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LANY: The End Of The Rose Tour Sold Out Show in Charlotte

LANY: The End Of The Rose Tour

Since forming just a few years ago, this group of three friends has grown a massive fan base and have found themselves touring across the country, and now the world. In fact the coast-to-coast life is actually the source of their unique band name. The name LANY (pronounced “Lay-Nee”) comes from combining Los Angeles and New York’s acronyms into one word. Even though their debut album hasn’t even been out a year as of the night of this show, they have found themselves having incredible success in the music industry. This is proven by multiple venues across the world being sold out as LANY graces their stages on their headlining tour. Tonight’s show at The Fillmore Charlotte was no exception when it comes to having a “Sold Out” banner across the marquee. This alt rock trio consist of Paul Klein (lead vocals, guitar, keyboards), Les Priest (guitar, keyboards, vocals), and Jake Goss (drums).


When it comes to the catchy and mesmerizing songs created by these three guys, chances are you’ve heard one or two of theirs already. Whether it was hearing them live opening for acts such as Troye Sivan, X Ambassadors, John Mayer or even Halsey, or maybe you heard one of their hit songs such as ‘ILYSB’ or ‘Super Far’ online or on the radio. You may have even been like me and found yourself asking ‘WHERE THE HELL ARE MY FRIENDS’ and got caught in a ‘Hericane’. Regardless of where you first heard them or if you’ve never heard them before, here I am telling you to take a moment and allow yourself to be taken away by their music. Much like I was Sunday night at their show.


When I arrived at the venue it was about thirty minutes before the doors opened, and as I drove up my eyes were immediately greeted by a line that wrapped around the block, just showing how passionate the fans are. After I parked and made my way towards the line I noticed that even though it was scorching hot outside, most people had smiles on their faces anticipating the doors to open. As you can imagine they were very eager to get inside and find their spot that they would spend the next few hours… I also feel some of them were ready for some AC as well! When talking to some people in the line I learned that they had been camped out since the night before in order to secure the ever so coveted front row spots. Some even went as far as to number their hands to know what order they were in to be fair to each other when the doors opened.

Colouring 7 (B&W)

After doors opened it was a mere 30 minutes before the entire crowd found themselves inside preparing for a night of music. The band that got us warmed up this evening was one from the UK by the name of Colouring.

Colouring 9

They brought soulful vibes that mixed with beats which instantly just felt right. As they continued through their set Charlotte proved that they weren’t playing around and that they were invested in all of this show as cheers, sing alongs and applause rang throughout the building.

Colourings front man Jack Kenworthy even mentioned that this crowd was one of the “Best in the world”.

Colouring 10

This band of four totally made sure to give the audience a reason to be excited though as song after song brought a sense of disconnect from everything outside the venue doors, just allowing the music to do what it does best and move the crowd and that it did.


Immediately following the opening act the entire crowd began to chant for the those they came to see. The sounds of “LAY-NEE, LAY-NEE, LAY-NEE” filled the air, it was time to clear the stage and prepare for the main act. About thirty minutes went by and then it happened… the house lights go down, the audience screams at the top of their lungs, and you are instantly filled with excitement and emotion.


Then we hear a drum kit, followed by a synthetic keyboard sound as the melody of the first song ‘Dumb Stuff’ off their self titled album begins and the sea of bodies is filled with people dancing holding their phones for the moment that follows. The moment where lead singer Paul Klein walks out to kick it into full gear and from that moment on the whole building was filled with dancing, singing at the top of lungs, and just pure fun.


As the show continued, it became very clear to me why this show sold out so quickly and why the fans were so dedicated. These guys put on one hell of a set and frontman Paul Klein’s energy brings it all together as he dances around the stage feeding off the energy of the fans. On the cover of the bands self titled album ‘LANY’ there is a rose, and this is something that is brought to life during the show as fans bring in roses to throw on stage for the band.

LANY (Rose)

A lot of things stood out to me during this show that played out in front of me, the crowd’s complete passion for the band they came to see, but the biggest thing that I connected with was the sense of community I felt.

LANY 23 (Crowd)

I met so many people that were just genuinely kind and welcoming. Everyone I met was so excited to tell me about how great LANY is and how much energy Paul brings to the room. It was easy to see why the band has had so much success, being able to create music that connects with so many people in such a positive way is something you don’t see that often in today’s world of music.


While this current tour is in celebration of their self titled debut album LANY, we’ve been given confirmation through the bands social media that we can expect a new album titled ‘Malibu Nights’ to drop in the near future. So stay tuned for that. Make sure to get out there and see this group of friends have fun on stage while including you in the mix. They wrapped up the US leg of this tour in Florida last night and are heading overseas to serenade crowds across The United Kingdom, Switzerland, Ireland and more.

See full gallery of the night.


Now normally I could end here and call it a wrap but I’ve decided I wanted to share the setlist with you in the order they were played but in a way of my own. So take a journey with me, your friendly neighborhood ginger, as I tell you a short Set-list story

As the chords began to fill the speaker and the crowd cheered to volumes of insanity LANY was determined to prove that what we were about to experience was not just and ‘Dumb Stuff’. The energy that filled the room as this trio played note after noted was brought with a feeling that I thought would last ‘4EVER’. Now if you’re thinking to yourself this is just another band and a simple article about the show all I have to say to that is ‘Yea, Babe, No Way’. After just a few songs into their set I was blown away by the sheer enthusiasm in the crowd, almost to the point I felt through the entirety of the show they would throw flowers on stage to show their appreciation and by the end of the show we would all be surrounded in a field ofFlowers On The Floor. It was still early in the set but the crowd had shown so much excitement and were singing and dancing with the highest level of energy it felt like the bands job was done and everything from here on out was just ‘Overtime’. It always makes me happy when a band appreciates their fans and the people that ultimately get them to where they are. It’s not just a fan base of ‘Good Girls’ that filled the room it’s people from all ages and genders that truly fuel this band to be the best they can be and it shows. From a story that was originally ‘Made In Hollywood’ but came together and flourished in Nashville, it’s easy to see that when it comes to music these guys have more than just a passion for it, ‘It Was Love’ and it still is. Before the doors even opened and the night began there were people lined up outside to be as close as possible to their favorite band and with temperatures reaching into the 90s there’s no doubt in my mind that being outside on the concrete waiting for hours ‘Hurts’ because I’ve been in their shoes before. However, all that pain is worth the wait once you’re standing so close and connecting with the band through music and all you can do is smile soooo big as if you’d just eaten a cake with colorful icing and you cheese so hard for the camera so someone can capture your purest happiness and your ‘Purple Teeth’. As the night continued the band played more songs, a lot more than ‘13’ but eventually it would be time for them to move on to their last stop of the US leg of the tour in ‘Tampa’ Florida. Every moment of this show was just so incredible I kept asking myself ‘WHERE THE HELL ARE MY FRIENDS’ they need to be experiencing this awesomeness with me! Now let’s pause for a moment, you know that feeling where you play some slower music and really get deep into your feelings, like if you and you’re partner just recently went through ‘The Breakup’ but eventually you find your way through it and you say to yourself justLet It Be’? Well those are moments that these guys help you through with their incredible sounds and you just find happiness to be in the same ‘Current Location’ as them because in a way they give you a sense of calmness. Much like when you’re watching a sunset and find yourself surrounded by ‘Pink Skies’ or even that feeling of tranquility that occurs when the danger of a ‘Hericane’ subsides and you just hear the sounds of raindrops falling against the window. The summary of this show is that people drive from ‘Super Far’ away to see the spectacular performance created by this trio. I personally met a woman that surprised her daughter by driving her six hours from Virginia just so she could she her favorite band. (True story). Proving that ‘Parents’ can truly be incredible and still surprise you every now and then. As the night came to a close, fans that had brought friends along proved that the night out was well worth it. Most people, if not all, I feel had the same feeling for the band thinking to themselves ‘I Love You So Bad’ (‘ILYSB’).

Fandamonium!LANY Line 11

LANY Line 10

LANY Line 9

LANY Line 8

LANY Line 5

LANY Line 4

LANY Line 3

LANY Line 2

LANY Line 7

LANY Line 6

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