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Judas Rising Tour Crashes into Louisville

Fozzy At Mercury Ballroom

What name comes to mind when you think of fun and rock n roll? For many of us, the name is Fozzy. Formed by Rich Award and Chris Jericho back in 1999, the rockers have since released seven studio albums. Founding members Ward and Jericho met while not under the likely of circumstances, Chris Jericho is after all mostly known for his professional wrestling career in the WWE. Jericho attended a rock show for a band known as Fozzy Osbourne, which at the time was merely a cover band, later on becoming Fozzy. Jericho was invited to play a set with the bad after his match in San Antonio, only playing with the band a handful of times until joining the band permanently in 2000.

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Gimmicks were something Chris Jericho was used to as he had his own in WWE; once taking over and becoming the frontman for Fozzy, all gimmicks would be put aside as Fozzy would become a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. Adding to the hype of a rock band, Fozzy has collaborated with many artists including Avenged Sevenfold’s M. Shadows, Ozzy Osbourne, Zakk Wylde, Mark Tremonti, Myles Kennedy, and even Marty Friedman. Now, this is no small feat for any band, however, nothing that Fozzy can’t handle. Working with the industries leading voices and guitarists so consistently to execute such frantic and bone-chilling songs.

Jericho is currently ready to set sail on his inaugural cruise, Chris Jericho’s
Rock N Wrestling Rager, which departs from Miami, Florida October 27th and returns on the 31st, all the way to Nassau, Bahamas with some very special guests and wrestling. You get comedy, rock music, and some of the most competitive wrestling from around the world! This is going to be one hell of a vacation and a cruise of a lifetime for any fan of Fozzy and professional wrestling!


Having just released their newest and seventh studio album. Judas, many hit singles have already been on the billboards with – “Judas”, “Burn Me Out”, and “Painless”. The guys are rapidly outdoing themselves in tremendous fashion in such a short time with this ambitious release. Fozzy is now embarking on their Judas Rising Tour 2018. Joining them on this tour are Adelita’s Way, Stone Broken, and The Stir. You can expect that the guys in Fozzy will be bringing some serious heat on this tour; we already have our favorite songs we want to hear live. What are yours?

Rocking the whole trip to Louisville, I was getting into the proper state of mind for an all-out assault on my senses with this show. I may have even blown a speaker out in my vehicle. Knowing full well what Fozzy is capable of bringing to a concert experience, it was time to head inside and fully immerse me in the vibes of the venue and settle in the pit for a damn brilliant rock show!

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First to the Mercury Ballroom Stage was an Atlanta rock trio, The Stir. Playing with some southern flair, these rockers brought a perfect blend of Southern rock and some very in-your-face rock-n-roll.

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Belting out every verse to their songs, lead singer Andrew Evans had us all feeling the power of his voice and shook the ground.

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The Stir consists of lead guitarist and singer Andrew Evans, Drummer Cheney Brannon and bassist Tanner Hendon. A gruesomely terrific band that is not to be missed in any tour!

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If anything is a sure thing, it is how much we need to see of this band moving forward. Evans, Brannon, and Hendon are causing quite The Stir in the music world, putting us all on notice.

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As the gear from The Stir was carefully but hurriedly packed off stage, the beginning of Adelitas Way’s set came together. The guys were quick to the point with getting up on stage and letting the fans all know they were here to mess everyone’s minds up (in a rock n roll kind of way)!

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Adelitas Way has been around for some time so over half the anxious fans sang along, as we all became “Notorious” with the band.

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The night was moving along slowly (in the very best way possible) and all in attendance were perfectly fine with it (I know I was).

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Ending on a high note Adelitas Way would close their set out with their hit song “Invincible” – and had us all feeling the same way! If you have never caught an Adelitas Way Show, you have been missing some talented and notoriously lethal musicians!

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Lights went pitch black, red sirens alarmed us all, Fozzy was coming! One thing is for sure: Chris Jericho knows how to entertain the masses. Opening the show with “Judas” everyone was screaming and singing along, not one fan was seen frowning; instead horns were raised high, acknowledgment to the great one, and his sensational band. Fozzy began to torch the place like it would be the last show ever at Mercury Ballroom.

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It should be noted, if the moment was ever approaching when Jericho can say he is more at home rocking than wrestling (we know he can conquer both), it was now. Jericho commands your attention as a lead singer and performer. Like all the great bands before him, Chris Jericho is a full-fledged rock star and he knows it!

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Band member Rich Ward had many opportunities to shine doing multiple solos as Grey, Di Leo, and Fontsere played their parts equally and never wavered in their respective yet, widely talented positions in the band, to entertain this rowdy Louisville crowd!

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Fozzy played many songs we know and love, however, they did play some new material from the Judas. A really rare and cool moment came during the middle of their show when Fozzy brought out a group of people including a seemingly 4-year-old little boy who came to rock with Fozzy! Jericho and the rest of the band made this kid feel 10 foot tall and bulletproof as he even perched him on his Fozzy Stand on the front of the crowd. Everyone on stage was visibly having the time of their life while on stage with these badass and humble rockers. This was one of the coolest moments I have ever personally ever seen in my career. One I am sure that everyone involved will not forget either. As Jericho addressed the crowd at the end of “Burn Me Out”, he muttered:“Was that fun? Hell yeah it was, alright got off the stage” paired alongside a fist bump to the little guy, and sent him on his way to enjoy the remainder of the show side stage.

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“Lights Go Out” (no really, the light went out) and seen center stage, Jericho with cryo-cannons, blasting them into the air as Rich Ward, Billy Grey and Paul Di Leo gathered in the middle to shred and play through a tremendous instrumental keeping the fans screaming and pleading for more Fozzy.

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As a matter of fact, more Fozzy is exactly what we got with four more songs including their encore “Sandpaper”. The lights, the production and the sheer stage performance of the band is something that they are most proud of. “We’re a very well oiled machine at this point, and were finely tuned to deliver the best rock show you can get,” said a member of Fozzy’s team. You are not wrong sir. It is the belief of everyone who attended last nights show as well as the opinion of myself that Fozzy will be around for a long time! Be sure to catch them on the Judas Rising Tour in a city near you!

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Fozzy Set List:


Drinking With Jesus

One Crazed Anarchist

Sin And Bones

Burn Me Out


Spider In My Mouth


Do You Want To Start A War


Lights Go Out

Wolves At Bay


Bad Tattoo



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