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Kathy Griffin Holds Nothing Back

Kathy Griffin Holds Nothing Back During Her Show At The Theater at Westbury in Westbury, NY

Celebrity Run-in Tour:

One thing you could never say about Kathy Griffin is that she is demure, but you can surely say she is hilarious and tells it like it is with grace and style. She has a new book out, Kathy Griffin’s Celebrity Run-Ins (buy here), so she has not only been doing book signings but also she is touring with her stand up routine to support the book. Fans were thrilled she made a stop on her tour in Westbury, NY at the NYCB Theater at Westbury last night and they came to pack out the theater.


With no need for an opening act, as Griffin has plenty to share with her fans, she started the evening off with a video montage of her life. From childhood photos to her start in stand-up, her many roles in movies and television, scenes from My Life On The D-List and of course her acceptance of her Grammy Award. But what received the most cheers from the audience was when she showed a clip of her mother, Maggie, with a glass of wine in hand, introducing her. Then, in a fury, Griffin came down the aisle to the round stage in the center of the theater to screaming fans all up on their feet clapping.


With no hesitation at all Griffin swiftly grabbed the microphone and had the audience laughing immediately. After several minutes, she stopped and said to them, “I must take a moment to address the elephant in the room. I must talk about the passing of Don Rickles.” Mr. Rickles had only passed away two days earlier, so the wound was very fresh for Griffin. She talked about their relationship and times they had to share together, but she did so with a big smile and still had people laughing.

She moved on to other subjects but found herself going back often to one in particular, The Donald, as she called him; she was referring to Donald Trump, of course. At one point, she had said, “I’m not holding back and I don’t give a fuck! Yes that’s right, I don’t give a fuck!” and she raised her middle finger up high and proud. Since she has known The Donald since the 1990’s, many people have been involved in various meetings she has been in with him. She talked about some funny stories that involved Joan Rivers and Liza Minnelli, to name a couple.


Then almost out of nowhere, she started to talk about how bad she feels for anyone who has to be intimate with The Donald and how she could never imagine kissing him, “Yuck!” Then she dropped a bomb no one saw coming, “If I could have my period in his mouth I would!” She held up her middle finger again, laughed and said, “Now that’s being a lady!” She continued, “Now let’s see them print that in the papers tomorrow, maybe in Hustler.” After an initial gasp or two, the audience appreciated her humor and joined in with laughter. She went on to talk about “the nest” on The Donald’s head, paused for a moment and said, “I’ve been around him often enough and I do have to admit, his hair is real.”


Again, bouncing from subject to subject, keeping her fans on their toes, she shared with them, “I have many weird friendships, I’ll tell you about them!” She also said, “If it’s true and it happened to me, then it’s no holds barred.” She then ventured into stories about Cher, Bette Midler, and another one about Liza Minnelli. And she told several stories about her mother, Maggie, who is now 96 years young, and the challenges she faces spending holidays with her family.


One subject all her fans knew she could not avoid: The Kardashian’s. Ironically after many years of bashing them she moved into a house in Bel Air, CA that is right next door to them. She said, “I now have moved into a house next door to my act! I’m now neighbors with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.” But ironically she had said they have been the best neighbors she has ever had and told many stories about this current situation she is in. But she also had a sobering moment as she shared with her fans how hard she has worked throughout her life to be able to have such a lovely home.

Griffin gave her fans her all for a little over an hour and a half, with barely a gasp of air as she hit them with joke after joke and fact after fact.


She was so full of energy, even jumping off the stage at one point to include a fan or two in voicing their opinions on subjects she would touch upon. Those that have been following her career know that she is blunt and holds nothing back, and this evening’s performance was a perfect example of her work. Her tour continues through the spring and new dates are being announced for the fall so keep an eye on her website and catch a show near you soon.

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