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Jim Breuer Warms Them With Laughter at The Paramount NY

Jim Breuer Warms Them With Laughter at The Paramount NY

Nothing beats the winter blues better than good times and lots of laughter. So on the cold evening of February 11, with thick snow lining the sidewalks, fans flocked to the three sold-out Jim Breuer shows at The Paramount in Huntington, NY. The first show was an all ages show but there were still families, from young to old, in attendance for the following two shows.


Warming the crowd up was Bryan McKenna with a laugh packed twenty-minute set. He is a native Long Islander and a majority of his act was geared to this Long Island crowd, but there were also many jokes you could be relate to no matter where you live. One such joke was about his being on the road a lot and how one time his girl was being frisky and asked him to send her a “dick pic.” He continued with, “After I worked up the courage to do it, I sent her a picture of her father, who is a dick, and then I sent one of her brother who is an even a bigger dick.”


Needless to say he definitely warmed the crowd up and had them laughing his whole set. You can catch McKenna on tour with Breuer from now through mid-March.


Without a moment’s lapse, McKenna introduced Breuer, and as he walked out on stage his fans rose to their feet cheering and screaming to greet him. Breuer is also a native Long Islander and is well known for his time on Saturday Night Live (1995-1998), his starring role in the movie Half Baked, his weekly Podcasts, as well as his band Jim Breuer and the Loud & Rowdy. With his striking blue eyes and his seemingly endless facial expressions he had the audience laughing within the first moments he took the microphone.


Just as his current tour’s name suggests, the Marriage Warrior Tour, most of Breuer’s humor this evening was based on his own life with his wife and three daughters, along with the fact that he is reaching the milestone age of fifty this June. He also touched base on sports, joked about road rage and old ladies trying to park their car. He also made light of death as he feels life should be celebrated no matter how long you are here. No matter what subject he touched on it was humorous and his fans were laughing along with him.

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He had the place in stitches as he told them about his relationship with his family. One of his stories was how he had come home from a trip to a frazzled wife and his daughters clueless as to why mom was so upset, as the girls were only doing what teenage girls do. He spoke with them and explained, “Mom is crazy but you make her that way, you have to watch the trigger points. She is like a grizzly bear, if you are nice it might even let you pet it, but once you roll your eyes, it’s all over.”


There was a time or two in his hour long show that the audience was laughing so hard that Breuer himself took a moment to stop and laugh with them. One such moment was when he shared with his fans the time his daughter came home reeking and she told them she was at a bonfire. While she may have convinced his wife of this, he knew better, “Oh yea, remember I starred in a movie named Half Baked!”


It was obvious that everyone in attendance had a great time as the sea of people leaving the venue all had smiles on their faces. The following are the remaining dates on Jim Breuer’s Marriage Warrior Tour, if you have a show coming to your area be sure not to miss it.


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