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La Santa Cecelia launches Amar y Vivir at a packed party at Hollywood Forever Cemetery

La Santa Cecelia launches Amar y Vivir at a packed party at Hollywood Forever Cemetery
Patrick O’Heffernan

(Hollywood) La Santa Cecelia, the modern-day creative hybrid of Latin culture and rock and world music, and their management company, Criteria Entertainment, threw a jam-packed release party for Amar y Vivir, the unique visual album of Mexican and Latin American music. Both the video and album were shot and recorded in a blistering 5 days in Mexico City, in streets, bars, parks and iconic locations like the Plaza Santo Domingo, the Zócalo and Salón Tenampa.   

The evening, preceded by a live acoustic set and vinyl signing at Hollywood’s famous Amoeba Records, kicked off with a full-screen viewing of the video, followed by Santa Cecelia’s trademark dramatic entrance. From there on it was fiesta-time as the band belted, crooned, soared and celebrated a set list of 7 songs, started with the title song, “Amar y Vivir.” The crowd – jammed elbow-to-elbow from the control booth in the back of the cavernous room to the stage ion the front — swayed, clapped, sang along, and danced whenever a few feet of space appeared.  Mostly, they poured loved onto band, a phenomenon at every La Santa Cecelia concert. That love continued after the singing stopped when the band left the stage and worked its way through the crowd to the exit, hugging fans along the way.

Named for the patron saint of music, the Grammy-winning band’s songs from Amar y Vivir ranged from love and loss to the everyday struggles of immigrants, reflecting the concerns and passions of a new bi-lingual, bi-cultural generation in America.

The band is taking their music to that generation in an international tour promoting the video/album starting May 9 in Tuscon, Arizona, going through Texas, New Mexico, Northern California, Mexico City, Colorado, and ending at the Hollywood Bowl on September 17. Tour dates and locations are on the band’s website,, and the album is now available for pre-order through their Facebook page

Patrick O’Heffernan.  Host, Music FridayLive!, Co-Host MúsicaFusionLA

Patrick O’Heffernan, the Host of Music FridayLive! and a reviewer for several online publications is a former Professor of International Relations and Mass Media at Georgia Tech and host of the "Uplinks" media critique segment on Saturday All Things Considered on NPR. He holds a PhD in International Relations from M.I.T.and has been awarded an Emmy, four Addy's, and a Webby Honors, among other awards. He has published 5 books and ghost written others including the New York Times business best seller, "The E-Myth: Why Most Businesses Don't Work and What to Do About It". He has won an Emmy, four Addys, a Webby honorable mention among other awards.


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