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KONGOS Brings The Party to Charlotte All The Way From 1929

KONGOS Brings The Party to Charlotte All The Way From 1929

Oh, hello there! Before we begin there are a few things you should know. KONGOS is a band. KONGOS often includes an accordion in many of their songs. We know what you’re thinking… “say no more, you had me at accordion”. Trust us we know, how awesome is that! That’s right, this is a band that can do it all. You may recall a couple of their hits over the past few years, such as “Take It From Me” and “Come With Me Now”. The later of which reached double platinum status and truly brought them fame all over the world, including here in the United States.


They are a band whose roots are planted across London, England and Johannesburg, South Africa but currently reside in Phoenix, Arizona. As for the name KONGOS, if you’re curious where that sources from, it’s actually from the last name of all four members of this band. That’s right, this is a band of brothers and they’ve been rocking out and doing their own thing as far back as 2003.


In celebration of their latest album release, they decided to embark on a tour named after the album itself, 1929, Pt. 1. Coming along for the ride and also kicking off the evening was a band ready to get everyone fired up and moving… pun intended as their band name was FITNESS.


This was a duo that started out writing music for others but three years ago decided to jump into the idea of writing for themselves. What ultimately was created was a collection of songs that found their way to the debut album titled “KARATE”. It’s worth noting that all of the songs were written, recorded and even produced by the duo themselves.


After kicking things off, they introduced themselves and made jokes to the fact that if you search “fitness the band” online you may find some interesting things but chances are it won’t be them. Here’s a convenient link to their website though.


While on the stage lead singer Max and guitarist/keyboardist Kenny shared some funny back and forth banter as Max discovered the setlist for the evening that Kenny made was pretty much blank except for some random letters. Setlist or no, they gave a performance that was full of energy and bits of “weirdness”.


As an introduction to some songs, they would often note how odd their songs can seem to those that had not experienced their music before, yet their songs had the crowd grooving along the whole time.


Songs such as “Itch” and “Good Bad Time” are perfect examples of those moments. Merging rock with some electronic funk mixed in, just made for a great set.


Adding to the night, they introduced their own language as Kenny and Max would talk back in forth in a language that doesn’t exist but made for plenty of laughs.


Round out their time on stage that brought in a ballad song with “Matter Of Time” and closed things out with a pop/rock blend that we believe is a soon to be hit called “Cold Rain”.


Up next was KONGOS and just before taking the stage the lights went dim and the room filled with a low hum, which gradually grew to a higher tone before finally the brothers walked onstage and took their places. In doing so, the fans began to cheer in excitement. We began our musical journey with “I Am Not Me”, a song off their latest album that builds up to a full on rock movement as it goes on. Creating the perfect intro to the night.


One thing that immediately caught our attention was the fact that the drum set was positioned closer to the front of the stage than normal. We soon learned that drummer Jesse also san vocals.


In fact every single one of them provide vocals across different songs, taking turns as to who holds the lead vocals as well. Soon after a solid intro, they thanked the crowd for coming out and talked about their latest album and hinted at with it being titled “1929, Pt. 1” that we can expect a part two and three in the future. The fans were definitely excited for that news.

Mo Gordon-1

Throughout the night the energy level kept getting higher and higher the further we went into the set. A real high point was when “Hey I Don’t Know” and the crowd started jumping around and dancing and having the time of their lives.


Making it even better was the fact that a guitar and accordion accented this dance party oh so well. How this song from the ‘Lunatic’ album doesn’t play at every party yet is beyond us.


Seriously, give it a listen and try not to move your body. Going further into the night, there were many times which a sea of phones would bob up and down as they recorded this kick ass rock band while dancing along. Much like when songs like “Repeat After Me” and the body swaying sounds of “Stand Up” presented themselves.


Shortly before bidding Charlotte adieu, they hit us with the ever popular “Come With Me Now” and newer hits such as “Pay For The Weekend”. It was then time for an encore and the first song was one not heard very often but that goes by the name “Eleanor Rigby”, that’s right they covered The Beatles and now your wishing you were there for that and all of the other amazing moments.


One of those amazing and unexpected moments came when gentlemen touring with KONGOS jumped on stage and threw down some insane bars! We caught up with him after the show and learned his name was Mo Gordon, and man did he surprise us in the best ways with his lyrical flow. Last but not least they hit us with with their hit “I’m Only Joking” which got the audience jumping around and having an absolute ball, all on a Monday night.  


This band of brothers has plenty of exciting things prepared to unveil in the future so make sure to stay tuned to their social media to learn about any new music or podcasts when they are announced. The 1929 Tour comes to an end on February 17th in San Diego but there’s a great possibility you may be able to catch them at a music festival or two this summer.


If you happened to take any awesome images of the show we’d love to see them so give it a share on your favorite social media platform using #TwitFromThePit.

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Catch them on tour:

Thu 7 PM CST140 guests
Houston, TX
Fri 8 PM CST204 guests
Austin, TX
Sat 8 PM CST242 guests
Dallas, TX
Wed 8 PM MST50 guests
Salt Lake City, UT
Fri 9 PM PST97 guests
Los Angeles, CA
Sat 8 PM MST790 guests
Phoenix, AZ
Sun 8 PM PST67 guests
San Diego, CA
Sun 8 PM PST11 guests
Bytom, Silesian Voivodeship, Poland

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