can Rock

Live Review: Mt. Joy and Arlie Prove That Tuesday Nights Can Rock

Did you know that along the eastern coast of Pennsylvania there lies a park. That park is known as the Valley Forge National park. Within that park is a mountain, we know, surprising right? The mountain we speak of is named Mount Joy, and that brings us to the band we’d love to introduce you to. They carry the same name as the mountain, “Mt. Joy”. The choice to name the band after a nearby mountain was a nod to guitarist Sam Cooper’s and lead singer and guitarist Matt Quinn’s homestate.


The musical journey for this band that now consist of five members all began with one song that speaks of being stuck and wanting to pursue a dream. That song is “Astrovan” and it was one of three songs that got people to hear their voices back in 2016. “Astrovan” began to find itself in millions of peoples speakers and drove them to begin doing live shows in early 2017. It wasn’t just bar shows and such as many bands start out with, they were opening for band like The Shins, Anderson East and The Head and The Heart. They even found themselves performing at Bonnaroo and Lollapalooza. With this much success in such a short time it was only right for them to give their rapidly growing fan base a full album. That brought them to release their self titled debut album Mt. Joy in early 2018 and now they’ve set out on a headlining tour to celebrate that very album.

Mt Joy_1

Upon arriving at the Visulite Theatre there was a line of fans filing into the venue and more fans arriving to get tickets to catch the show for the evening. As we entered, many fans had made their way to the pit area in front of the stage. The entire venue is a general admission flow but with select seating on the upper two levels. Some fans had found themselves a seat along the rails which put them right at eye level with the artists and some were drawn to the pit bringing them right to the edge of the stage for the full concert experience.


The opening act came from Nashville, TN and they went by the name of Arlie. As lead singer Nathaniel Banks mentioned during their set “it’s like saying Charlie, without the Cha”. Their entire set was filled with such high energy and excitement and the songs were upbeat and the artist on stage were fully into each song.


They find themselves on this tour celebrating their debut EP Wait and their tour is a mixture of playing the role of support for acts such as Mt. Joy and later this month Coin, and even some headlining date of their own.


It was easy to see that the audience in the room was really into the music they were hearing. This was made even more apparent when the band told the crowd to meet them at the merch table after their set, to which the crowd responded with a loud “Woooooo”.


Through the entire set it felt as though the band was giving all they had but it wasn’t until the final song that they proved they had a few more tricks up their sleeves. For their finale they brought the rock as they made their way through the first half of the song.


Then decided to tease the crowd with slow rifts on a guitar acting as though the song was complete but then bringing the melody back and forth. This continued for a few moments until the rest of the band began to build the song up further and further to amplify the noise and instruments throughout. As the song grew towards a climax, lead singer Nathaniel continued to get louder with his vocals and thrashed about the stage.  It was a stellar performance from everyone and an all around solid set from this band to watch.


As the evening continued to was time for the main act to take the stage. This was a band that fill a venue on a Tuesday night because of their incredible music and solid fan base. As Mt. Joy took their place on stage they were welcomed whole-heartedly with cheers and applause from the audience.

Mt Joy_3

Then off we went on a magical musical journey. It was clear that fans were dedicated as songs like “Jenny Jenkins” had the majority of the room singing along with the band. A few moments later a few notes were played on a guitar and the entire room erupted knowing what song was coming just from a few played notes.

Mt Joy_24

“Astrovan” brought harmony and a room full of voices to Charlotte as this was the very song that introduced many fans to the band that stood before them. In fact, having only played Charlotte once before as they opened for Anderson East earlier in the year, lead singer Matt Quinn was pleasantly surprised at how well everyone knew the songs and the enthusiastic everyone was.

Mt Joy_22

It was a night of true authentic music and feel good tunes. Songs like “Dirty Love” brought strong drum hits that soothed the soul. It also was wonderful to have an intimate setting where the band and the audience felt as one large group of friends. At one point Matt made note of their debut album that was self titled and joked that they’re “not good at naming things.”

Mt Joy_20

This got quite the laugh considering that the band Mt. Joy has a song titled “Mt. Joy” on the album Mt. Joy. He even gave a brief insight into the first song that was written for the album and said it had a lot to do with what was/is going on in the world and encouraged the crowd to go out and vote any chance they get before the band began the folk rock song “Sheep”.

Mt Joy_17

There is not a doubt that this is a band that will gain more and more fans as time passes. From the songs to the people that play them, everything about this band screams real music and genuine people. Fans did not want them to stop, as they exited the stage the room was filled with an a repetitively loud “One. More. Song.” that encouraged the band to return to close out the night with one final song. It began with a whistle and lead into the airy and soothing “Cardinal”.

Mt Joy_12

A perfect song for a perfect night of music. If you find yourself questioning the fan base they have, well as soon as they left the stage for the final time fans jumped on stage to grab the setlist taped to the floor to keep as souvenirs of the night.

Mt Joy_4

If you’ve yet to see this rapidly growing band, there is still time as they prepare to embark on a European leg of their tour later this November before returning to the states in late December for a few final dates leading into the new year. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and experience some of their rock mixed with folk flare ASAP!

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