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Legends only: Tesla takes over the Paramount

Time goes by fast and it is hard to believe it has been just a little over thirty years since Tesla released their first album Mechanical Resonance in 1986. A lot has changed in that time, but not Tesla; they are just as passionate about the music and their fans as they were back then. No strangers to the road, there is no better way for them to celebrate than to take the show on the road and party with their fans city after city.

As the summer is coming to a close and the calendar tells us autumn is upon us, Tesla made a stop on Long Island on Wednesday to play a nearly sold out show at The Paramount in Huntington, NY. As fans were lined up outside just itching for the doors to open, Mother Nature provided a show of her own with a magnificent sunset, lighting the sky up with pink and purple hues. But fans were undoubtedly more excited when the doors opened and to get their place on the general admission floor.

If you have seen Tesla before you know they are a high-energy band. With that being said, the night started off with a band that formed in 2015, Weapons Of Anew, and they got the party going right from their first song, “Brave.”


Ray West (vocals), Freddy Ordine (guitar), Kris Norris (guitar), Stefan “Reno” Cutrupi (bass), and Chris Manfre (drums) were definitely high-energy and had the crowd revved up playing songs off of their debut CD, The Collision Of Love And Hate, freshly released on September 15th. With much enthusiasm they won the crowd over with “Killshot,” “Sundown,” “In This Moment,” “Speed” and “Blood From A Stone.”


During the intermission the venue’s floor was filling up fast. There were a lot of fans with Tesla tour t-shirts from over the years, but what was very noticeable at this point in the evening was the amount of VOX t-shirts spread out among the fans on the floor. That was because Voices Of Extreme were up next, and this is their hometown. Coming out with all smiles, Don Chaffin (vocals/guitar), Steven G Knight (bass) and Bobby Marks (drums) were greeted by cheering fans.


VOX has been on this tour with Tesla since July 28th and this show marked their 14th date with them so far and fans could see that the time spent on the road with them has been good to them and made them even tighter. They performed songs from their EP, Mach III, “Martyr,” “Unbroken,” “Call My Name,” “Lovers & Losers,” and “Apocalypse.” Then they closed their set with a stellar version of The Who’s “Won’t Get Fooled Again.” The crowd loved them, cheering and clapping between songs and especially cheering wildly when their half hour set was over.


With this one last intermission, the floor of the venue was getting really packed and looking up to the mezzanine you could see a sea of faces. As the time drew near for Tesla to take the stage, three led screens that formed the backdrop of the stage, reminded everyone of their thirty-year anniversary. Then the moment came that Jeff Keith (vocals), Frank Hannon (guitar), Dave Rude (guitar), Brian Wheat (bass), and Troy Luccketta (drums) all came out and their fans went mad, screaming and cheering. Keith, already known for his infectious smile, was smiling ear-to-ear and obviously pleased with the audience’s reaction to them. They started right off with “MP3,” “Into the Now,” and “The Way It Is,” but before continuing Keith said, “Hi Long Island! Almost 31 years and we are still hanging in there and the best part is we are still kicking ass!” It was the perfect segue into their song, “Hang Tough.”


After playing, “Heaven’s Trail (No Way Out)” Keith spoke for several minutes about the Five Man Acoustical Jam as the stage was being prepared for them to play the next few songs acoustically. They then treated the fans to “Cumin’ Atcha Live / Truckin’,” “Paradise” and the fan favorite “Signs” which had them singing along with cell phones raised high to catch photos & videos. Keith ended “Signs” by saying, “Peace and love, love and peace, that’s what the signs say!”


Returning to their electric instruments in no time flat, the show continued with “What You Give,” the electrifying “Edison’s Medicine (Man Out of Time),” another sing along fan favorite “Love Song” and the fun “Little Suzi.” Keith said to their fans, “Thank you very very much! We love you!” and continued with, “We’re gonna play one more song, how about it, you guys got the time?” and with a blasting of cheers from the crowd he said, “Well alright, that settles it, let’s saddle up and ride!” and they concluded the night with “Modern Day Cowboy.”


Tesla really gives it their all and puts on a very high-energy show. They look and act just as vibrant as they had all those thirty plus years ago and it appears that there are no signs of them stopping any time soon. The tour continues through early October in the United States and Mexico, and then they head off to Argentina in December. And if you are someone who enjoys cruises, they will be part of the Monsters Of Rock Cruise in February 2018. No matter when or how you see them live you are guaranteed to have a great time.



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Photographer/writer: Diane Woodcheke

Venue: The Paramount in Huntington, NY

Performance by: Tesla

Voices Of Extreme

Weapons Of Anew

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