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Kings & Queens Tour 2018 rips through The Space in Westbury

Kings & Queens Tour:

It is only Spring, but the concert season is already in full swing with all the tour announcements getting everyone pumped up. With that in mind, earlier this year it was announced that Nonpoint and Butcher Babies would be co-headlining a North American tour that would start on April 25th in Dallas, TX, The Kings and Queens Tour 2018. Originally the tour’s lineup had four bands traveling across the United States, but on May 7th Cane Hill announced on their Facebook page that they would unfortunately have to drop from the tour due to an injury. But as they say, the show must go on, and on May 9th the tour made a stop on Long Island, hitting The Space at Westbury in Westbury, NY on the beautiful Wednesday night. Even though the show did not sell out a crowd of hardcore fans came out in force to rock the night away.


Getting the night started was a band hailing out of Toronto, Canada, the female fronted award winning band, Sumo Cyco. With more energy than a pot of strong black coffee.

Skye “Sever” Sweetnam (vocals), Matt “MD13” Drake (guitar), Kenny “Thor” Corke (bass) and Matt Trozzi (drums) took the stage and got everyone going immediately. Playing mostly their original music, songs like “Sleep Tight,” “Anti-Anthem,” “Like a Killer” and “Free Yourself” gave the crowd exactly what they came out for, a rocking good time.


The band, not wanting to leave anyone in the dark, also played a familiar Red Hot Chili Peppers cover, “Give It Away.” Sweetnam left the stage earlier in the set to run among the crowd and sing to them, but for their last song, “Fighter,” she joined them on the floor again, this time to have them join in with her on an explosive moment, the start of their final song.


She asked everyone to crouch down on the floor with her and pop up once she said so, they gladly did and it was a really fun moment and great way for them to end their set.


Since this show is co-headlined, each night either Nonpoint or the Butcher Babies would close out the show; on this night Nonpoint would be up next. Having been on the scene for just over twenty years, this well established band has ten studio albums and another on the way, X, that will be released sometime this summer. The crowd rushed the stage as Elias Soriano (vocals), Rasheed Thomas (guitar/vocals), BC Kochmit (lead guitar/vocals), Adam Woloszyn (bass) and Robb Rivera (drums) came out in a plum of fog and darkness.


Wasting no time they tore right into “Bullet with a Name” and “The Wreckoning”, but before they continued Soriano said, “It’s so good to be back on Long Island!” He continued with the emphasis of the “on” Long Island since so many Long Island natives refer to it that way, as he put it, “You live IN the city, but you live ON Long Island” and the cheers proved that everyone in attendance completely agreed.


They then continued to melt faces with “Breaking Skin,” “Victim” and “The Truth” before giving the fans a feel for the upcoming album with a new song, “Dodge Your Destiny”. They kept going with “F**K’D,” “Endure”, “Mindtrip”, “I Said It”, and “Wheel Against Will” and treated the crowd to another new song, “My Last Dying Breath”. Closing out their power packed set they were going to end with “Alive and Kicking”, but the fans wanted more so they concluded with “What a Day”, and the place was out of control.


Giving everyone some time to catch their breath, the break while the stage was being set up was just what they needed to recharge before the climax of the evening, the Butcher Babies. Since their beginning in 2010, this band has really broken barriers and made a strong impact on the heavy metal scene. Currently with two EP’s and three full-length studio albums this band has a solid following of devoted fans.


So it was no surprise that everyone was pushing up against the railing to get as close up as possible and they exploded with cheers as soon as Heidi Shepherd (vocals), Carla Harvey (vocals), Henry Flury (guitar) Jason Klein (bass) and Chase Brickenden (drums) came running out on stage.


The air was already filled with energy both on and off the stage, but now it was becoming more exhilarating as they began their set with the title track off their latest album, “Lillith.” Continuing strong they played “Burn the Straw Man,” “Monster’s Ball,” “The Butcher,” and “Headspin.”



Before playing “In Denial,” Shepherd asked the audience if they remembered their first album Goliath, and with the roar of cheering it was clear that they did, she then said, “I want to hear you sing along, I want to hear you scream along!”


After that they kept hitting the place hard with “The Huntsman,” “Korova,” “POMONA (Shit Happens),” “Controller,” “Igniter” and “Production.” It was non-stop mayhem both on and off the stage as they kept the vibe going with “Look What We’ve Done,” “They’re Coming to Take Me Away” and “Magnolia Blvd.” before closing out the night with “Underground and Overrated.” It was another fabulous performance and the fans all left looking very drained yet very satisfied.


The tour continues on throughout all of North America ending in Mesa, AZ on June 15th. With a powerful lineup and pure raw energy this is one tour that you do not want to take the chance of missing, so get your tickets now if you have not already.


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