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Larry The Cable Guy Shows NY How To Git-R-Done At The NYCB Theater at Westbury

The best way to end a long week is with lots of laughter, accompanied by good company. So on Sunday, couples and families came in droves to see Larry The Cable Guy make his stop at the NYCB Theater at Westbury in Westbury, NY. Everyone eagerly took their seats in this amazing theater in the round, as they had been anticipating this show since its postponement from January 21, due to scheduling conflicts.


The chatter all around came to a hush when the lights dimmed and the warm up act was announced over the loudspeaker; soon after Nick Hoff came out to get the laughter started. Hoff is currently living in Los Angeles but was born and raised in Nebraska. A true professional, he started the night off with everyday humor but took it up a notch or two. The audience enjoyed all of his jokes and laughed all during his twenty minute set.


Then without an intermission, Hoff introduced Larry The Cable Guy, and as Larry made his way to the round stage his fans rose to their feet to greet him. Larry hit them hard and fast with his witty sense of humor and his fans were rolling with laughter right from the start. From a simple fart joke to the intricate details of how a self-flushing toilet could ruin his day, he had their full attention.

Poking fun on himself he told the crowd how much of a shame it is to have something happen to you to make you realize just how heavy you are. Then hit them with the fact his realization came when he was able to show his “tits to a police officer in order to get out of a ticket.” Then he shared how he recently lost thirteen pounds. After a round of applause, he said the loss was due to his wife getting him a personal trainer and he lost the weight attempting to avoid him the last three weeks.


Larry talked about the work he has done as a product spokesman for Nutrisystem in the past and currently with Prilosec and touched base on his voice-over work as Mater in the Cars movies, all with his humorous style. He also gave some advice, “Next time you can’t afford to go to the circus, go to Walmart after midnight!” Apparently many fans have done this as they cheered and agreed with him. He also shared some family moments, one of them being, “I was at a family reunion and I asked my grandpa, ‘why do you drink so much?’ and he said, as he looked around the room, ‘I’m responsible for all this!’” Some fans responded with “awww” while the rest laughed away.


Coming to what seemed to be the close of his show, Larry said, “I love what I do and I thank you so much for coming out!” But the night would not end here as he then encouraged his fans to do a little Q&A with him. After answering about eight questions one of his fans asked him if he would trade hats with him. Without any hesitation Larry said, “Sure, come on up here.” They traded hats and Larry even took a selfie with this man. It was a pure moment and it put smiles on everyone’s faces. Larry then ended the night with a quick story about him and Jeff Foxworthy, who he has been friends with since childhood. He then said goodnight again and, as he left the stage, he was given a standing ovation.

Larry The Cable Guy is a true entertainer and an amazingly witty comic. He really had everyone laughing with his down-to-earth comedy. Larry will continue to take his show on the road long into 2017, sometimes joined by his longtime friend Jeff Foxworthy, so be sure to catch him you will not be disappointed.

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