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Jack Johnson: A Cool Guy on a Hot Night

Jack Johnson: A Cool Guy on a Hot Night

Jack Johnson is back and on the road again supporting his newest record All The Light Above It. The cover of the record shows Jack lying on the beach with his guitar. This sounds like a beautiful location and would be an ideal location for many of us to kick back and enjoy the day. The cover designer dropped Jack into the middle of a colorful, found art project made up of all the garbage and trash they picked up from the shores of the beach. While beautifully displayed, the cover illustrates the problem Jack is passionate about, overuse of plastic and the dumping of all that trash into the world and its impact on the environment.


The opening act for Johnson was, Bahamas. “Bahamas are my favorite band,” Jack later said during the show.


Pink Strat slung high, Alfie Jurvanen along with his band demonstrated their adult contemporary style as they brought the crowd to their feet.


The Canadian band gave the fans 40 minutes of their favorite tunes, and I could hear them screaming from the VIP tent.


Of course, everyone was excited to see Jack Johnson and his cool, laid back sounds. As I walked back down toward the photo pit, I looked up and there were lights strung from the rafters from the front to the back of the covered seating area. I hadn’t seen lights like that before there. It was really a beautiful touch to what was going to be a beautiful night. He later went on to explain that the lights were made of plastic that had been picked up from the beaches around the world.


In his own style, Jack strolls out onto the stage straps on his acoustic, looks up at the fans and grins. With no fanfare, he goes right into “Sitting, Waiting, Wishing.” Jack played a good variety of music from All the Light Above It, “My Mind is For Sale,” “Big Sur,” and “You Can’t Control It.” I am not really sure that the new music brought anything new or really pushed Jack’s limits as a musician, other than to allow him to make a statement about his feelings on the outcome of the US Presidential Election.


He did bring back some of the old favorites that we all know and love like “Upside Down, Better Together,” and “Banana Pancakes.” He also mixed in some classic covers. How can you go wrong with “Whole Lotta Love,” “Foxy Lady,” “Badfish” and “The Joker.” He also brought his buddy John Cragie on to sing a duet on “I Wrote Mr. Tambourine Man.” I was under the impression that Cragie was going to open along side Bahamas, but I am not sure what happened. We did get a chance to see him for a few songs though, so that was a nice treat.

Jack’s show brought us what Jack does. You can always expect a couple of things from a Jack Johnson show. Good songwriting, good grooving picking, a guy with a good heart, and a good time for the crowd. He did not disappoint the Charlotte crowd, and he did all of those things for them on Thursday night. He is still out on the road, and you have a  few more US Dates to catch him before he hits the international circuit.

See full gallery of the night here.

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