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Judah & The Lion have returned!

Who says a quarter life crisis is a bad thing?

Nashville’s favorite genre-less band is back after an oh so long silence. Judah & The Lion have been building up to a new single for the last week with Instagram posts and YouTube teasers. After a week of insanity (or just being impatient), the band dropped an instrumental hype song, appropriately entitled “Pep Talk”, and its follow up “Quarter-Life Crisis”.

While “Pep Talk” was technically released last week, with an accompanying teaser video (see above), “Quarter-Life Crisis” is a brand new song we’ve yet to hear. The single questions truth in emotions, self-confidence (or lack thereof), and a plea for family. While other singles about a life crisis seem to alienate the author, “Quarter-Life Crisis” flips the idea of seeking solitude and instead, turning to friends and family for help. In a climate that begs for better mental health practices, “Quarter-Life Crisis” normalizes seeking support and finding strength in numbers.

“All these stories probably should be just for my therapist
I’ve been fighting, hide and try my best not to let you in
I can’t do this all alone”

Not to mention it’s a straight up jam that has us stoked for their next live show. We’re suckers for gang vocals. Whether you’re a fan of J&TL or strictly a radio listener, this band is one you absolutely cannot miss live. Check out our coverage of their show in Raleigh, Greensboro, and Charlotte. If you can’t tell, we’re huge fans…

These singles are the newest tunes to drop since the band’s 2017 release Folk Hop N Roll. You might have heard their hit singles “Suit And Jacket” or “Take It All Back 2.0” on your local rock stations, but don’t feel too far behind. Jump right back in with “Quarter-Life Crisis” and get prepped for the new era!

To continue the tease, the band has released an image with crossed out dates on their website, with December 12th being the only legible date. Lookout for something new in January, with follow ups each month until May! Could May be the release date for a long awaited album? We’ll see! What do you think of the new singles?


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