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Jailbird to Free-bird, Tim Lambesis to revive As I Lay Dying

Jailbird to Free-bird, Tim Lambesis to revive As I Lay Dying

What post-hardcore POS fan is going to support this nonsense?

Here come the fan boys and girls to jump at the chance to see As I Lay Dying perform live again. Vocalist Tim Lambesis is waiting in the wings to rob your pockets again while using his status and name of former band AILD; branded as new, same name but all new members. Please note the original line up is smart enough to stay away from him. A little over 4 years ago Lambesis was arrested in 2012, served time (GUILTY), and was released in late 2016 for plotting to murder his estranged wife.

According to Rockfeed, “New members will be in place at the time of a return. The identities of those members are not known.” We are hoping the name of the members are unknown because any true dedicated artists would not be associated with such filth.

There have been a few teases on the band’s news feed posting “Activity” as to say they are not dead yet.

It’s said that they already have new material in the making. Would you support a group after such a shocking revelation?

Possible new song names/tracklisting — What do you think?

  • Yeah I Did It, so What?
  • How to get away with murder in 4 years
  • Don’t Drop the Soap
  • I’ll Kill You
  • OJ ain’t got nuthin’ on me
  • Rebirth (we all know jail makes you connect with God again)
  • Forgive me
  • The Fallen
  • Death to all the bitches
  • That’s What She Said

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    That hardcore fan would be me. On the top


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