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Kreator creates chaos at the Underground

Kreator, Obituary, and Midnight make up the 2017 Decibel Magazine Tour

The Decibel Magazine 2017 Tour kicked off Friday night at the Fillmore Underground in Charlotte, NC. The tour features some legendary bands in the death metal world, as well as some lesser knowns that are sure to make some heads turn on this tour. Headlining this massive bill is Kreator, with Obituary and Midnight opening.

Horrendous 03

The show was slated to start at 7, but some changes that took place last minute had it starting at 6 with local support Suppressive Fire opening the show. Only problem is that the updated time wasn’t updated or communicated to most of those attending the show, including myself, so I showed up at 7 and caught the last two Horrendous songs.

Horrendous 02

I’ve heard both bands previously and urge you to give them a listen if you haven’t yet and like death/thrash metal. I also strongly urge you to confirm starting times to make sure you catch every band on this tour.

Midnight 25

Midnight plays blackened, fast, nasty rock’n’roll. Cloaked in hoods that blacked out their faces, they stormed the stage after a dark intro set the tone and let you know something intense was on its way.

Midnight 26

Several times throughout the set members jumped the barricade to play their instruments right in the crowd’s face.

Midnight 11

Their set was closed out by smashing a guitar on stage and throwing the pieces out into the audience, sending a few fans home with souvenirs that far surpass the average t-shirt or record that most would leave with.

Obituary 01

Death metal legends Obituary have been around for over 30 years, and they continue to put out music that keeps fans of metal coming back year after year for more.

Obituary 04

They played a mix of music from their extensive catalog, going all the way back to Slowly We Rot as well as their brand new self-titled record.

Obituary 30

This was my first time seeing the band after years of listening to them, and it was a great feeling to finally see one of the first death metal bands I ever heard.

Obituary 10

From the crowd to the stage, it was a sea of hair and headbanging for the entirety of Obituary’s time on stage, and it was glorious.

Coming over from Germany, metal icons Kreator closed out the show with a bang.

Kreator 03

The intensity they brought to the stage was perfect for how heavy their music is.

Kreator 28

Kreator had everyone in the crowd screaming along with them to the level that I’m sure more than a few fans lost their voices in the Underground.

Kreator 16

It’s also worth noting that the lightshow that accompanied the band was fantastic, though it might be a little hard to watch for some due to the intense strobe. Kreator is a band that you can’t just go out and see any time in America, so catch them on this tour while they’re here and sing along to the old stuff, as well as the new stuff because they’re playing it all!

See full gallery of the night (118 photos) here!

Extra 05

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Charlotte-area native, Bobby Whitmire, grew up heavily involved in the NC/SC hardcore punk music scene playing and booking shows. After a decade of moving around the country he settled in Charlotte again, where he decided to start school. At the end of 2014 he "borrowed" his family's old film camera that hadn't been touched in years, and since then you'd be hard-pressed to find him without at least one camera on him. In 2015 he decided to combine his love of punk and metal music with the passion he had for photography.

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