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Jonathan Davis Brings Black Labyrinth To New York’s Irving Plaza

Jonathan Davis Solo Tour in New York

If you’re a fan of metal music or grew up as a teenager in the 90’s, the name Jonathan Davis probably sounds familiar to you. After all he IS the frontman for a band that transcended the metal genre as we know it, the band Korn lead by Jonathan was and still is a voice for a tormented generation filled with angst.

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Throughout Jonathan Davis’s 20+ year career, he has been able to find success through pushing boundaries both with and without Korn. He’s worked on film scores for movies like The Queen of the Damned, various major video games, and even collaborated with artist like Skrillex, Steve Aoki, and Linkin Park to name a few. All that experience and ability to break out of his comfort zone is what makes a solo album like Black Labyrinth possible.

Jonathan Davis’s debut solo album Black Labyrinth has been years in the making. It is all part of Jonathan’s natural evolution which, like the album, is diverse and progressive. The album’s first single “What It Is” was well received both by critics and fans. The song debuted as the #1 most added single on rock radio. Black Labyrinth will be released on May 25th, 2018 via his label Sumerian Records, physical pre-orders for the album are available  HERE. Digital copies of the album can be pre-ordered on Itunes HERE.

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Now-a-day’s, like with every album, a tour is sure to follow, and even for frontman that journey is no different, Davis has been out on the road over the past month or so playing the record for fans live as well as some other familiar songs. I headed out to New York City to catch the tour at one of New York City’s most iconic venues, Irving Plaza on Saturday May 12th. Fans inside the venue were eager to get a glimpse into what is Black Labyrinth aside from a few teasers and the single. Nobody really knows what to expect from Davis and that’s exciting for long time Korn fans. One thing was for sure, it was gonna be good.

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The stage covered in completely still, red lighting, and a single and simple microphone stand unlike the Hr. Giger one used for Korn. A drumset sat towards the back of the stage, keyboards, a guitar, violin, and a standing bass on stage. At 9:30 p.m. members began walking onstage one by one; this included drummer Ray Luzier, who is also Davis’s Korn bandmate. Jonathan Davis came on stage and the musical exploration began. From the first note you could clearly tell this wasn’t gonna be your normal Jonathan Davis performance Korn fans have come to know. Instead it was very intimate, very human, and also surreal. As the set continues song after song the set takes you on a journey of feeling like you almost know Davis personally. The songs which feel very personal and powerful lead you to watch Jonathan pour his heart on to the stage, you can feel the impact these songs have on him as the author of them. A huge noticeable difference in the frontman is in between songs he smile; he’s happy that these songs are gonna finally be unleashed into the world and he looks like he’s having a blast performing them. Mid-way through the set he thanked the crowd for coming, and you could hear it in his voice how grateful he was to have the fans there.

He said to the packed Irving Plaza crowd: “Thank you all so much for being here, they told me there is no way I could tour without having an album out… well now they see.”

The crowd cheered and reciprocated the feeling of gratefulness that Davis brought the tour to the city. Davis also stated “In my 25 year career this venue, this city means a lot to me, y’all have always been here for me”.

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This is a side of Jon we don’t get to see too often. The usually reserved and soft spoken singer doesn’t normally open up during a set. The band played for nearly over an hour, a show that was beautiful and broke the chains of musical genres. The songs performed from Black Labyrinth show diversity and showcased his ability as not only a performer but as an artist. The show is completely mesmerizing and I can’t remember the last time I was so entranced with a raw performance. The setlist included songs like “System” and “Forsaken” which were written for the Queen Of The Damned soundtrack as well as tracks from his upcoming album and even a cover of “Love on the Rocks” by Neil Diamond.

The tour is towards it’s few remaining dates and I can’t express how much I recommend catching one the shows if you’re city is one of the ones listed below. I also suggest picking up the album Black Labyrinth either via the pre-order links above, or when the album drops on May 25th because based on what was played at the show it seems this album is gonna not only surprise fans but also bring in new ones. Check out Jonathan’s remaining solo tour dates below!

Tour Dates:

May 15 Atlanta, GA Variety Playhouse *
May 17 Silver Springs, MD The Fillmore *
May 18 Boston, MA House of Blues *
May 19 Camden, NJ BB&T Pavilion

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