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Kiss Kiss Bang Gets Their Shot

Kiss Kiss Bang Gets Their Shot

The guys in Kiss Kiss Bang have been firing on all cylinders for some time now. With that said, it was merely a matter of time as to when and where the opportunity to show the labels and record executives what KKB brings to the industry.

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Their prayers would be answered in the form of an emphatic night of statements in the form of some kick ass riffs and searing vocals from Trevor Smith, deep and boisterous bass notes from Andrew Hopper, nasty solos from Malcolm Warren, and gut busting drumming from Corban Burke. The fellas would lay it all down in a one of a kind venue known as The A Frame, a rad and very cool place with an excellent owner and his staff!

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The place would soon fill up as the word about the show had spread like wildfire. I caught up with the official Kiss Kiss Bang street team and asked them what the feeling of the night would be like for the crew.

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“We have been waiting a long long time for this opportunity, but not nearly as long as Malcolm, Trevor, Andrew and Corban,” said Matt Hesson. “it’s been really awesome to see the outpouring of support from our community and our new fans that we have gained from the beginning of the year even. This night is only the beginning.”

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I even was able to steal guitarist Malcolm Warren for a moment to ask him how long they have been trying to get this show going.

“We have been wanting to obviously showcase our talents live for the industry people but it honestly happened pretty quickly,” replied Warren. The opportunity would not be far away as the intro began and the band played a brand new tune called “Easy To Love,” which will be recorded very soon in the studio!

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Kiss Kiss Bang took the stage and got the intimate venue, fans, and label executives on their feet to rock all night with the biggest show of their lives. The 30 minute set seemed like an hour full set, and the guys in Kiss Kiss Bang left it all on the stage and melted the faces of everyone in attendance. KKB played the best show yet and made everyone smile, including the label executives, who had many good things to say after the show.

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Impressed, floored, excited. These are just a few words passed around The A Frame about the showcase that Kiss Kiss Bang had just laid down. The future is big and bright, and it is only a matter of time before these humble and amazing rockers will be signing on the dotted lines, and really begin to make waves in the music industry. Check out Kiss Kiss Bang on the road and buy their debut album Open Wide!

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Kiss Kiss Bang Setlist:

Easy To Love (New Single)

The Storm

Story Of My Life

Don’t Ya Think

Wait For You

Supa fine shugga


Are You High


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