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Kesha Denied Once Again In Request To Be Removed From Contract

Kesha Denied Once Again In Request To Be Removed From Contract

Poor Kesha the singer can’t seem to escape this horrible situation. For those that may not remember what went down with her label Kemosabe Records  (which is an imprint of label giant Sony Music) allow me to refresh your memory. In 2014, Kesha filed a suit against her label requesting to be removed from her contract, citing Kemosabe Records owner Lukas Gottwald, a.k.a. Dr. Luke, allegedly sexually, physically, and emotionally abused the singer. A New York judge denied her request in 2016, due to lack of medical evidence to support the claims. New York Supreme Justice Shirley Kornreich then shot down the countersuit against Luke in 2017.

Are you getting angry yet?

To add insult to the situation, because of that rejection it is rumored that Dr. Luke most likely profited from Kesha’s latest release 2017’s Rainbow (You know, the one with the powerful strength anthem “Praying” that shook the world). The album was Kesha’s response to standing up to her alleged abuser and was a success both inside and out of the industry. Now it appears Kesha has hit another obstacle for her freedom, According to reports from The Hollywood Reporter, a New York appeals court agreed with the previous judges ruling over the case. The report also suggests things may be looking bleak for Kesha’s chance at freedom creativity; that is, Dr. Luke could be headed to trial where he may try to twist the allegations against him into defamation.

This whole situation has got to be completely heart-wrenching for Kesha and her family. Hell, I’m angry for her. We really hoping this situation gets solved and the victim receives justice, but for now our thoughts go out to Kesha and we wish her well during this extremely sad battle.

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