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Lil Baby Dazzles A Sold Out Crowd At The Fillmore

The New Generation Tour Brings A One Of A Kind Sonic And Visual Experience To Charlotte

Atlanta rapper Lil Baby is out on the road playing to sold out crowds all over the country on the New Generation Tour and here in Charlotte, we were lucky enough to be included as a stop on the tour. A full lineup of rappers is coming along for the ride including Jordan Hollywood, 42 Dugg, Marlo, Renni Rucci, and Blueface. This is definitely one of the must-see tours of the concert season and shows are selling out quickly so be sure to snag your tickets as soon as you can.


When I arrived at the venue, the line was already snaked around the block as fans were clamoring to get in and grab a spot up close to the stage so they could see their favorite artists in all their glory. First up on the evening’s bill was rapper and singer-songwriter Jordan Hollywood. Hailing from Broward County, the same area that produced the likes of Kodak Black and Lil Pump, Jordan is on his way up. Taking his stage name from a childhood football team nickname, Hollywood has worked with some of the best and brightest stars on the scene. After being kicked out of middle school, he visited a music studio at age 13 and found his true passion.


Not only is he a talented rapper, but Jordan Hollywood is a gifted songwriter. It’s something that seemingly comes easy for the young man, crafting songs for Jason Derulo and French Montana and ghostwriting for many, many more. His set was a fun way to open up the evening as he appeared on stage with the requisite DJ as well as a drummer. He had a great stage presence for an up and comer and put on a good show especially during his hit single “Trill Shit.” It will be interesting to see where he will be in a few years after he gains more of the all-important tour experience.

42 Dugg7

Detroit rapper 42 Dugg was up next and quickly worked the crowd running from one side of the stage to the other as the video screen behind him lit up emblazoned with his name. Dugg is probably best known for his Young And Turnt release and the song “The Streets” and the crowd was eager to interact with him and get things going.


Unfortunately with so many artists on the tour, there was only time for a few songs and his set was over too soon for my tastes.

42 Dugg6

I would definitely be interested in seeing him in a club setting with a chance to hear a full set. Perhaps another time, as I’m sure 42 Dugg will be out making music and hitting up Charlotte again soon.


Taking the stage next was Marlo, Atlanta rapper and childhood friend of Lil Baby. Marlo is fairly new to the rap scene but has been making music for a long time. He is already posting huge numbers on his social media accounts so It should only be a matter of time before he is taking his career to another level.


Again, his set was short but he knew how to make the most of his limited time and had the crowd up front with cellphones up and out bouncing along. Head on over to his socials and check out “Thinking Out Loud” or “Shootin’ Shit Up” to get a feel for what Marlo has to offer.


After a short break, it was all about girl power as female rapper Renni Rucci came out hitting it hard. I normally try to not point out that an artist is female, male, or whatever but in this case, I think it’s warranted.


With a few exceptions, hip-hop and rap are still very much a male-dominated world and it was fantastic to see a female artist come out and simply own the stage.


Rucci rapped, danced, and killed it, taking the audience on an adventure they will never forget. She is a true rising star and has released a few singles “Act Funny” as well as “Surgery” in anticipation of her big May release Big Renni. As the only female rapper on the tour, the girl’s got balls, (well, you know what I mean), and earned her spot with pure talent.


L.A. rapper Blueface was the final act on the undercard of the evening and man oh man did the crowd ever love him.


Everyone’s cellphone was lit up and in the air, recording all the action of his set. Blueface’s career really took off with the release of his 2018 mixtape Famous Cryp and he also went viral as an internet meme. His song “Thotiana” was a huge hit and his first song to crack the Billboard charts.


Blueface is a master showman and also used social media to his full advantage, snapping pics on his phone and taking a video of the crowd as he screamed, “we’re going viral tonight Charlotte.”


It was a fun set and when he ripped off his shirt to reveal his chiseled abs, I thought a good portion of the ladies around me were going to swoon. This was an act that would be tough to follow. Luckily, the main event, Lil Baby, was up next.

Lil Baby

At this point in the evening, five rappers had graced the Fillmore stage; an entertaining night for sure but so far, nothing earth shattering or life changing. That was all about to change as Lil Baby was getting ready to take this party to the next level. When the venue lights dimmed, the huge LED screen at the rear of the stage lit up with the name Lil Baby and four dancers came out amidst plumes of smoke.

Lil Baby2

This was simply the beginning of one hell of a stage show that was in store for us. Atlanta rapper Lil Baby came out and the crowd went absolutely nuts. People were jumping, dancing, screaming, singing, and offering up marriage proposals as well as some things not safe for work. What a show this was turning out to be! The LED screens constantly changed ranging from pictures of Lil Baby to images of money or police vehicles.

Lil Baby15

Plumes of smoke rose up from the front of the stage, enough to make any metal band giddy with excitement. Did I mention the lasers? Oh yes, there were lasers. Think Trans-Siberian Orchestra style lasers, the kind that shoots down over the audience in glorious colors of green and purple and white and blue.

Lil Baby10

Through it all, Lil Baby performed his butt off, rapping, dancing, styling, and acknowledging the fans. His DJ was smooth and his raps were seamless, flowing like money out of an ATM. Every song was extremely well done and in unison with all the visual effects. This was by far, the best rap show I have ever seen and I can safely say that most of the sold-out crowd would agree.

Lil baby6

If you are a rap fan, DO NOT MISS THIS TOUR. Forgive the capitals, but you really don’t want to miss this one and if you’re a casual fan, this would be a great way to foray into the world of rap and hip-hop. Fans were treated to tremendous performances by a bevy of artists all capped off with the incredible show put on by Lil Baby. Shows are selling out so don’t wait on tickets. Get them while you still can. Click here for ticket information.

Lil Baby3

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