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Introducing Reverb Nation Artist Severed Stars

Zaragoza’s True Hidden Gem

Nestled along the Ebro River lies the historic Spanish city of Zaragoza. The capital of Spain’s Aragon region, Zaragoza is a bustling city full of elegant architecture and historic sites. You can stroll through the streets and view a bounty of treasures including the Aljaferia Palace, an 11th- century Moorish palace, and the Basilica del Pilar, a gorgeous shrine to the Virgin Mary. The city is also home to a Spanish Air Force base and is a world leader in sustainable development having hosted the Expo 2008, the official World’s Fair. Zaragoza also boasts a thriving nightlife and music scene. It is here that the story of the alternative rock band, Severed Stars, begins.

Some call it fate or perhaps kismet, or maybe it’s a musical miracle, but here in the city of Zaragoza, four individuals from three different countries, would ultimately come together to form a band and fulfill their destiny. The members of Severed Stars met in 2015 when they were all living in Zaragoza and playing in different bands. After a chance meeting, they got together to play and “immediately a great feeling was generated among us to carry out this project” and Severed Stars was brought to life.

Severed Stars – Prostration Fails (Lyric Video) from Ramon Castillon on Vimeo.

The band has a vibe uniquely their own with an great alt-rock, grunge mix with songs full of soaring choruses and poetic lyrics. The local music scene in Zaragoza is an eclectic one, full of different genres and bands. On any given night one can hear rock and metal or pop, funk, and hip-hop. Severed Stars has influences that are just as eclectic pulling from bands like Helmet, Tool, and Queens of the Stone Age as well as great names of the Spanish music scene including Amaral and Heroes del Silencio. The band name was taken from a lyric that was written by vocalist Robin Blackmore who is often inspired by themes of astronomy and religion. “When Zeus died and Icarus fell, a light died inside us,” is a perfect example of the imagery that Severed Stars is capable of. Both Robin and bass guitarist Gary Rackham are originally from the UK with drummer Remy Daragon hailing from France and guitarist Ramon Castillon from Spain.

Their debut album Stormcloud Songs was released in March of 2017 and contains nine songs full of crunching riffs and passionate vocals. “Giants Breath” is a knockout of a song with a catchy groove and chorus that is sure to please alt-rock fans everywhere. The galloping rhythms and bass lines of “The Temple Comes Down” draw you in before succumbing to the soaring chorus and vocals of Blackmore just before Rackham and Daragon bring you back down with their rhythmic gait. The simple yet magical riffs of Ramon Castillon give the entire album a raw, organic feel with tunes like “Dear Angel” casting a real pop-punk feel a-la Green Day while “River of Nothing” casts a more hypnotic vibe reminiscent of a band like R.E.M. Throughout it all, melody remains the key and one can’t help but be sonically pleased from what Severed Stars is offering here.

Currently working on their second studio album
, the band hopes to release ten new songs in June of this year. The first single “Lorca’s Shadow” is already available and is a great showcase for what Severed Stars is all about. With a tight rhythm section and fierce riff, the song grows and builds as you hear the lyric “you will always be nothing but another number” repeated in a chant-like chorus. Castillon’s guitar is out of this world with a banging, garage rock sound accentuated by several, well-placed leads. The band’s technical proficiency is on full display combined with their passion for their craft. “Lorca’s Shadow” is a fantastic tune that will leave you eagerly awaiting the full album.

Severed Stars is definitely an up and coming musical treasure that will soon be one of the not to be missed attractions in Zaragoza.  As of now, the band has no upcoming gigs but is definitely open to touring once the album drops in June. For now, you can stay up to date with all things Severed Stars on their social media accounts as well as here on Shutter 16.

Severed Stars Is:

Robin Blackmore-Vocals, Guitar

Ramon Castillon-guitar

Remy Daragon-Drums

Gary Rackham-Bass

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