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Jason Aldean Brings The Heat To His Sold Out Charlotte Show

Jason Aldean Brings The Heat To His Sold Out Charlotte Show

On a hot August summer night we joined what felt like the rest of Charlotte, NC to kick off the weekend and turn up the heat even more with Jason Aldean at his sold out show. This is a man who bursted on to country music radio back in 2005 with his debut single ‘Hicktown’ and has been going strong ever since. Now clocking in with eight studio albums, he has proven he is a force to be reckoned within country music. Over the course of the years, he has given fans plenty of songs to sing-a-long to including “Big Green Tractor”, “My Kinda Party” and “Burnin It Down” just to name a few.

Jason Aldean_TPG_Highlight

From his roots in Georgia, to his cowboy hat and button up plaid t-shirt, it was very easy to see that country music ran through the veins of this multi-platinum artist as soon as he set foot on the stage. More to come on that in a few moments. He’s shared the recording booth with a few well known artists over the years such as Kelly Clarkson in their song “Don’t You Wanna Stay”. Even teaming with Miranda Lambert to create the hit song “Drowns the Whiskey” off his latest album ‘Rearview Town’. From the records to the stage is was time to learn who Jason would be sharing the stage with this evening.

Lauren Alaina_TPG_6

First up was the runner-up of season ten of American Idol, Lauren Alaina. This girl came in without wasting a single second as she burst onto the stage singing her song “Georgia Peaches”, a song that speaks to her life growing up in Georgia, much like Aldean. Her set continued as she led the crowd into a cover of “Paradise City” which brought the rock vibe to the Pavilion as she also wore a David Bowie t-shirt.

Lauren Alaina_TPG_Highlight

Before she began her next song she asked the crowd “Does anyone here have a crazy family?” and the crowd roared… but then again who doesn’t in some form. She gave a brief story of her dad being an alcoholic which led to her parents divorced but informed the crowd that he was about to celebrate 5 years of being sober soon. She put her story and life into song form with “Doin’ Fine”, a song that summarizes the story she had just shared.

Lauren Alaina_TPG_10

As her set continued she introduced a song that felt as though it was designed to show her vocal range, as the tempo dropped and the notes rose higher while still flowing so smooth and elegantly. Before closing out her time on stage, she played one of her bigger hits which she featured on with Kane Brown titled “What Ifs” that climbed the charts a few months back. 

Luke Combs_TPG_Highlight

As the sun began to set and the temperature started to drop it was time for the next act to take to the stage. He has been played by country music radio almost religiously over the last year and is finally getting the attention he deserves. He’s a North Carolina native, born just a short drive away from the venue in Asheville and has quickly become one of the most popular acts to see. The man we speak of is of course, Luke Combs.

Luke Combs_TPG_6

As the band walked onto the stage we heard Hank Williams Jr’s “All My Rowdy Friends” fill the speakers.The band got the crowd amped up and all that was missing was Luke. He then walked out and the party instantly began, as the Charlotte crowd vocalized their excitement. It was immediately noticeable how much of a well oiled machine him and his band truly were. From songs about beer to country music classics he packed it all in.

Luke Combs_TPG_10

A few songs into Combs’ set he gifted the crowd with his latest chart topper ‘One Number Away’, during which he left it to the fans to fill in the vocals and they did just that, beautifully if we might add. Speaking of beauty, at one point Combs had a young man from the pit join him on stage. He was probably around 8 or 9 and wore a baseball cap, blue jeans, cowboy boots and a shirt that said “I Make the Beautiful Crazy” the perfect shirt to wear as Combs sang “Beautiful Crazy”. All while standing next to him was this young man singing every word. As they finished the song, Luke guided the young man back to his parents but not before signing the baseball cap upon his head.

Progressing through songs we found ourselves at one point being introduced to the rest of Comb’s band. As each played a snippet of a song including “Take It Easy” , “Should Have Been A Cowboy” and more. As we made our way to his lead guitarist Luke made special mention that Rowdy Rob as he’s known is not only a songwriter and guitarist for Luke but also someone who comes from a city right down the road, Gastonia. There were plenty of people familiar with the town as Rob got a huge Charlotte welcoming from the crowd. Upon reaching his last song Combs stepped off stage and threw on a Panthers jersey with the number 59 representing his home state and fellow Luke… Luke Kuechly. He finished off his set with the songs that helped him break on to the airwaves such as “
When It Rains It Pours” and “Hurricane” before saying goodnight.

Jason Aldean_TPG_19

The time had then come, after a short set change and the energy levels still super high after both acts before, it was time for the main event. The stage went dark as the screen upon the stage then lit up and played a short black and white outlaw themed video.

Jason Aldean_TPG_15

Then as the video completed, the screens rose revealing more screens behind them whose illumination created silhouettes of the band standing across the elevated stage. The roars echoed through the area as the band began to play and took their places.

Jason Aldean_TPG_1

A few moments later we got to witness our first glimpse of Jason Aldean as he was thrust from under the elevated stage up into the air, much like a piece of bread in toaster. The party had begun. Kicking it off with his song “Gettin’ Warmed Up” he walked down the slanted grate that acted as stairs to the higher levels of the stage. He was wearing a sleeveless plaid button up and he made a comment later in the show that the color of blue on his shirt was the closest he had to a Carolina blue. The crowd cheered him on for supporting their state(s) and football team.

Jason Aldean_TPG_9

All throughout Aldean’s set he carried a constant energy, proving that he is one that loves to give the people what they pay for. In many songs such as “Lights Come On” he would play guitar and run back and forth across the stage landing at one of the three microphones that had been placed for him. Unlike most shows where artist tend to stay in one place or carry their mic as they move during certain songs, Aldean creates an experience to get the fans as close and involved as possible. Song after song, the fans kept rocking along with Aldean.

Jason Aldean_TPG_6

Many fans in the pit would even hold up their hats in hopes to get an autograph, Aldean for most of his set would actually grab hats and sign them. Although there was one point closer to the end of the show while he was performing a crowd favorite “Hicktown” that he was given a hat that confused him. He acquired the hat and walked over to a nearby camera and held it up to show that the hat someone wanted autographed was actually a hat for fellow country singer Dierks Bentley. As this was shown on screen the crowd applauded and Aldean walked back to the man that gave it to him and then… signed it.

Jason Aldean_TPG_4

The entire set felt like a constant pedal to the metal experience as Jason took little time to talk and focused on the music the fans wanted to hear. There was one point about halfway through that we felt that we were in hit country as hit song after hit song was thrown at the audience. Songs such as “Big Green Tractor”, “You Make It Easy” and “Johnny Cash”. He did however take a few moments to tell the crowd just how much he loved and appreciated Charlotte, NC. Talking about his shows he use to do at Coyote Joes and his wife being from Charlotte made the crowd go crazy. As the night drew closer to an end, Aldean mentioned that they didn’t do things like normal and told the crowd there was no encore “we’re just gonna give you all the music we can until we can’t go anymore.” That brought about the final songs which have been huge hits over the years such as “Dirt Road Anthem” and “Crazy Town”.  With all of the energy and fun that was had, it was then time to call it a night, as the sold out 18,000+ pavilion started to clear out.

Jason Aldean_TPG_7

As the crowds came out in droves it was easy to assume we were about to truly understand why this one man has been voted Entertainer of the Year the past three years as part of the ACM Awards. As it turns out, he embodies that title in every single way possible. Make sure to find your way to one of his shows before this tour wraps up at the end of September.

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See full gallery of the night here!

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