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Jucifer: just won’t stop touring

If you weren’t at the Milestone six years ago to see Jucifer, then you may still be wondering how that big of a sound fits into such a small venue held together with band stickers. See for yourself in the photos below. Jucifer is cursed to keep touring, year round, but let’s just say this is the best curse you may ever witness. Moving from SC and down along the east coast, you too could get a taste of the curse. Even if you miss them on tour, donate to them in a myriad of ways on their website. Furthermore, we’re all still waiting for their 2017 ‘music video biopic’.

Performances by:

Born Hollow (

Born Hollow - 08
Born Hollow - 06
Born Hollow - 03

Auxilia (

Auxilia - 03Auxilia - 09
Auxilia - 08

Auxilia - 15


Violent Life Violent Death (

Violent Life Violent Death - 09
Violent Life Violent Death - 01
Violent Life Violent Death - 11

Jucifer (

Jucifer - 16Jucifer - 17
Jucifer - 07

Jucifer - 03

Jucifer - 01

See full gallery here.

Jucifer upcoming shows




Jan 28

Ground Zero

Spartanburg, SC

Feb 01

The Basement

Atlanta, GA

Feb 03

The Jinx

Savannah, GA

Feb 06

Ashley Street Station

Valdosta, GA

Feb 10

Jack Rabbits

Jacksonville, FL

Feb 14

Will’s Pub

Orlando, Fl

Feb 17

Churchill’s Pub

Miami, Fl

Feb 24


Tampa, Fl

Feb 27

The Wilbury

Tallahassee, Fl


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