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Judah & The Lion charmed Greensboro’s CDEC on their Going To Mars tour

Going To Mars Tour

Photos by: Luke Jamroz

The ever-charming, booty-poppin’, folk hip hop supergroup, formally known as Judah & the Lion, made their way through Greensboro last night, playing to just another sold out crowd on their Going To Mars tour. Really, a sold out show is old news to the group on this tour (no less exciting, I’m sure).


Not even a week ago, the Nashville natives stepped off Paramore’s festival-style cruise titled Parahoy. The boys spent four days calling the Norwegian Jade home, sneaking in a quick trip to the Bahamas before heading back out on their US adventure.


(Fun Fact: our EIC Sheila hung out on Parahoy too! And yes, she danced harder and uglier than ever before. That’s like, a rule at a J&TL show.)


Judah & the Lion are currently out supporting their 2017 re-release of 2016’s Folk Hop n’ Roll, showcasing singles like “Take It All Back 2.0”, “Suit And Jacket,” and the tour’s namesake, “Going To Mars”.


Shutter 16 is no stranger to Judah & the Lion’s live show. Random shows here and there attended by our staff are no match for the arena’s we’ve gotten the privilege to see them work in. Who else saw them on their run with Incubus and Jimmy Eat World? Unreal. We also caught them on their first leg of the GTM tour, and we weren’t disappointed the second time around! Even after a handful of shows, there’s no telling what we can expect from genre-bending group.


Opening the tour was Franklin, TN’s Colony House. Brother’s Will and Caleb Chapman kickstarted Colony House back in 2009 and their fanbase has been steadily growing since the release of When I Was Younger. Fast forward eight years and the band released their second album early 2017, entitled Only The Lonely.


Though Colony House’s music leans slightly closer to a true alt-rock band, their presence on stage and their undeniable love of performing fits them perfectly on this tour’s bill.


Whether they’re performing an acoustic ballad sweet enough to make grown men weep or jumping into each other while headbanging, Colony House is a band you should already have on your playlist.


You’ve still got (limited) time to catch J&TL on their Going To Mars tour! Don’t wait for show day to arrive to purchase your ticket, unless you’re hell bent on being sad, then by all means, you freak. The tour is running through the rest of the month before they hitchhike to a few festivals!


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