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Irreverent interviews in the rain at Warped Tour ‘16 (Charlotte) Part 1

Irreverent interviews in the rain at Warped Tour ‘16 (Charlotte)

Molly Shores and Dianna Augustine

Warped Tour 2016 might have fewer stages, higher tempuratures and more political talks, but the heart of Warped holds strong: bring music to the masses of all ages, all abilities, and all backgrounds. This year we had the pleasure of running into old pals like Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!, Less Than Jake, and making new friends with Dash Ten. Everyone was having a gay ol’ time with our PG-13 humor and sketchbooks when the rain started. At one point three interviews were going on at once in a room smaller than a shipping crate. Interviews pressed on and spirits were only slightly dampened.

Below you’ll find interviews we live-streamed via Periscope with Dash Ten, Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!, Ballyhoo!, Less Than Jake,Volumes, Reel Big Fish, Every Time I Die, Waterparks, and Teenage Bottlerocket. We will have a second segment with a few other interviews.

In a couple days, stay tuned for the compilation music video we’re creating featuring bands on Warped Tour!

Every Time I Die

Every Time I Die arrived bright-eyed and ponytailed to chit-chat with us about the usual: new releases, cool times at Warped, and the two animal skull tattoos on his knees (one of his cat and one of his dog, both passed.) The new release is entitled Low Teens.

Newest release is Low Teens SEPT 23 2016 record store day


Teenage Bottle Rockets

Teenage Bottlerocket touched on some deep shit, but brought things back to light when talking about the new drummer, new year, and possible new releases coming to waiting fans’ hands! For now, stay tight with Tales From Wyoming.

Tales from Wyoming album release March 31 – currently gathering new material.


Captain No Captain Chunk with Dianna

Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!

Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!’s Bertrand Poncet enjoyed the sun with us, and we enjoyed a parisian sensibility that gave us wanderlust. Taking a nice seat in the mulch, we got to find out what super-power he has that allows him to wear a denim jacket in 97 degree heat. Until they release a new, self-produced, album, keep listening to Get Lost, Find Yourself.

Newest video release – “The Other Line”


Waterparks with Molly

Waterparks with Molly (2)

Waterparks. Waterparks… So you know that feeling you get at a public water slide where you know that it’s probably not sanitary, but things are so refreshing that you enjoy it immensely anyway? That’s Waterparks. They’re disgustingly fun to be around, just see them showing off the lead singer’s knees for all the world to see. We didn’t even pay! Their newest release is “the best one,” is entitled Cluster.

Featured in AP: Cluster album released Jan 2016


Volumes was the bigger man amidst some recent legal drama, and seem more-than-happy to say their fans are officially supporting the band with every loyal purchase. On top of that, he drew a doodle of a dick! We touched it – jealous fans everywhere died. After a few minutes of gratuitous cursing, the real deets were spilled.

New single “Feels Good”


Sights of Warped (10)

Dash Ten

Dash Ten was in high demand, as three-four interviews were slated for them. Once it was our go, we knew exactly what to ask first: “where did you get those boots?” Check out where Corinne got those stellar sneaks, and check out their newest release Self-titled.

New single “Our Time Now”


Ballyhoo and Dianna


Ballyhoo! was as fun to say as they were to interview. Howi Spangler gave us the doodle-of-the-day, and his 4th of July “laundry day.” They continue their tour with Reel Big Fish and Less Than Jake while working on their upcoming album, which you can see behind-the-scenes at

New video/Single “Girls”


Less Than Jake and Dianna

Less Than Jake has a history with Shutter16 and doing things a bit differently. The main culprit is Buddy, who decided to ride Molly’s shoulders at the end of the interview, making for a rather interesting Snapchat feed. For a glimpse at everybody’s older brother, see the interview. Stay on top of their tour with Reel Big Fish, or be skanking in your own tears.

Newest release: Fueling The Fire Tour in Europe with Live From Astoria


Reel Big Fish and Molly

Reel Big Fish brought the ‘reel’ wisdom of the day. To surmise, Johnny Christmas has one piece of advice for any band: play first, party later. With a mic-drop comment like that from such a veteran, how could anyone question the advice? He also had the opportunity to confuse Molly with some Italian! They plan to re-release Happy Skalidays on vinyl quite soon, so get in line folks!

Newest Release: Happy Skalidays 2014 – can be seen on upcoming 311 cruise.


Until Next time – warped fans stay soggy.

Molly and Dianna at Warped Tour 2016

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