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Like A Villain “Searching” No More

Arizona Metal Band Delivers On Crushing New Single

Today, Like A Villain debuted the official video for their crushing new single “Searching” and after just one listen, it’s clear that the band is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with on the metal scene.  The Arizona metal band got its start in 2017 when like-minded individuals in the local scene got together over beers and made the decision to move forward with Like A Villain. 2018 would see the first new music from the band with bone-crunching tracks “28-3” and “I’m Fire” as they began to make a name for themselves in the southwestern street music scene. 

With a sound that is a unique blend of all things metal, Like A Villain brings the heat with live performances that will have you on your feet, banging your head, and keeping the mosh pits going all night long. The scorching vocals of Chuck Clark are the perfect fit for the searing guitars of the Chico brothers, Daniel and Michael while the rhythm section of bassist Surge Calderon and third Chico brother Mark, provide the punishing backbone. 

Unlike so many bands on the scene, Like A Villain provides a lyrical punch to go with all that crunch. Touching on meaningful themes that will have you thinking as well as moshing, the band offers an inside glimpse into some very difficult and very personal topics. “The Dirt Beneath Out Feet (Could Be Our Graves)” showcases the division between our government and its citizens and the struggles going on in this country today. Their latest release “Searching” provides an insider’s view on the tough subject of suicide and mental health, something that has really reached crisis levels across the country, and has been something that has personally touched frontman Chuck Clark. 

The music is both brutal and intense yet somehow spiritual and profound. Check out Like A Villain and see what they’re all about as they take the bull by the horns and charge into 2020 full steam ahead. 

Prior to the video release, Shutter 16 had the opportunity to chat with Chuck about the new song as well as get caught up to date with all things Like A Villain. You can listen to our interview in full below. 

Like A Villain Is:

Chuck Clark- Vocals

Surge Calderon- Bass

Mark Chico- Drums

Daniel Chico- Guitar

Michael Chico- Guitar

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