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It was a Glorious night with The Glorious Sons and Charming Liars

It was a Glorious night with The Glorious Sons and Charming Liars

If you have yet to hear of The Glorious Sons then you made a great choice by selecting this article. We had the chance to catch up with this rock group from Kingston, Ontario Canada that is now making wave in America on Tuesday evening at the Visulite Theatre. They are a band who really found their voice (literally) once lead singer Brett Emmons quit school in 2013 to join in.They’ve come to create some of the most genuine, feel good, most raw form of modern rock there is in just a short amount of time.

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Originally for this show the lineup had planned for rock group Welshly Arms to be the headlining act. However, due to sickness and a loss of voice, lead singer Sam Getz came out and informed the crowd they would not be able to go on. Although it was a bit sad not to get to witness the incredible Welshly Arms do their thing, they at least knew how to give the crowd a show by bringing along some amazing “opening acts” which soon became the headliners.

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The first band to take the stage was Charming Liars, a rock group who hail from London but reside in Los Angeles. This is a group that is still on the rise but will soon be heard by many more people thanks to their talent. So much talent in fact, they have been featured on Sir Elton John’s ‘Rocket Hour’ show on Apple Music.

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Arriving on stage the entire band was dressed in black and leader singer Kiliyan Maguire ask “Is this a rock show?!” to which the crowd responded with Wooos and cheers.

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This is a group that excels in blending electronic with rock while creating a variety of songs. Some songs feel more airy and breathe life into the room such as ‘Soul’ and others bring a heavier feel with guitars and drums standing out like those in their latest single ‘Something Dark’.

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The later of which brought higher notes within the chorus as the crowd clapped along. A shorter set, but definitely proving their ground in the rock community.

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The next act which quickly became the headlining act of the evening was The Glorious Sons. Before their set began, it was very clear that there were plenty of fans there to support this Canadian band as many made their way to the edge of the stage wearing their merch supporting the band. From the moment they set foot on stage, bare foot to be exact for lead singer Brett, they came in rocking hard. A soulful rocking movement named ‘White Noise’ from their first album ‘The Union’ got the crowd moving and bobbing up and down.

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Quickly this became a band that required the attention of everyone in the room as their sound and rhythm was something you would get from some of the largest acts in the world, yet they were owning this smaller venue. Brett then asked the audience “what else do you want from me?” before leading into a track that introduced itself with a few notes on the keyboard paired with Bretts vocals before swinging into an upbeat, all around feel good beat. ‘My Poor Heart’ was made even better with a chorus that shined with the harmonies of the band as the vocals stood front and center.

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There was no time to slow down now though as ‘S.O.S. (Sawed Off Shotgun)’ got the room singing along. It was a song that blended horns with guitars and brought a sing a long from the fans as the chorus hit, as it was truly very catchy. Both were songs from their latest album ‘Young Beauties and Fools’ and others followed from the same source.

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Moving along we were presented with a cover of The Rolling Stones ‘Gimme Shelter’ that gave a nod to a band that clearly has acted as an inspiration to the group. It was amazing to watch lead singer Brett move and dance around the stage in a way of his own but felt slightly familiar to the stylings of Mick Jagger. It was Brett that brought pure emotion and a realness to the set, showing how committed he was to each song. Make no mistake though, this is a band whose every member brings the roof down as they show their love for music. It’s stands that Brett would have so much emotion with each song, as he is the one that writes most of them based on his own life and experiences. This life connection is showcased in songs such as ‘Hide My Love’ and ‘Everything is Alright’.

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From drum kicks that pulsated throughout the building, to the hair raising vocals paired with a stunningly amazing band it make for one hell of an evening. This was a show that brought foot stomping, sweat pouring, hair flying, pure rock to Charlotte and we can’t wait for them to return. Luckily you may not have to wait too long to catch them as they continue their tour with Welshly Arms before jumping back to Canada in November to tour with The Beaches. If that’s not enough they even have a few dates with the rapidly growing UK rock band The Struts in late November before returning to Charlotte on December 3rd with Bastille and Meg Myers.

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Oh yeah, and it for some reason you need more convincing to go buy tickets and see this show live, they also have a live album that almost makes you feel like you’re there at the show. Take it from us though, you’d still rather experience these guys in person.

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If you do happen to find yourself at their show or any show in general share the experience with us and the world using the hashtag #TWITFROMTHEPIT on social media. From all of us at Shutter 16, we send our love to Welshly Arms and Sam in hopes you feel better soon and we’ll see you next time.

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