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Live Review: Bobby Tarantino vs Everybody Tour with Logic and NF in Philly

Bobby Tarantino vs Everybody Tour Stop:

When we think of artists that make huge impacts in hip hop, we look no further than this team: Logic (Visionary Music Group) has teamed up with NF (Capitol records) for one of hip hop’s biggest tours of the summer. The tour is dubbed Bobby Tarantino vs Everybody, a play on the title of Logic’s latest album Bobby Tarantino II, which was released in March, and his last album Everybody which took him to a whole new level thanks to the global hit “1-800-273-8255”.

Logic 1

Logic is a rapper, songwriter, and producer who was born in Maryland in 1990. He left high school at 16 to follow his dreams and pursue music, and in 2009 he released his mixtape Logic: The Mixtape. In 2013 his life would begin to change with the release of Young Sinatra: Welcome To Forever; it was well received within the rap community and gained him a large underground following. It also led to a record deal with Def Jam Recordings.

He’s had quite a career thus far with three studio albums all of which made the US Billboard 200 chart. His catalog includes 20 singles, seven mixtapes, and collaborations with chart topping artists like Ty Dolla Sign, Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa, Imagine Dragons, X Ambassadors, and more. Logic has also been nominated for 2 Grammy Awards. He’s also performed his song for suicide awareness and prevention “1-800-273-8255” on the Grammy stage with Alessia Cara and Khalid in a beautifully created movement that has shined a light on mental health.

NF 6

Nate Feuerstein, better known as the NF, has made quite the impact on the music scene over the past year or two himself. Originally a favorite among the underground hip-hop fans, the mainstream music community quickly followed suite with the release of his 2017 Perception. Led by the track “Let You Down”, NF found himself on heavy radio rotation and countless of sold out shows while on tour.

NF 2

His albums are a story with lyrical integrity, vulnerability, and filled with pure raw energy and emotion. NF draws from real life situations, which include his tales of being a kid with anger issues and the loss of his mother from a drug overdose. His persistence to bring an honest, powerful message to the masses has made him a favorite with music fans of all kinds.

Logic 21
What is easily the hip-hop tour of the summer, combining two powerhouses with a message to share, I made my way down to the fourth stop of Logic’s Bobby Tarantino vs Everybody Tour at the BB&T Pavilion located right across the river from Philadelphia. As I arrived to the BB&T Pavilion, in my opinion one of the best Live Nation venues around, there were fans of all ages lined up waiting for gates to open. Security was ready and willing to take on the energetic crowd that was clearly excited for the night. The fans were like Logic and NF’s music, diverse and open minded, just happy to be at the show. Some were college kids with their friends, others were younger fans with their mom and dad which is always cool to see. As fan’s piled in to the venue the concession stands opened and fans ran to track down their seats, they were ready for NF and so was I.

NF 5

As fans waited for NF to take the stage, the setting was a blacked out stage with a curtain covering a box shaped object on the stage. Fog trickled its way across the scene, and as the intro began you could feel the bass rumble through your body and the curtain lifted to unveil a jail cell with NF inside rapping along to “Outcast”. The crowd immediately vibed along to the music and screamed at the top of their lungs. During the second song of the set “Green Lights”, strobes flashed on stage with the screen illuminating the song title.

NF 10

NF even climbed to the top of the cell and continued the performance from high above the audience. NF is energetic and sounds great live; I mean, the man never stops moving and jumping around, and even taking to the speakers to interact with the packed crowd.

NF 12

His ability to translate the songs into live art make it easy to understand the buzz he’s obtained. His show is powerful and at moments feels less concert and more performance art-esque. Towards the later half of his forty five minute set, the instrumental to his highly acclaimed song “Let You Down” began and the crowd went into an absolute frenzy.

NF 4

At last after a year of hearing how amazing of an artist NF is, I can finally say I absolutely agree! He most certainly doesn’t feel like a warm-up on this tour but rather the co-headliner. Definitely check his live show out and if you’re unfamiliar with his work I highly suggest you pick up his album Perception.

Logic 35

It was time for the moment everyone was waiting for: Logic back in Philadelphia. A massive screen lines the whole back of the stage and a DJ booth and keyboards sits towards the back. When the lights lowered the crowd let out a roar unlike anything I’ve heard at a hip-hop show before. A Rick and Morty skit titled “Grandpa’s Spaceship” played on the screen and yeah it’s as hilarious as you imagine it being. After Logic rushed the stage performing “44 More” wearing a baseball hat and jacket, he moved side-to-side playing to the crowd on each side of the amphitheatre. Logic ran through his tracks with lyrical perfection and an entire Philadelphia/New Jersey crowd as his backup singers. The stage filled with fog, the rapper then took a moment to address the crowd and remind them to look to their right because tonight they’re all family and all supposed to protect each other. Logic’s fan base, just like him, carries high moral standards; it’s all about having some fun and leaving behind a positive outcome; everyone makes sure the person next to them is safe and if they see something going wrong, they say something. The performance is well orchestrated and balances comedy, inspiration, and of course great music.

Logic 32

The screen on stage throughout the night is fitted with Logic’s music videos and video game references. Logic also brought a 17 year old fan up on stage to play him in a game of street fighter in front of the packed house. After the game, Queen‘s“We Are the Champions” blasted over the PA as he gave a hug to the young fan and celebrated his victory. After, he did his own rendition of “We Will Rock You” in an effort to once again pay homage to Queen (with the crowds help). Logic’s performance never seems to slow down or even have a dull moment at any point during the hour and forty minute performance. He captivated fans all throughout and has the ability to make an 18,000 person venue feel like a private party.

Logic 1

The show features so many improvised and unplanned moments, like singing happy birthday to a fan on her 21st birthday merely because she screamed to him. He even gifted her the hat off of his head. Logic and his DJ then broke out in a little “take me back” session on the turntables with Logic joking to the crowd “they don’t know my old stuff, I’m the 1-800 guy that’s all”. Logic’s ability to laugh at himself and not be constantly serious during the show is what makes the show. It’s unpredictable and freeing – it actually feels like a night out. The duo roll’s through a string of classic material. Even a super old-school track titled “Keanu Reeves”. The crowd, despite Logic’s joke, sang along to every word of the song, proving they weren’t only here for the newer material. Even the security was dancing at some points – that’s a testament to how mesmerizing the show was. He shared his time with his crew, showing support for his DJ, asking Rhetorik come to the front of the stage to perform one of his own track titled “Shelter” and then praised him as a phenomenal artist himself.

Logic 14

Rhetorik’s track received a standing ovation, and then it was back into Logic’s “Wizard of Oz” they went. The crowd was still holding strong and enjoying the night as Logic made his way to the piano to perform a song he wrote for the soundtrack of his unreleased novel. He’s joined on stage by an acoustic guitar and the crowd began to echo claps all around BB&T. The last highlight of the night for me was his performance of “1-800-273-8255”. Prior to starting the critically acclaimed and most power hit song Logic told the crowd to take out their phones and put the flash lights on. The entire venue from side-to-side and front-to-back lit-up almost simultaneously and as the instrumental began the crowd sang along beautifully. It was perfect, nearly impossible to truly describe with words. You had to be there to get it.  

Logic 27

As someone who quite honestly isn’t a big fan of hip hop shows, I absolutely enjoyed every second of this show. I found myself most definitely being a new fan of NF and Logic was beyond impressive, He is at the top of his game in every aspect and I would see this show again in a heartbeat. You get everything all-in-one night comedy, visuals both video and lighting are equally impressive and most of all you get to experience the music.

Logic 2
Logic and NF are just beginning as this was just the fourth show, the two will be seeing much of each other this summer as the tour rolls across the U.S and Canada before wrapping up in St.Louis on August 3rd. Check out the full list of dates below and for more info on everything Logic visit his official website HERE!

Logic also just released a brand new music video for the song “Contra”. You can watch the video below!

See full gallery of the night here!


Logic & NF Bobby Tarantino vs Everybody Tour Dates:

Logic 17

Tue 7 PM1,966 guests
Charlotte, NC
Sat 7 PM2,358 guests
Manhattan, New York
Sun 7 PM864 guests
Holmdel, NJ
Wed 7 PM1,360 guests
Atlanta, GA
Fri 7 PM1,850 guests
Tampa, FL
Sat 7 PM1,042 guests
Jacksonville, FL
Tue 7 PM CDT991 guests
Nashville, TN
Thu 7 PM3,077 guests
Cincinnati, OH
Fri 7:30 PM CDT17,692 guests
Milwaukee, WI
Sat 7 PM2,941 guests
Clarkston, MI
Sun 7 PM2,316 guests
Noblesville, IN
JUL3 Darien Center, NY
Thu 7 PM2,123 guests
Toronto, ON, Canada
Fri 7 PM1,598 guests
Cuyahoga Falls, OH
Wed 7 PM MDT1,185 guests
Nampa, ID
Fri 7 PM PDT2,541 guests
Auburn, WA
Sat 7 PM PDT3,007 guests
Portland, OR
Sun 7 PM PDT3,139 guests
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Tue 5:30 PM MDT3,130 guests
Salt Lake City, UT
Thu 7 PM PDT2,731 guests
Mountain View, CA
Fri 7 PM PDT1,691 guests
Inglewood, CA
Sat 7 PM PDT1,908 guests
Las Vegas, NV
Sun 7 PM PDT1,238 guests
Irvine, CA
Tue 7 PM PDT1,417 guests
Chula Vista, CA
Wed 7 PM MST3,327 guests
Phoenix, AZ
Fri 7 PM CDT2,665 guests
Austin, TX
Sat 7 PM CDT2,600 guests
The Woodlands, TX
Sun 7 PM CDT2,267 guests
Dallas, TX
Wed 6:30 PM CDT1,359 guests
Oklahoma City, OK
Wed 6:30 PM CDT1,551 guests
Oklahoma City, OK
Fri 7 PM CDT2,238 guests
Maryland Heights, MO


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