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Lindsey Stirling’s Wanderland Tour Brings The Holiday Spirit To The Big Apple

The Wanderland Tour Live At The Beacon Theatre

There is nothing quite as magical this time of year as New York City during the holidays. The lights along the sidewalks, the giant tree in Rockafeller Center, and this year a holiday spectacular by world-renowned violinist Lindsey Stirling. This isn’t Stirling’s first go at a holiday concert; last year we witnessed a beautiful show filled with music, laughter, and families who came out in the cold to have a good time in support of her 2017 Christmas album Warmer In The Winter.   

Now in 2018 after a summer tour with Evanescence and the release of a special deluxe edition of Warmer In The Winter, Lindsey isn’t quite yet ready to finish her year, not without one more tour. This tie, she’s embarking on a Christmas tour in support of the deluxe editions October 19th release. The deluxe edition of Warmer In The Winter features an expanded version of the 2017’s top-selling debut holiday album with special guests like Sabrina Carpenter, Trombone Shorty, and more. The album is filled with holiday classics and three original songs plus five bonus and never before released tracks. The album is available for purchase HERE.

Lindsey Stirling 29_

After seeing Stirling’s Christmas show last year, and then again witnessing her live performance on her tour this past summer with Evanescence, it was impossible for me to not be excited about catching this years holiday concert and at the perfect New York Landmark The Beacon Theatre. As I bundled up and made my way into the frigid December air, I knew it would be worth it.

Lindsey Stirling 1

If you’ve never seen a Lindsey Stirling live show, I can honestly say with all certainty you’re missing out. All of the violinist shows are filled with some sort of props, moments of laughter, the awe-inspiring dance movements that take place while Stirling plays her instrument with such passion and precision. It’s truly an incredible show to witness in the flesh, and her holiday performance doesn’t lose that instead, it enhances her performance and takes things to new heights.

Lindsey Stirling 6

The show began at 8:30 PM sharp, there are no openers so if you’re going I suggest getting there for when doors open. Prior to the shows start, Stirling’s dancers can be seen running throughout the theatre taking selfies with fans and running up and down the aisles and even grabbing audience members from their seats and bringing them on stage to dance together.

Lindsey Stirling 5

This is precisely how Stirling herself makes her way to the stage, by disguising herself as an audience member in a wig, glass, and a black and red dress. She is then brought up on stage and handed a violin from their Lindsey begins “All I Want For Christmas Is You”.

Lindsey Stirling 12

The nearly 90 minute performance see’s a ton of different outfit changes, back up dancers at times and at others Stirling solo either climbing, running or dancing her heart out. The show continues with a rendition of “Christmas C’mon”  and you can already see the smiles across every face in the crowd. I’m not sure what it is about Stirling but her show puts you in an incredible mood and keeps you wanting more. During the third song of the evening “Let it Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow”, Lindsey and company literally perform with snow showering down on them inside The Beacon Theatre, a moment met with a huge applause from the crowd.

Lindsey Stirling 4

The audience is once again incorporated into Lindsey Stirling‘s live performance during “I Saw Three Ships” in which she brings two lucky fans on stage to join her and her dancers for a quick number.

Lindsey Stirling 28

Mid-show Lindsey’s keyboardist and drummer got onstage followed by an appearance by Eric Jackson, who you might remember if you witnessed last years holiday show. Eric came on stage holding a sign simply stating “musical break” and pouting As the band plays the Nina Simone cover “Feeling Good”. Lindsey then returned to the stage and compliments Eric Jackson as she told the crowd “I’m such a fan”. Stirling ready to keep the show going was holding a kids starter violin, that she assures the crowd “Is not a toy”. She then brought her bandmates back on stage to play with some kid instruments. She presented them with their tiny instruments as a bonus. It’s quite a funny bit as they bickered back and forth before sitting down on stage with their little instruments going into a melody that features holiday favorites like “Jingle Bells”, “Deck The Halls”, “Feliz Navidad”, and “Grandma Got Ran Over By A Reindeer” to name a few.

Lindsey Stirling 37_

Stirling toned it down a bit to talk about what Christmas means to her prior to performing a heartfelt rendition of “Hallelujah,” which featured just her and a guitarist. Lindsey makes it a point to mention her friend, Gavi who passed away three years ago. She spoke of his talent for making people feel seen and important.

Lindsey Stirling 23

“That is the most beautiful message that Christmas can possibly offer, the fact that Jesus Christ came to earth to make sure that every single one of us felt seen and understood, and he died and he suffered for every single one of us, so that no matter how invisible at a time we might feel … there’s always somebody who knows exactly how you feel and who always sees you,” Stirling said.

Lindsey Stirling 21

Before she introduced the track “Angels We Have Heard on High,” she recalled her experience while competing on Dancing With the Stars in which she felt that her dad, who passed away two years ago, she believed with all her heart, helped her get through a difficult moment on the show. Lindsey told the sold-out crowd “I truly believe that angels are all around us all the time to help lift us up when we have nothing left to give.”

Lindsey Stirling 10

This show is literally the full package, it’s everything a performance should be, besides Stirling flawlessly performing Christmas classics on violin the show also features a heavy influence on many dance styles ranging from contemporary to ballot, ballroom and of course pop dance styles.

Lindsey Stirling 19

The Violinist even brought her “Ballot Coach” out on stage, it happens to be her dog Luna who she admits with a chuckle that she dyed pink. Lindsey then gets her pup to perform some impressive ballot tricks as the crowd lets out big aww’s for the adorable doggy.

Lindsey Stirling 17

Some stand out moments of the concert for me was Stirling’s interpretation of “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy” which was so beautifully done not far behind was the opportunity to see her perform “Crystallize,” which has accrued well over 206 million views on YouTube since it was released back in 2012. Stirling remained fun and energetic throughout the night, making it absolutely impossible for fans in the audience to be anything other than entertained.

Lindsey Stirling 36

For “Santa Baby” Stirling momentarily set down her violin to sing vocals on the song. Fans were in shock when a violin would come down from the ceiling for her to play in between vocal parts. After the song, Stirling joked about her experience or rather her mishap a few days prior when the “flyolin” as she referred to it dropped from the ceiling and hit her on the head.

Lindsey Stirling 2
Stirling told the New York crowd following the performance of the song “You know it’s funny, when I came up with that idea, I never foresaw that happening, It didn’t occur to me like, ‘Oh maybe it’ll hit you in the head when it flies down,’” as a video of the incident played on the screens behind her and laughter exploded from the crowd.

Lindsey Stirling 32_

The evening’s final performance was the encore “I Wonder As I Wander” during the costumes of the dancers suddenly changed from black to white halfway through the track, the crowd was stunned and amazed, as the song came to an end Stirling was met with a standing ovation.   Lindsey’s performance was everything you would want from a show. Beautiful costumes, singing, dancing, and comedy. The Wanderland Tour is the perfect amount of over the top and fairytale, make no mistake if you were thinking it was gonna be the same show as last year, you’re dead wrong as this year’s performance blows the 2017 Christmas shows out of the water. Lindsey Stirling and her team have created perfection in the form of complete performance art.

I hope you have the chance by the time you read this to catch the show for yourself, Check out the remaining tour dates below.

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Lindsey Stirling Wanderland Tour Dates:

DEC 13, 2018 – Providence Performing Arts Center
Providence, RI

DEC 14, 2018The Anthem
Washington, DC

DEC 15, 2018Shea’s Performing Arts Center
Buffalo, NY

DEC 17, 2018F.M. Kirby Center for the Performing Arts
Wilkes-Barre, PA

DEC 18, 2018 – Metropolitan Opera House
Philadelphia, PA

DEC 19, 2018 – Altria Theater
Richmond, VA

DEC 20, 2018 – Johnny Mercer Theatre
Savannah, GA

DEC 21, 2018Thomas Wolfe Auditorium
Asheville, NC

DEC 22, 2018North Charleston Performing Arts Center
North Charleston, SC

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