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Killswitch Engage, Clutch & All That Remains Get Unleashed In NJ

Killswitch Engage and Clutch Summer Co-Headlining tour 2019

Summer is halfway over but that isn’t stopping the tours from rolling through, Killswitch Engage is currently on a co-headlining tour with the mighty Clutch and Friday night (July 26th) they made a stop at New Jersey’s Stone Pony Summer Stage joined by fellow Massachusetts metallers All That Remains

Killswitch Engage 4

Things are about to get awesome for Killswitch Engage fans. The band will be releasing their new album Atonement on August 16th and the record features guest vocals by former KSE singer and Light The Torch frontman Howard Jones.  Pre-Orders for Atonement are available via the band’s website HERE

All That Remains were a special guest for the evening as they’re out supporting their recent release Victim of the New Disease, which was released November of 2018. The album marks the last album with guitarist Oli Herbert who tragically passed away weeks before the album’s release. 

ATR is doing anything but slowing down, the band recently just announced a fall tour with Lacuna Coil throughout North America. Dates for that tour can be found HERE

Maryland rockers Clutch are on the road in support of their fall 2018 release Book of Bad Decisions, the band has been touring nearly nonstop since the record’s release and so it’s no surprise they’re back at it this summer.

Fans made their way to the shore town of Asbury Park, NJ as an early outdoor show the crowd arrived early and eager for this line-up. 

All That Remains 26_

All That Remains kicked things off with new guitarist, one who really needs no introduction Jason Richardson formerly of Born of Osiris and All Shall Perish along with being known for his own solo material. 

Richardson adds a new fresh dynamic to ATR’s live show as he plays a seven string over guitarist Mike Martin’s six string. This gives a heaviness to the guys like I haven’t heard in years. Their new material sounds heavier than the record and older stuff like “Six” just sounds earth-shattering.

All That Remains 14

All That Remains were in top form with vocalist Phil Labonte sounding the best he has in years. It’s great to see these guy’s firing on all cylinders despite the tragedy and line-up changes. The band’s set consisted of a mix of their entire discography including “This Calling”, “Two Weeks” and “Fuck Love”

All That Remains 25_

The band’s performance certainly had me excited to see these guys again and I’m looking forward to catching them on tour this fall!

Clutch 10_

Next up was the evening’s co-headliners, Clutch. The band took to the stage and delivered a stoner rock fans dream performance. These guys are tight, maybe one of the tightest live bands out there. 

Clutch 13

Vocalist Neil Fallon carried his usual intensity on the stage, at times calm and composed and others a wild man bouncing around the stage.

Clutch 14_

Clutch carried a variety performance which helmed a wide range of material with the set heavily focused on tunes from records like Book of Bad Decisions, Earth Rocker and Pure Rock Fury as well as a cover of ZZ Top’s “Precious and Grace”

Clutch 8

Clutch wrapped up their 16 song set with the fan-favorite “Electric Worry”

Killswitch Engage 30

Massachusetts metalcore legends Killswitch Engage closed out the night, giving fans a treat before officially stepping on stage as guitarist Adam D and their guitar tech went back and forth sound checking using the intro and solo of Guns N’ Roses “Sweet Child of Mine” which had the crowd laughing and smiling before the show. 

Killswitch Engage 25_

The band, led by frontman Jesse Leach took to the stage kicking off the set with “Strength of the Mind” before throwing it back with classic Killswitch tracks “Arms of Sorrow” and “My Curse”, Leach as always reminding the crowd to love one another and keep each other safe. 

Killswitch Engage 8

Guitarist Adam D was his crazy self, as usual, running all over the stage and getting up close and personal with fans as did Leach who literally went on to the rail and sang with the crowd during “My Last Serenade”. 

The guy’s also performed the two new tracks off the band’s upcoming Atonement album, the records lead single “Unleashed” and the highly personal track “I Am Broken Too” which vocalist Jesse Leach had tattooed on his arm. 

Killswitch Engage 14_

The also 16 song set was capped by the Dio cover “Holy Diver” , which sent fans into a frenzy and the singing from the crowd could be heard on the boardwalk of Asbury Park. 

Killswitch Engage 10_

Killswitch Engage is one of those bands who never disappoint, as good live as on the albums and the shows have a special energy due to the band’s connection with its fanbase.

Killswitch Engage 5

The Asbury show and this tour were no different. I always say you will never have a bad time at a Killswitch show and this has been proven to me over and over again. 

Killswitch Engage 11

Till next time, for now, don’t forget to pick up the band’s new album Atonement when it gets released on August 16th!!!

See full gallery of the night here!

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