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Lifehouse and Switchfoot and the Searching for Summer Tour

The Ultimate Alternative Rock Tour We Have Been Waiting For

Early 2000s nostalgia was the vibe at The White Oak Amphitheatre on Tuesday evening as hundreds of fans both young and old flocked to Greensboro’s only outdoor music venue for an evening of amazing music, good food, and several trips down memory lane. Who are the bands responsible for these fond memories? Lifehouse, Switchfoot, and special guest Brynn Elliott of course! The Searching For Summer tour has been making its way across the states over the past month, much to the enjoyment of the alternative rock band’s fans who have been waiting for this duo to team up for years.

Brynn Elliott 10

The hot evening started out with female fronted group Brynn Elliott. Elliot, originally from Boston, found her love for music while on a road trip with her father when she was fifteen. She quickly found her love for groups such as US, Kansas, and Fleetwood Mac, all of which reflect on the music her an her fellow musicians played during their opening set. Brynn Elliott played her song “Might Not Like Me,” and asked the audience to get on their feet and just move around with her. The crowd instantly began to jump as much as they could in the seat filled arena much to the joy of Elliott. She mentioned on the last song of their set that she wanted to continue the friendship she and her fellow musicians had made with the audience and would love to meet everyone at their merch tent throughout the rest of the evening.

Switchfoot 20

The sun finally began to go down as Switchfoot began their energy-fueled set. The five piece alternative rock band from San Diego began their set with “Hello Hurricane,” which sprouted from their seventh studio album of the same title. Next in line on the setlist was “Love Alone is Worth The Fight,” which is when vocalist John Foreman took to the crowd and not just held hands with the first row of fans, he made his way through the crowds and even into the lawn section of the amphitheatre much to the delight of the fans up top.

Switchfoot 26

When the sun finally set, Switchfoot took a quick breather as Foreman began to tell the story of what inspired the next song.

Switchfoot 3

“If you know anything about San Diego, we have some pretty intense wildfires that pop up,” explained Foreman. “I remember having my family and our most treasured items from our house all packed up and evacuating. I remember looking into my rear view mirror and seeing my daughter and wife and I thought everything that is most precious to me is in this car. So if this house burned down tonight, I would still be okay. We would still be okay.”

Switchfoot 4

One of the more emotional moments of the evening came when Foreman introduced the next song, “I Won’t Let You Go.” He made a comment that the United States is in a weird place right now, but he wanted everyone to know that if they looked different than him, believed different than him, that it didn’t matter because they were all still his brothers and sisters. This is when Foreman requested the house lights be turned off and for everyone to pull out their lighters and things that glowed, so that they could light up the amphitheatre as one. The feeling of family and belonging only increased with the next track entitled “Dark Horses.” Foreman handed down a white flag with the message “Where I Belong” painted on it in black. You could literally feel the camaraderie and love coming off of the crowd in waves as the night continued into one of Switchfoot’s most popular songs “Meant to Live.” After this fan favorite, Foreman took a few minutes to thank everyone who had donated to the Food for The Hungry, an organization helping hungry and homeless individuals all over the world, with a focus on helping to provide children with clean drinking water worldwide.

Switchfoot 5

The last encore song of the evening was “Dare You to Move,” one of Switchfoot’s more popular songs, which was featured on the film adaptation of Nicholas Sparks novel A Walk to Remember. Fans received a pleasant surprise when Lifehouse’s vocalist Jason Wade joined the group on stage to perform the collaboration of our dreams. The members of Switchfoot took center stage to say their goodbyes as they waved to the crowd and took a bow that warmed our hearts.

Switchfoot 34

As if the high of seeing Switchfoot wasn’t enough, the electricity that flooded the amphitheater when Lifehouse took the stage was enough to take the cake. Opening their set with an amazing synchronized stage jump, Lifehouse opened their set with “Hurricane” which had the audience clapping and moving as if it was the start of the concert and not a few hours in. Vocalist Jason Wade was all smiles as the group performed the third track of their setlist “Halfway Gone” off of their sixth studio album Smoke and Mirrors which was released in 2010.

Lifehouse 8

Bassist Bryce Soderberg was not afraid to let his voice be heard as he backed up Wade on the majority of their songs. Drummer Rick Woolstenhulme Jr, was a sight all on his own as he never missed a beat during the entire set. Finally touring lead guitarist Steve Stout not only posed for several pictures through the first three songs of the set, but continued to engage the crowd throughout the performance.

Lifehouse 13

Who doesn’t love going to a concert and then hearing the band cover one of their all time favorite songs? This is exactly what happened in Greensboro when Lifehouse did a cover of U2’s song “Pride” also known as In the Name of Love, which was then followed by a slower track off of Lifehouse’s album Who We Are titled “Broken.”

Lifehouse 19

Lifehouse has been in the music game since the early two thousands when they produced several songs which have emotional connections to couples, and even Wade himself who proposed to his wife to the track “You and Me” (swoon!). Closing the night out with two of their top tracks “You and Me,” and “Hanging By a Moment,” the guys went out with a bang much to the enjoyment of fans who were holding hands and jumping up and down as if they wouldn’t regret it the next day.

Lifehouse 18

The guys in Lifehouse took one final bow as the night wound down to an end, and thanked everyone for supporting them, especially those of us who have been there since the beginning. Giving one last wave goodbye,

Lifehouse 11

Lifehouse exited Stage left and left us with a night we will always cherish and remember.
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