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It’s All Rock and Roll To Love and a .38

Band Prepares For Release of 7th Street Shuffle EP

What happens when four musicians from different parts of the country and divergent walks of life head to Los Angeles to pursue their hopes and dreams? They form a killer rock and roll band, of course. In the case of Love and a .38, they garner a worldwide following, something almost unheard of for an unsigned, independent band. Their approach to music is simple and straightforward. Unconcerned with genre, Love and a .38 takes on an “It’s all rock and roll to me” approach with influences ranging from AC/DC to Aerosmith and Jack White to the Foo Fighters.

Their sound is reminiscent of classic seventies blues rock with a polished, modern edge and laden with amazing, down and dirty grooves. Released in 2016, their full length debut album, Nomads, is an outstanding hard rock record, full of catchy hooks that will have you moving and grooving in no time. Frontman Ryan Hudson sounds pure, crisp and clear with a sonic quality that resembles many of the best rock vocalists in the industry yet still has the ability to scream it out when the occasion arises.  

“Oh My God” is a great example of what Love and a .38 is capable of. With a definite blues grind and an unforgettable hook, it’s a song that could easily climb the rock charts and be a huge hit for the band.

The rhythm section consists of drummer Clark Skelton who excels behind the kit, whether he is thundering away or keeping it light with a cool, swing beat and bass guitarist Justin Emord who keeps things slinking along nicely. Guitarist Domo Domaracki is a talent in his own right, churning out blazing riffs and sick leads seemingly without effort, but even the most talented and skilled musicians need excellent songs to showcase their abilities. This is an area where Love and a .38 truly excel. The caliber of their songwriting sets the band apart from being just another rock band and the Nomads album is what I like to call “all killer and no filler.” From the powerful chorus of “Went Away” to the frenzied almost punk rock opening of “I Won’t Wait”, the band fires on all cylinders, running like a well oiled machine.

The band also isn’t afraid to change things up and take some chances. “Just Like Regret” is a perfect example of this as the track is full of highs and lows as it ebbs and flows with a great break midway through before it builds up again. One of their most interesting tunes has to be “Born To Make Me Die”, a song that sounds like it could have been taken straight from a Hollywood blockbuster movie. The beginning of the song  starts off sounding very cinematic, mimicking that scene from an old Western just before the hero and the bad guy face off in an epic gunfight, before taking off into a full blown rocker.

The L.A. music scene can be an unforgiving beast, making it a very tough nut to crack. If Nomads is any indication,  Love and a .38 definitely has the talent to break through. The band is gearing up to release a brand new EP named 7th Street Shuffle and will be hosting an EP release party on September 15th at the Viper Room in Hollywood in honor of this momentous occasion. Check them out now and get in on the ground floor as they take the rock world by storm.

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