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Jeffrey Gaines makes his inevitable comeback

Though he tours often, Jeffrey Gaines hasn’t released a studio album in 15 years.  

by: Kim Palumbo

Consequently, the excitement was palpable at The Hopewell Theater in Hopewell, NJ as he took the stage to perform songs from his new release, Alright, along with some of his more recognizable numbers.

The intimate venue with its tables and booths and low lighting provided the perfect setting to enjoy the music in a way that made you feel like you were connecting on a personal level with the artist. To be honest, the experience was more like a fun night with a close friend. One that involved candid conversations, great music, and maybe a glass or two of wine. (Bonus – the place is BYOB!) The kind of night that doesn’t end up on Facebook because it is too good to share with the masses.  

Jeffery Gaines

It’s clear that the ebullient performer fed off this synergy as he enthusiastically took requests and regaled the crowd with personal anecdotes. There were stories of growing up a child of the 70’s in suburban Pennsylvania with his uber chic parents to his amusing observations about romantic relationships which included, but wasn’t limited to, David Bowie hiding cigarette breaks from Iman.

If your vibe attracts your tribe then Gaines was spot on; speaking of his foibles and making mention of “vibes,” “energy,” “Source,” as well as several references to his astrological sign (Virgo, for those of you playing at home). These details alone are relatable but oh the music – let’s not forget about that. It’s difficult to categorize his music; though he describes himself as a folk singer we’d say sure, but only to a point.

He is a band of one – just his guitar and his irresistible voice but there is something more here than a pensive ballad sung to the clattering of silverware in a coffee house. There’s soul, and grit, and passion. Introspection, humor, and regret… simply put, it’s complicated but in the best way possible. And his vocals handle all with ease. Going from a poppy Elvis Costello inspired tune to a more bluesy-inspired flavor the listener is left with a delicious amalgam of musical goodness on their palettes – one that is hard to shake or describe and uniquely the artist’s own.  

Jeffery Gaines

If the vibes are particularly flowy there’s a Bruce Springsteen cover complete with audience sing-a-long. But we were sworn to secrecy on this one, so you didn’t hear it from us. Jeffrey Gaines is a working musician who takes his act on the road regularly. Currently touring the East Coast through the end of the year his act is a must see.

Catch this tour:

Queens, New York
Sat 8 PM102 guests
Philadelphia, PA
Kennett Square, PA

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